Part Five: Their Union

A few days later, she made her move.

That little burning curiosity had been dwelling in the back of her mind since her husband gave her the provocative invitation, in which he would let her join him in the bathhouse and look at him… maybe all of him. Just the thought of laying her eyes on his naked body made her shiver slightly, and then occasionally, she would wander over to… bolder, naughty possibilities of what could happen between them while they were alone together. But whenever that occurred, the bashful girl would squeak in embarrassment and immediately chase the wicked thoughts away – after all, what would Kurando think if he knew that she could be lustful and have such desires? She was married and had to act like a modest lady, so whatever her spouse decided, she would go along with him; still, in her own private time, Anastasia could wonder about certain aspects of him, be they proper or not…

Once in a while, when the princess thought about her husband, she would recall the time that she secretly peeked at him, and the memory of what she had seen always made her throat go dry and her heart pound rapidly. She remembered how princely and impressive he had looked in her eyes… lean shoulders that could bear so much weight, strong arms with moderate bulges of his biceps, and his broad, muscular chest that glistened with water… And before she had run away from the bathhouse to escape being detected, the snooping girl happened to catch a glimpse of his private region… saw the part of Kurando that made him a man, masculine and powerful. She knew that he had trained hard to become a samurai and reach the level that he was at today, but she had never seen him in such an intimate manner and didn't expect him to be so well-endowed that he would put her in awe.

Their relationship had improved considerably since their talk those nights ago; Kurando was still occupied with his duties as a diplomat for his country, but whenever he had spare time, he always spent it with her. The daily routine she had of reading and studying were quickly pushed aside so that she could be with him, and the couple usually walked together through the small village's vast gardens, talking about anything and everything. A couple of times, they had even wandered into the forest and practiced simple battle techniques, the samurai improving the speed of his sword skills and the young mage concentrating on the accuracy of hitting targets with – low-leveled – magic spells. Since neither wanted to harm the animals or environment, they went through the work of setting up sturdy cloth figurines filled with thick sand and attacked those; they quickly found out that just like on their journey a year ago, the two worked very well as a team.

He had been especially affectionate toward her lately, seeming as if he wanted to make up for the time they were separated, and his recent shower of attention reassured her that he cared very much about her and their marriage. In the present time, Anastasia was sitting on the bed in their room, nervously knotting together the bow of her yukata as she inwardly prepared herself to go out to the bathhouse and seek her husband. She was currently alone at home, with Saki visiting Nanna for the night – the eldest Inugami family member had moved into her good friend's residence after the young couple's wedding – and Kurando taking his routine bath. If the princess went to her husband and something were to happen, the couple would certainly have all the privacy they needed… the courageous girl had to admit that she wanted to take the opportunity, and also inwardly vowed to accommodate to whatever arose.

Her decision made, she arose from the mattress and left the room to make her way down the stairs, and then headed out of the house, her pace slow and a bit timid as she proceeded toward the private bathing facility. Night was falling outside and darkness covered her, somehow letting her feel secure as though it was shielding her from possible bystanders around, despite the fact that most of the villagers were in their homes by this time. Minutes later, the young princess arrived at her destination and after curiously peering through the thin barrier, she caught the lean silhouette of her husband inside, appearing to be seated in the wooden tub she'd seen before. He was probably completely relaxed and at ease, never thinking that his wife would soon disrupt the peace and approach him; but Anastasia felt that they had waited long enough to consummate their marriage, and so she pressed on, determined.

Stopping at the screen door, she raised her hand to knock on the thin strip of wooden panel beside the entrance, but standing so close to the threshold made her courage suddenly waver, and hesitated reigned over her. With her husband on the other side, bare as the day he was born and filled with a man's virile desires, she somehow got the feeling that what she was about to initiate would lead to more… intimate activities. He would probably hold her very close and give her many kisses, and maybe… maybe he would want to look at her again, but this time at her whole body without anything in the way, like in their previous accidental incident. That possibility made her a little nervous, but then again, it was almost… endearing in a way, for after all, they would be sharing a very private part of themselves with only each other, making the situation rather special.

