So, here ve go, (on ze last und final road… Not really, but I can just see Kurt, perhaps Michael too, singing along to The Alpha Conspiracy's 'Accelerating.') Chapter two. In case you're wondering why Rogue said 'my,' not 'mah,' I just decided that doing Rogue's accent was stupid. At least when I do it, it is. Gloriously, the German in this story has been automatically translated from English by Google. Which probably means if I try anything more complicated than the title of this chapter, it'll screw up the grammar big time and translate half the words wrong. I know it sucks at French. So feel free to correct any German if you can speak it better than me (which pretty much means you know more than 'Ja' and 'Nein').
Once more unto the breach!

Mutter Von Unseren
(Mother of Ours)

I bet I know what yall're thinking. 'He'd never do something like that,' 'What did that have to do with Kurt turning evil?' 'Kiss me, chère,' et cetera, et cetera.
Wait, 'Kiss me, chère?!' I'm gonna kill that dirty swamp rat….

Anyway, I hate to say it, but I didn't believe completely that Kurt was gonna stay the cute and fuzzy blue elf that he had been forever. Funny thing about this crap they call 'love' is that it makes you do stupid things. Dumb things. Crazy things. Like rescuing a low-down good-for-nothing thief from himself when he goes into an assassin's lair to steal his father, or in this case, to turn into the evil thing your own mother might have liked you to be.

Might. Call me a hypocrite, but I know for a fact that Mystique's not as downright evil as they all make her out to be. She cares about, well primarily about her self, which is petty I guess, but also about the survival of mutants as a race and especially about her family. She just makes bad decisions – gotta teach her one day to not take Destiny's visions either literally or as gospel. If it wasn't for that, I might think she had a better grip on reality than Xavier….

Anyway, I could always see something along these lines happening. Kurt, or Michael as he calls himself now, definitely loves his mother. I personally didn't exactly see him raping Kitty because of it, but maybe he just wanted to show that he wasn't a pushover, that he could be just as volatile as… us, I guess. Maybe he wanted everyone to know he wasn't on that side anymore. Maybe he had a personality transplant.

I don't know. With the stuff that had been going through Kitty's mind when he did it, maybe he was just sick of her hesitating? It's not like Amanda's opinion counted after what she did with Stefan¹.

"Alright, where is he?!"

Everyone looked up to see where Rogue was now standing, next to the chandelier, her head less than an inch from the roof. The fact that the ceiling in the rec-room was 20 feet from the floor didn't seem to faze anyone. They were all too busy noticing how the anger rolled off her like a heavy mist, mixing with the winds of concern and a light rain that was confusion. Because this was Rogue, pretty much everyone was preparing to duck for cover when the thunder of… Rogue-ness materialised. Knowing that Storm had been one of the first mutants she'd absorbed, it was just as likely to exist on the physical plane.

"Where's who?" replied Scott, showing normal levels of bravado … or was it stupidity?

"The one of you who ain't here, duh," the southerner answered, flipping down to the floor. To the wonderment of everyone in the room who was receptive to a sense of foreboding, she didn't kill Cyclops on the way down. "My brother. Whom you might have noticed has developed a deep Bavarian accent and some behaviour very much unlike himself?"

"First, why don't you explain why you and half-pint weren't at my Danger Room session this morning?" Logan asked gruffly. Rogue might have been fuming, but he wasn't about to take shi– lip from anyone.

"Kit's… Unwell today, and I been kinda relyin' on her to wake me up for the last month or so," Rogue explained. Well, at least it was half the truth.

"You're lyin'," accused the Canadian. Of course he could smell when you weren't exactly telling it straight. Rogue made a mental note to torture from her mother the trick to evading that.

"Someone please just tell me where Kurt is?" she pleaded, although it sounded more to the others like a demand. It was just at that end of the polarised 'Rogue needs something and is now asking for it' scale.

"We don't know," Jean supplied, although Rogue was sure that she wouldn't remember anyway if it wasn't for all the wide open minds around for her to scrounge the information from. "He ported off right after we finished up the session."

"Shit," the power thief swore. Everyone gave her strange looks as though she'd just grown a speed demon out her bum.

