(Grace never got high, she was really just helping a student)

Bobby is asleep in the hospital, Jack is by his side Grace runs in.

Jack: he's ok, the doctor said he'll be fine. (Jack says bitterly)

(Grace who is brushing Bobby hair with her hand looks up at Jack)

Jack: Where were you.

Grace: Helping a student, I'm sorry Jack, I'm sorry I wasn't there

Jack: I thought he was going to die this time and it would have been all my fault.

Grace: What? Jack its not your fault, this is not your fault.

Jack: I was so mad.

Grace: Don't. Don't you blame yourself, you get mad sometimes everyone does. Bobby loves you, he looks up to you.

Jack: I don't think I'm real good to look up to.

Grace walks over to Jack and touches his face

Grace: I think you are.

Bobby begins to wake up and Jack and Grace both greet him.

Grace: Hey baby, you ok?

Bobby: yeah, (looks at Jack) I'm sorry

Jack: Its ok buddy, your ok. I'm not mad at you.

They all talk for a while then Bobby goes back to sleep.

Grace and Jack sit next to each other and Grace puts her arm around Jack and rubs the back of his hair. Jack puts his head on her shoulder as he falls asleep.

Grace: (whispering) Your a good brother Jack, don't ever doubt that.