Even with that assuring thought, Anastasia still swallowed hard as she gazed at the bathhouse and resumed lifting her arm, bringing her knuckles to the wooden surface to knock crisply on it, bringing awareness of her presence. She immediately heard a splash of water and a minute later, the shadowy silhouette of her husband's tall frame approached the screen door from the other side, and the young princess almost stepped back in nervousness. But she stayed, even after he slid the barrier aside and they were standing face-to-face, both blushing slightly; fortunately for the girl's shyness, her spouse was currently dressed in a robe, so that distraction wasn't an issue. As the silence stretched on between them, his dark eyes studied her intensely and she had to fight the urge to look away, feeling quite timid under his attentive gaze, despite the fact that she had approached him.

"…Good evening, Anastasia," he greeted quietly after the long moment passed.

"H-hi, Kurando…" her reply was barely audible, but she seemed composed and ready for the foreign upcoming events that would soon take place.

Kurando gave her a small, reassuring smile and stepped a bit to the side, inviting gently, "Come in…"

Anastasia nodded mutely and obeyed, gingerly entering the bathhouse with a twinge of apprehension tickling her nerves, and then she heard a light swish as her husband slid the screen door shut behind her. With a click of the lock, their privacy was secured and the princess slowly turned around to face him, her cheeks a light shade of pink in nervous anticipation as she silently wondered who would break the awkward silence. She saw that his expression betrayed a little unease, as if he felt uncomfortable in the current situation, but regardless of that distress, he headed for the wooden tub and calmly disrobed, drawing a short gasp from the observing girl. Only his back profile was in her line of sight during the while, and after he quickly finished undressing, he stepped inside the container and rotated to sit down on the opposite end, his crimson eyes now focused on her slender form.

Her face felt so hot that she wouldn't be surprised if she suddenly went up in flames, but the girl bravely stepped forward until she was beside the tub, and then glanced at Kurando with her hands shyly tucked behind her back.

"…Would you like to join me?" he asked suddenly, just as she was trying to think of something to say.

Another bold invitation from him… well, her husband was certainly full of surprises; it took her a moment to recover from the astonishment, and finally, after ignoring the timidity tickling her nerves, she nodded in reply. His eyes widened slightly at her response, as if he didn't expect her to accept, but then a pleased smile creased his lips and he turned his face away to give her privacy as she undressed, ever the gentleman as always. Her gaze concentrated on the floor, the abashed princess untied the knot of her yukata with trembling fingers, and as she slowly shrugged the attire off her shoulders, inwardly felt relieved that her spouse wasn't looking. Left clad in only her underwear, she shivered at the immediate chill that breezed around her body, and so in pursuit of warmth, she quickly stripped to nude and gratefully went into the tub to be engulfed by the heated water.

Kurando averted his attention back to his wife when he felt the ripples that indicating her entrance, but once his line of sight fell upon her face, he had to make the conscious effort to not give into his wicked urges and look lower. Admittedly, he was very curious about her body… but he knew that despite her courageous decision to join him, she was more than a little nervous in the current situation, and he wouldn't dare to make a move at her unease. His smile was kind and assuring as the young man raised his arm and slowly reached his hand toward her to press his palm against her soft cheek, and then his thumb began to gently stroke her smooth surface. Her mild blush deepened, but Anastasia closed her eyes at the contact and enjoyed the simple, sweet gesture of affection; his consideration reminded her of his caring side, and was certainly easing her anxieties quite a bit.

"Are you all right…?"

She gave him a slow nod in reply, and then opened her eyes just to look down as she asked very softly, "C-can I see you…?"

To his dismay, Kurando discovered that he couldn't locate his voice to answer her aloud, so instead, he retracted his arm and moved back a bit, allowing her to have full view of his body, although his features were a little blurred by the water. She gulped nervously as she obliged her curiosity by gazing at him, and quickly found out that he was still as impressive as he had looked the previous time; he appeared deceptively thin, but he was actually fairly well-built. When Anastasia tentatively laid her hand on his chest, he jolted slightly, but nevertheless remained still even as she began to explore the muscular surface, in spite of the desire that had suddenly risen within him. His very aura emitted strength both physically and spiritually, and it amazed the girl how gentle he was with her when he felt so hard and powerful to the touch… she wondered if he would really hurt her during their consummation.

