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Demon Hunters

Epilogue: Eyes Open

When Raven didn't come back down, Beast Boy was concerned. When the Hunters ran out and there was still no sign of her, he was worried. When a fair amount of time had passed with no one seeing her, he went straight to her room and knocked.

She opened the door and collapsed into his arms.

"What's wrong, Raven?" He tightened his grip on her, but she didn't look at him. Her hand was pressed against the side of her face.

"I… Pax… kissed me."

"What!" Beast Boy mentally vowed a swift revenge, but had enough sense to wonder how he would be substantial enough to manage it.

"Poor Pax," she said.

"Poor Pax? He kissed you!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"I'm sorry for him," she insisted. Raven tipped her face towards him, and he realized that she was smiling. "Because I'm already in love."

Beast Boy felt his heart flip over in his chest. He coughed nervously, trying to ignore the blush he felt creeping into his normally green face. "Uh, you mean with me, right?" he asked.

Raven answered him with a kiss that swept away any other thoughts.

Beast Boy sighed happily as she pulled away.

Raven suppressed a giggle—she wasn't ready to be that silly just yet—and ran her fingers across Beast Boy's shoulder. Inside her, she felt Happy pouting. "I feel like I'm finally seeing things clearly."

Beast Boy gaped at her. "If that's seeing things clearly, then maybe you should get glasses or—"

Raven ended his lame joke with a wave of her hand, pushing him into the form of a hawk.

He tipped his head, looking at her quizzically.

And to Happy's delight, Raven quietly said, "race you." Raven pulled herself into the shadowy raven form she occasionally assumed and flew down the corridor.

Beast Boy squawked and flapped after her. He had just rounded the corner when he slammed into a sheet of black energy. He heard Raven giggle—actually giggle!—and wrap him in a blanket of darkness that felt remarkably like a hug.

"You walked right into that one," she informed him in a serious tone. She nudged him into the form of a bunny and caught him in her arms. "So cute," she said in a very dry voice.

Beast Boy fought her influence and resumed his normal form. "Hey!" he said indignantly. He was used to being the comedian, but he was enjoying Raven's… attempt at flirting?

With a promise to let her out more often, Raven pushed Happy to the corner of her mind where she could happily replay the events. She mentally assured each of her other emotions that their time, too, would come.

Beast Boy caught Raven's eye, and the girl blushed, realizing what she'd just done. A more Raven-like Raven carefully replaced her hood, avoided Beast Boy's stare, and started walking calmly to the breakfast table. Beast Boy matched her stride and caught her hand in his.

For a moment, he was worried, but he looked up into her hood and saw the same furiously scarlet blush brushed across her face.

Raven felt Beast Boy's hand in her own and bit her lip to keep from doing something stupidly giddy.

And somehow, both of them knew that everything would be okay.