"Want to try some, Sango- chan?"

The taijiya dubiously eyed the colorful plastic bottle the younger girl was holding. "What is it, Kagome- chan?"

"Conditioner. Remember, I told you about it before? It helps detangle your hair and makes it softer and shinier. Here, I'll do it for you." she offered, swimming over to her friend and working it into the other girl's long hair.

Miroku was brought back to himself with a literal thud; allowing himself a quiet, hissed curse, he turned and gave Inuyasha his best bashful, comradely grin.

"C'mon, pervert." the hanyou ordered, grabbing the wayward houshi by his arm and steathily streaking from tree to tree.

"Owowowowow!" Miroku protested, certain his arm had ripped from the socket. "What's the rush, Inuyasha? Usually you're more worried about the girls seeing you than this!" And more willing for a peek, he thought, but kept it to himself.


They reached their campsite, and Inuyasha unceremoniously tossed the other boy aside. "That smell..." he growled, sniffing the air.

"... smell?"

Shippo and Kirara tested the wind as well; Kirara growled and bristled a bit, but Shippo looked as puzzled as the houshi. "I don't smell anyone!"

Inuyasha punched the kitsune in the back of his head, sending him facedown into the dirt. "You're not trying or concentrating hard enough, you little idiot!"

Shippo sprang up with a speed that belied his angry tears. "You bastard! When Kagome gets back I'll see to it that she sits you into the underworld!"

Inuyasha cuffed him on the side of the head this time, and the demon child ran to Miroku for comfort. Not paying any attention to the little fox's threats, he scanned the forest around them. I smell you. I know you're around... but what do you want this time, you bastard?


Good. They were asleep, all except that idiot brother of his; and that didn't matter.

Sesshomaru would be gone before Inuyasha could do anything about it.


All Inuyasha had time to register was a streak of light that he recognized as his brother, and the fact that it had snatched something right out of Kagome's backpack. The girl herself woke at his indignant shout, along with the rest of the camp.


He turned to her. "Kagome, see what he took from your pack."

Her fingers instinctively touched the jewel shards she always kept around her neck before she complied, going through everything in the bulging backpack before looking up at the hanyou with a puzzled frown. "Pretty much everything's here, Inuyasha... but what in the world would Sesshomaru want with my shampoo and conditioner?"


"Ooh, Sesshomaru- sama has such beautiful hair! Even prettier than a princess'!" enthused Rin, composing an impromptu dance to the compliments.

The barest hint of a smile graced the demon lord's face, and outright laughter rang through his mind.

This Sesshomaru has a power not even Naraku can compete with!


Gimme a break, it's 2:30 in the morning.