That thought had her suddenly wanting to see his maleness, the part of him that she would have to accept into her when they became intimate, but she wasn't sure if it was okay for her to touch him, and couldn't find the courage to ask. The young princess hesitated briefly, and when her husband glanced at her with a silent question on his face, she gave him a small smile and began to let her hand wander, skimming over the rough plane of his chest. Her touch was light and airy as her fingertips descended along his bare skin and danced across his abdomen, soon delving lower, but as she got closer to his private region, he tensed slightly, both in nervousness and anticipation. When Kurando realized the area she was heading toward, his twin lids quickly slid down as he exhaled a shaky breath, inwardly noting to keep himself in control while Anastasia continued to explore his body to her whims and curiosity.

At her tentative and gentle touch, his flimsy restraint burst like an open dam.

The feel of her soft hands on his sensitive manhood was electrifying and devilishly erotic… and then she just gently squeezed him, which caused his pulse to quicken, and his desire for her grew even stronger. Eyes still closed, he leaned his head back a bit and thoroughly enjoyed her curious exploration, silently absorbing the sensation of her slender fingers slowly trailing along his length, making him harden even more. He almost lurched up when his wife suddenly tightened her grasp on him and at the same time, she lightly rubbed her thumb over his tip; overwhelmed with the foreign pleasure, he barely managed to contain himself from reaching out to grab her. As the young man struggled to steady his breathing, she suddenly added slight pressure and speed to her movement, and as his body tensed from the build-up within, he realized that he had to stop her before he lost control and reacted rashly.

Certain that he had to act soon, Kurando shot out his hand just then and took a firm hold of one of her arms, and then accompanied that with a slow shake of his head, indicating that he wanted her to cease touching him.

Anastasia blushed at the realization and hastily removed her hands from him before backing away toward the other side, and then she turned her gaze down in shameful embarrassment as she mumbled apologetically, "I-I'm sorry… did I hurt you…?"

He took a moment to compose himself, but when he opened his eyes, he was unable to hide the distinct fire of burning need dwelling in his twin crimson depths as he answered her question in a low, but definite tone, "No, you weren't hurting me at all, Anastasia. Quite the opposite, actually…"

She looked up in surprise at hearing that, and the relief in her expression assured him that she understood his meaning, but then she blushed shyly, and her innocent wonder was enticing, drawing him toward her. The young man steadily moved forward until he was on her side of the tub, and then when he raised a hand to cup her cheek, she elicited a small noise and lifted her chin, pursing her lips in expectation of a kiss. Desire surged through him at her action, engulfing his senses, and he gladly accepted her invitation, tipping his head down to meet her lips, heatedly embracing his wife as his body acted of its own accord and insistently pressed against hers. Uttering not a peep, she succumbed willingly and received his domineering heat; she kissed him back and even dared to slip her tongue out to lick him once, quickly, but that was enough to make him groan silently at her growing boldness.

Anastasia… are you tempting me…?

As Kurando pressed closer to her, the princess suddenly felt an unfamiliar hardness against her thigh… it was hot and intimate against her bare skin, and she somehow knew that soon, she would be taking that male part inside of her. His hands slid down her sides, drawing a light gasp from the girl when his fingers briefly brushed by the smooth curves of her breasts, and then he settled at her waist, his grip gentle, but dominant. Their heated kisses sent fervent need rushing through his form, and his control wavered a bit when the young man willingly sank into the pleasuring sensation, his hands growing restless with the desire to roam her lovely body. He slowly moved them around her hips to her rear and cupped the duo globes, dimly marveling at how soft she felt all over, although, a reminder lingered in the back of his mind: there were still parts of her he had yet to explore…

But presently, that thought was overpowered by the liquid fire alit in his veins, making his arousal ache with need for his wife, and the inviting heat that emitted from her femininity was just tempting him even more. Her legs were already parted halfway, and if he pushed them open just a bit further, he could have her, right now… his muscles tensed in eager anticipation when Kurando inched closer to her enticing warmth. His grasp on her tightened to secure his hold, but as he positioned himself at her entrance, a small whimper escaped from her just then, and he withdrew slightly to peer down at her face, wondering if something was bothering her. He saw that Anastasia had her eyes closed with a grimace on her expression and he frowned in bewilderment, wanting to soothe her ail; it wasn't until he glanced over her shoulder that he found the source of her discomfort.

