I sit there staring at the ring, barely able to breathe again, and my heart seems to racing in the Indy 500.

"Well?" he quietly prompts in my ear. I look at him. I'm sure my eyes are as big as saucers at this point.

"Yes," I barely manage to get out before his lips are on mine. I feel his hand pushing the ring onto the ring finger on my left hand. Then he's lifting me into his arms, standing and carrying me somewhere. I don't care where, as long as he keeps kissing me.

A little while later, I feel him set me down on something soft. I look around and discover that we're in a hidden corner of the library and I'm sitting on a couch. Abe is kneeling before me. His hands are in my hair again.

I look in his eyes and catch flashes of images. They're of us and we're in rather compromising positions. Each one is of me doing something to him.

"What was that?" I ask.

"The dreams I've been having," he whispers.

"I'm quite the little hussy, aren't I?" I joke. "In my dreams, it's you who's being the naughty one."

The memories of those dreams flash through my mind and I see his eyes get a bit wider. He smiles.

"Let's stop dreaming," he says just before his lips find mine again.

I let him push me into the back of the couch. I try and remember some of his dream images, one thing keeps coming to me. I reach up and gently touch the gills on the side of his neck. He suddenly gasps. Who knew that gills could be an erogenous zone? He kisses me harder, pushing himself into me and his hands starting pulling my shirt out of my pants. He starts moving his hips around like something is bothering him.

"What's wrong?" I ask as his lips start working their way to my ear.

"Foam neoprene doesn't stretch," he whispers into my ear just before he starts nibbling on it. I reach down and unzip his shorts for him. I start pushing on them, but it seems that foam neoprene doesn't slide off easily either.

He gets my shirt off and his lips start working their way down my neck. His movement pulls his hips out of my reach. My hands are shaking so much that I'm afraid I'll hurt his gills, so I grab the back of his head and try to direct him toward areas that will make me happy. Before I know it, his lips are on the front clasp of my bra. He manages to undo the clasp with his teeth and tongue. I gasp as he works his way over my breast, pushing the bra out of his way as he goes. I can barely breathe as I close my eyes and let him do what he wants to me.


I just about jump out of my skin as the claxon goes off and a red light starts flashing. Suddenly the light shatters and speaker that the sound was coming through falls to the floor.

"That wasn't very nice," he says from the vicinity of my chest.

"Neither is interrupting us," I hiss. "Please don't stop."

He starts kissing me again, and I arch my back with the pleasure of his touch, gasping for breath.

"Abe?" It's John. I can hear his voice very faintly. I contemplate shutting the door on him.

"Don't," says Abe as he brings his face back up to mine. "Even if you do manage to get rid of John, Hellboy will come looking for me next. I have to go now."

"Please stay," I beg.

"I can't," he says. He kisses me, stands up and goes.

I curl up and lie on the couch in frustration, staring at my ring. I notice that the diamond is surrounded by small emeralds and sapphires. Blue and green gems, just like his skin.

Sometime later, I stand, get dressed and head back to the medical wing. I crawl into bed just as the nurse walks in with my medication. I take the pills and sleep fitfully. By morning, I'm almost as tired as I was when I went to bed. I find out that Abe and the others left during the night for some place in Asia. And talk has spread through the bureau like wild fire. Hellboy proposed to Liz last night. She said yes.

An agent that I've never met before drives me home. I spend the next week having dreams that I can't remember, but that I have vague recollections of. I always wake up almost as exhausted as I was when I went to bed. Then I realize that I'm having the erotic dreams again, but I'm not remembering because of the pain pills. I remember what Guillermo said again. We have to wait a year and a day before we can do it. This is going to be the longest year of my life.

The End