"Does that hurt?" he inquired softly, while guilt pricked his conscience when he realized how roughly he had handled her – he was referring to the hard edge of the wooden tub that was digging into her back.

"A-a little…" she confessed in a small voice even as she selflessly accepted the firm pressure of his weight atop her.

Upon hearing that, Kurando immediately removed himself from his wife and scooted backwards to the other side, making sure he gave her enough space and time to recover, as well as cool down his own desires. His body was burning with the desire to be near her again, especially as he slid a glance in her direction, but in spite of the alluring memory lingering in his mind, he clenched his fists in the effort to restrain himself. Despite his inexperienced background, he'd already discovered that passion was such a powerful influence, and if he had been a weak-willed man, he might have taken Anastasia moments ago with little regard to her uncomfortable state. That dark possibility worried him and the young fusionist vowed to be more careful around her, although he did wonder if his once-resolute control had somehow been hindered by the wild ogre spirit embedded within his soul…

"Um… Kurando?"

His train of thought broken, he glanced at the timid brunette and quickly responded, "Yes?"

"Can we… can we go back to our room?" she suggested candidly, a shy smile gracing her lips, "It's… I mean, we'll probably be more comfortable there…"

He hesitated for a second, still concerned about the issue he had been contemplating, but her courageous determination impressed him, and part of him was eager to resume their previous activities, so he nodded in agreement. "All right. Let's go, then."

Anastasia began to rise to her feet, apparently forgetting her current state of nudity, but when the cool air fanned over her bare breasts, she elicited a startled noise and instantly plopped back down onto the wooden bottom. Kurando watched her with a bit of amusement – while furtively appreciating the brief view of her chest – and then he calmly stood up to save her the embarrassment of getting out first, although, he too felt a tad self-conscious at the exposure. Her innocent eyes widened at the sight of his blatant erection right in her view and she quickly turned away with a squeal, blushing furiously; it was one thing to touch him under the veil of water, but this… For the first time, the young princess realized just how intimately she and her husband were going to know each other, and she timidly kept her gaze averted as he left the tub, waiting for him to get dressed before she looked his way.

Immediately acknowledging her shyness, and silently admitting his own bashful feelings, Kurando immediately headed for his robe and retrieved it, securely wrapping the cotton material around his body to shield his nudity. That done, he picked up his wife's yukata and brought it over to her; he stopped next to his spouse and extended the attire toward her with one arm, and all the while, he was respectfully facing the opposite direction. She took it from his grasp and arose in the tub, soon leaving the container with a light splash, and then as she hastily dressed herself, once again inwardly expressed her gratitude in having such a caring, considerate husband. After she had covered up, Anastasia turned to gaze at the aforementioned young man, and since he was still looking away, she took a step closer to gently touch his arm in quiet indication that she was ready to leave.

He glanced at her and nodded with a small smile, and then went to drain out the water from the tub before going back to his wife's side; after one last check for their belongings, the couple walked to the exit together. They left the bathhouse and returned to their home, silence between them the whole way as they were each lost in their own thoughts, although both were mulling over the upcoming event – their innocence kept them mystified. Once up in their room, Kurando securely locked the door behind them, and after that, he turned to face his companion, his expression appearing cool and calm as he tried to prevent revealing signs of the slight anticipation rising inside him. Anastasia, on the other hand, was looking at him with her sweet, shining green eyes, and when she curiously glanced down, her cheeks flushed a bit at noticing his arousal via the bulge in his robe, but she felt less nervous than before.

He struggled to think of something to say, wanting to assure his young wife in case she was presently anxious, but as he hesitated, she surprised him by stepping forward and stopping when she was right in front of him. Despite her hands being tucked behind her back in admission of her shyness, Anastasia rose on her tiptoes and candidly pressed her lips to his, giving him a gentle kiss; grateful that she broke the ice, Kurando tenderly returned the gesture. He encircled her shoulders with his arms and pulled the girl closely to him, silently enjoying the feel of their bodies pressed together, and soon, the flames of desire rekindled within him, giving rise to an inner instinct to mate. Time ceased to exist as the coupe shared their embrace, exchanging sweet kisses that sent their pulses racing with rising passion, and they were barely aware of moving toward the bed, but subconsciously arrived there nonetheless.

Neither breaking the intimacy, the young man gently laid his wife on the mattress and carefully adjusted his position to relieve her of his weight as he hovered over her petite form, ever-considerate of her comfort and ease over his own. He cradled her face in his palms as he kissed her soft lips, and then suddenly remembering something interesting that she had done earlier, he decided to mirror it and slightly parted his mouth to slip his tongue out. Slowly, he licked over her lips, receiving a small gasp in return, and with her mouth open, he slid his wet muscle inside, tasting her moist heat – this kiss was certainly much more… luscious than the other ones they'd shared before. It was new and completely unfamiliar, but not the least bit unpleasant, and to his surprise, Anastasia soon responded, albeit shyly, even daring to touch his tongue by brushing against it with her own, which caused a low groan to rumble deep in his throat.

A sudden need gripped him just then, and he blocked out his other senses to solely concentrate on what his sly and rather bold urges were persuading him to do; they were previously suppressed, but now could greatly help him in such a delicate situation. Oh yes, the instincts were certainly giving him many possible actions to take, such as the prevailing encouragement of pealing back the folds of the yukata to view the pure, innocent, and bare beauty of his young wife… To that, Kurando willingly obeyed and slid his hands down to the front of her waist, where his nimble fingers untied the bow that secured her attire closed, and then he slightly parted it down the middle to place his palms flat upon her bare skin. Anastasia blushed beautifully in the exposed position and began to squirm slightly, but he quickly soothed her with gentle kisses, while a sudden impulse told him that it wasn't a bad idea to rain more kisses upon her… all over her.

Reason told him not to come on that strongly just yet, and so he merely bent his head down and ran his tongue along her neck, creating a wet path of heat that glistened upon her creamy skin, clear evidence of his presence. Unused to the sensation, Anastasia shivered at the new contact as a small noise rumbled deep in her throat, indicating her pleasure, and she encouraged her husband by tilting her head to the side, allowing him more access. His hands trembled a bit as they slowly trailed up along the curves of her body, feeling her slight shiver all the while, and Kurando inwardly marveled at how soft and smooth she felt, a blanket of satiny silk under his fingertips. The princess giggled at the unintentional ticklish feeling he was bringing her, and twin bright green eyes sparkled with innocent delight, but her heart fluttered in surprise when his fingers stopped right underneath her bosom.

She looked up and caught his dark eyes, recognizing the question tentatively lingering within them; he was still rather chivalrous despite the fact that she had already given him permission and assurance earlier. But silently, Anastasia thought it was sweet of her husband to be so considerate of her feelings, and because she adored him all the more for such selflessness, she didn't even hesitate to nod, giving him her consent. Heat flared his senses at her silent reply and Kurando willingly indulged his desire for his wife by slowly pulling back the folds of her yukata until they rested by her sides, and her entire frontal profile was bared to his hungry eyes. His first thought was of awe at her raw beauty, her fair and creamy skin that was completely unblemished, absent of scars even in spite of her occasional reckless behavior, but then when his attention averted to her chest, he was captivated.

Her breasts were new and unfamiliar, but a beautiful sight: smooth mounds with rosy twin peaks that enticed his eyes, and the young man silently wondered how they would feel in his hands, yielding under his touch… Succumbing to that curiosity, he gently cupped one and heard her gasp, but it sounded more of surprise rather than displeasure, and so to make sure, he dared to firm his grasp on her breast, just a bit. He felt a nub press into his palm, and intrigued with the response, he lifted his head to cast a brief glance at his wife to see that her eyes were closed, most likely from shyness, since she showed no other signs of resistance. Anastasia apparently still consented, but she seemed to be a bit awkward and embarrassed, so Kurando bent down to kiss her, hoping that it would help ease her tension – or at the very least, distract her from feeling uncomfortable.

"You're trembling…" he soon noticed, murmuring softly against her lips, and then he pulled back a bit, meeting her eyes as he whispered in question, "Are you afraid…?"

She glanced off to the side a bit before replying, "It's just that… I heard it would hurt, when we… when we…"

Due to his inexperience, the young man was unfortunately unacknowledged of that fact, and so after finding out, he hesitated, but soon shook his head with a slight frown, his expression appearing conflicted. "Then… maybe we shouldn't do this."

Her trademark pout creased her pale pink lips at hearing his words, and the princess asked with obvious disappointment in her voice, "You… you don't want me to be your wife…?"

"Of course I do." He replied without hesitation, not bothering to hide the raw emotions underlying his usually-calm tone, and even consciously allowed the dark pools of his irises to reveal the intensity of his devotion to her. "But… I can't stand the thought of hurting you, Anastasia. I… I want to protect you from being hurt by everything and everyone, and if I myself inflicted pain on you…"

Understanding his fears, Anastasia turned back to face her husband and silenced him with a small kiss, and then confessed honestly, albeit shyly, "Kurando… I'm sure I'll be okay. It's probably just a little pain. And I'm not really that worried about it, because… because I want to be your wife."

Warmth flooded him inside at her admission, and a strong emotion for his wife suddenly arose in his heart, but the inexperienced young man had never experienced such a feeling before and couldn't find the words to voice it. He was certain that the powerful wave had been induced by Anastasia the moment she had admitted how much she wanted to be with him, and revealed her bold willingness to cement their relationship. Kurando slowly leaned down to join their lips together, and as his hands gently began to drift down her body once again, he silently hoped that he possessed some kind of natural instincts to guide him through the situation. As if answering his prayer, a certain presence within him stirred to life at the thought, and when the fusionist became aware of it, he hesitated briefly before releasing a bit of his control, allowing himself to be instructed.

Due to his chivalrous nature and reserved upbringing, the young man was admittedly rather naïve when it came to the art of lovemaking, but the dormant ogre spirit in him… he knew how to mate without question. Such a wild creature as that certainly had to possess the carnal knowledge that his owner lacked and currently needed, so the fusionist willingly allowed the inner instincts to guide him, but of course, he was very gentle with his caresses. After hearing her fears bravely confessed into his ear, he sympathized with her concerns, and thoroughly wanted his wife to enjoy the experience, in spite of the belief that a girl's first time was usually very unpleasant. Well, he would definitely try his best to make hers an exception, and so the young man was mindful of his actions, silently intent on finding her areas of pleasure in hopes of easing her worries on the delicate subject of pain.

The longer he caressed her, the more she ached; soon, faint heat began to pool between her thighs and Anastasia awkwardly rubbed her legs together, unsure of how else to respond, or ease the foreign feeling. But her body followed suit with the amorous reaction and grew hot, to the point where she wanted the kimono completely off, yet she still felt partially bashful about being fully nude right in front of her husband. The bath she had shared with Kurando was like a practice session, but this current situation was all-real and final – they were going to cross over the threshold for good, with no chance of ever returning to their old status. She recalled the numerous times that he had assured her earlier, along with his unspoken promise that he would immediately stop if she told him to, and because of his caring consideration, the princess once again felt her adoration for him grow even more.

As Kurando continued to roll her hardened nub between his fingers, once again, he was suddenly compelled to taste her… and this time, he submitted to the urge, lowering his head to take her soft mound into his mouth. Anastasia trembled briefly at the intimate contact of his wet tongue against her skin, and when he slowly licked her sensitive tip, she arched her back in silent response, wanting to be closer to him as he cradled her tenderly. At the thought of his soft touch, her heart swelled with warmth and affection for her darling husband, but then the girl shivered in sensual excitement when he suckled her a bit harder, lavishing her supple breast with ample attention. He gently flicked her nipple with his tongue and she shivered; not to be idle, his hand took care of her other breast and brought a small moan out from her, sending more delightful tingles coursing through her body.

More… That single word silently commanded in his mind, promising much more pleasuring, albeit exotic discoveries, and because he was starving with the curiosity of wanting to discover the rest of her body, he willingly obeyed.

His mouth and hands left her enticing breasts with reluctance, but they certainly enjoyed sliding down the unmarked paths of her smooth skin, feeling new places and leaving no part untouched in the journey. Both partners were learning together during his exploration; Anastasia allowed his actions and offered not a single word of protest, as she also wanted to find out the ritual of lovemaking, this intimate union with her husband. Unknowing that all the while, Kurando was watching her intently for her reaction, she shivered with ticklish feeling as he teased the bare flesh of her stomach, and then jolted when his finger briefly dipped into her bellybutton. Her breath caught in her throat as he drew closer and closer to her most personal region that never known a man's touch; he sensed her hesitation and stopped moving, but when she bravely gave a slight nod of her head, he continued.

His hand slipped down in-between her legs, gently persuading his bashful wife to open to him; despite her reddened cheeks and the sudden increased pace of her heartbeat, Anastasia complied, although she did turn her face away. When she revealed her most private part to him, the young man remained still and simply gazed at the sacred area before his inquisitive eyes, both aroused and intrigued by the exotic sight of her pale pink skin. He tentatively parted the delicate folds and slid a lean finger inside, instantly feeling her wet heat, and as he slowly began to explore, he immediately heard a gasp from his partner at the sharp new sensation. Kurando glanced up, curious to find out her reaction, and saw that her eyes were closed and she had grabbed a fistful of the blanket as her body started to shift restlessly upon the bed. Her reflexive movement was mesmerizing…

Her natural reaction entranced him, held him captive to her spell, and he almost missed noticing that when his thumb absentmindedly brushed over a small nub in her sensitive region, she suddenly jolted. A short burst of warm wetness surrounded his finger just then, and he took acute note of that – by her expression, Anastasia didn't seem to be in pain, so perhaps her response meant that his touching had felt… good? Wanting to find the answer to his silent inquiry, the young man ran his thumb across that little bundle of nerves again, and as he lingered around it, his eyes were fixated on his wife, particularly watching her face for a reaction. Her breath seemed to catch for a second, and then she exhaled shakily; encouraged by her reaction, Kurando peered at the sensitive nub, somehow feeling certain that he could bring her pleasure by… stimulating it… and a slight smile grazed his lips at the thought.

Paying acute attention to her facial expression and noises, he began touching her slowly, gently, his long fingers carefully familiarizing themselves with that special, delicate region of her body that he would soon claim. At his first touch, he felt her legs stiffen with tension, but when he murmured whispers words of assurance, she began to relax and accepted his presence in her private area; still, she couldn't help shivering at his caresses. The more he stroked her small feminine pearl, the more wetness flowed out from between her delicate pink lips, and as her petite body was tightening for a reason unknown to her, Anastasia could only dimly wonder why her breathing was faster. An audible whimper escaped her and caught the attention of her attentive husband, who was still inwardly unsure of what he was doing to her, but he touched her relying on his instincts and her reaction to his exploration.

And then, surprising both partners, she suddenly let out a loud wail as her body thrashed wildly about the bed, flooding his fingers with more of the mysterious fluid that had aided him in betraying her pleasure. With the end of this release, the young princess exhaled shakily and trembled from the aftermath of her blissful inner explosion; meanwhile, Kurando slowly removed his hand from her femininity and patiently sat back, waiting for her to calm down. Watching his wife in the state of ecstasy had made his arousal harden even more, almost to the brink of pain, but he felt a keen sense of satisfaction in knowing that he had given her such rapturous pleasure. And yet, despite his humbleness, the young man fought back the urge to groan from an overwhelming inner desire to take her – no doubt it was influence from his wild and more carnal side – but he was less resistant to the request than before.

For he wanted his beautiful princess to become his wife in the most intimate sense of the word, and he wanted to make that happen now.

Gently cupping her cheek in his palm, he gazed at her intently and whispered in question one last time, "Are you… ready…?"

She didn't reply verbally, but one look into the trust and admiration shining in her eyes told him her answer.

He entered her slowly, letting her virginal muscles stretch to accommodate the new presence, and when he reached resistance, he didn't know what it was, but suddenly realized why a girl's first time would hurt. Kurando cast his young wife a worried look, certain that they couldn't completely join together unless he breached her internal barrier, but to his relief, she smiled sweetly, somehow sensing his uncertainty, and gave him a slight nod. She understood the necessity of pain, and was accepting it so that she could be bound to him… although as he began to move again, guilt pricked at his conscience when he caught discomfort briefly flickering over her expression. The longer he took, the more Anastasia tensed, and he wanted to get the undesirable part done with and past them, so he whispered apologies in her ear and then fully drove into the girl, claiming her maidenhead.

Anastasia bit down on her lip to muffle the cry that threatened to burst free from her lips, but she did have to squeeze her eyes shut at the inner tearing, and one lone streak of tears slid down each of her cheeks. Now she knew why the other girls had squirmed and winced when they were talking about the pain associated with intercourse… it certainly was more than just a mild discomfort, and she wondered how long she would be hurting. But as the young princess lied still and received gentle kisses of adoration from her husband, the pain slowly began to subside, toning down to just a bit of soreness, and she didn't feel so uncomfortable anymore. She soon discovered that she liked having Kurando resting on top of her with his arms enveloping her so tightly… she felt warm, safe, and even… loved, for they were as close together as two people could possibly be.

"Anastasia? Are you all right…?" he inquired worriedly as he lifted his head to glance at his wife, deep concern reflected in his dark eyes.

"Y-yes…" she answered softly, and nodded to further assure him.

Staying sheathed in her warmth was maddeningly rapturous, and carnal instincts were urging him to move… but the young man refused to do so until he was sure that his partner had recovered and was ready to continue. Still, even with that chivalrous vow, he found that it was increasingly difficult for him to refrain from succumbing to his desire, and so he was rather relieved when Anastasia offered him a small, but steady smile. After she gave him her approval, his hands immediately slid down the smooth curve of her sides and stopped at her waist, firming his grip to hold her in place as he carefully withdrew, and then entered her once again. With his sensitive length surrounded by her slick, wet heat, pleasure wracked through him at the acute sensation, and he soon fell into an enticing rhythm, retracting and then diving deeper into her with each thrust.

Receiving his motions, Anastasia lied back and consciously tried to relax her body, discovering that the more she loosened her muscles, the less uncomfortable and sore she felt with her husband filling her so thoroughly. She glanced up at his face just then and saw that his eyes were closed, but nonetheless, he seemed to be avidly concentrating, as there was a thin sheen of sweat on his forehead, and she merely marveled at the sight. His grasp on her tightened a bit as he held her more securely, seemingly seeking steadiness, and his muscles grew rigid as tension built up inside him, rising toward a peak that was desperate for relief once it reached the top. After a countless period of dancing to the erotic rhythm, her name escaped his lips in a ragged groan when his release came, and a burst of hot wetness warmed her inner nether region, much to the girl's wonder and curiosity.

His energy spent, Kurando had to make a conscious effort not to collapse on his wife, and he carefully pulled out of her before lying down upon the bed, but he stayed close to her side, not wanting to insinuate rejection. When his arm slid around her petite form, the young princess immediately responded by cuddling up to him with a soft, dreamy sigh, and then she closed her eyes to enjoy the simple feeling of his comforting presence. They lay together in mutual silence for some time, each absorbing the impact of the compelling experience they had just shared, and one thing they both quickly realized was the validity of their marriage. After that mute, awkward period of chaotic miscommunication, the couple had overcome their ordeals and strengthened their union, intensifying their affinity. As proof of their dedication to each other, they were truly man and wife now…


The next morning, the front door downstairs quietly swung open as the village's former leader stepped over the threshold and back into her home, her keen eyes quickly sweeping through the area in search of her son and daughter-in-law.

When nothing but silence and stillness met her gaze, she smiled somewhat mischievously and murmured softly to herself, "I think I'd better start knitting more baby clothes."

The End

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