"Hey-I-need-a-telepath-or-something-real-quick-like!" Then, you never know your luck. Well, Rogue was pretty sure hers was always bad.

She turned to face Pietro, and every feature of her spelled death, or at least serious maiming. "Why?"

"Wanda's-totally-unresponsive-I-mean-more-than-normal-even; Toad-can't-even-get-her-to-hurt-him."

Evan raised his eyebrows, oblivious to the fact that no-one could see them under his head's armour plating. "Sounds bad, man."

"Unresponsive, ya say?" asked Rogue, rolling her eyes at Spyke. "Have you tried yelling at her?"

"She-just-giggled," the speedster explained. "Please, I-really-need-help"

The southerner frowned. "Well, let's go then," she offered, causing Pietro to just look at her strangely. "Trust me, it'll be faster than any telepath," she hissed.

Pietro shrugged, figuring that if the Rogue offered help you took it, and they were off.

"Well, I'd better go and see what's wrong with Kitty," Hank sighed, wandering out of the room. "Although I'll wager her biggest problem right now is a minor case of Roguetucheritis."

"Roguetucheritis?" asked Scott and Jean together while Evan scratched the back of his head – a complicated procedure that involved extracting a spike from his arm and finding the hole in his armour at the bast of his skull, then cautiously moving the stick up and down inside.

"She got zapped by Rogue," replied Ororo and Logan in like.

Bobby, Tabby, Ray, Amara, Sam, and Jamie, who hadn't been paying much attention, looked at each other and shrugged, although Bobby did pass Tabitha a five behind their backs.

Meanwhile at the Brotherhood house, Mystique was meditating in her shower when she heard a muffled sound coming from her room. Expecting the worst, she liberated a gun from her ensuite vanity, and whipping on a towel, crept out the door.

There didn't seem to be anything unusual there. The shapeshifter was about to step back into the bathroom to dry herself off when a repeat of the same sound made her snap her head around to face a shadow in one corner of the room, and then another, and another, and another, and then the smell of brimstone was all around her.

"Hallo, Mutter," said a voice by her ear, surprising her so much that she dropped her gun. Two arms wrapped themselves around her and she felt the nauseating dizziness of suddenly being somewhere else, which coupled with an involuntary breath of sulphurous atmosphere, would have sent her reeling to the ground if it weren't for the strong arms holding her up.

Around the same time as this happened, Pietro landed in Wanda's room with Rogue in his arms. The southerner shook herself briefly, wriggling out of the speedster's grip. "Smooth ride," she said.

"Thanks," replied Pietro, and whether he'd missed the sarcasm or was just being obnoxious in return was a mystery to her.

"Yup, that looks like what I thought it was," Rogue said, looking down at her fellow Goth. Wanda was staring into space, giggling occasionally. However, the look of horror that had before been present was replaced by the same sparkle that had been in Kitty's eyes.

"And what-would-that-be?" Pietro asked.

"Wait and let me be sure," the southerner replied. She took the glove off her right hand, and walked toward Wanda.

"Whoa-whoa-whoa, what're-you-doing?" the speedster demanded, stepping in front of her.

"In the medical profession, they'd call it getting a sample," Rogue explained. "Now do you want me to find out what's wrong, or not?"

Pietro hesitated, but stepped aside. Rogue rested her hand on Wanda's forehead for a moment, but jumped back and held her head in her hands, groaning. "Why do I subject myself to this crap?" she moaned.

"Well? What-is-it?" asked Pietro, noticing that his sister's trance-like state had turned into a common Rogue-induced coma.

"Promise not to tell Magneto?" asked Rogue.

"Yeah-yeah, just what-is-it?" the speedster demanded.

"She's been raped," explained Rogue. "By my brother. Weird thing is, he forced her, but she ended up liking it…. Not at all like Kit, who gave in pretty much immediately. Then again, she has always had at least some feelings for the little guy."

Pietro stepped back, his eyes wide. "You're kidding…." Suddenly, he turned and ran, but was stopped just as abruptly by a hex bolt.

"Ya promised," admonished Rogue, "now I don't want to have to get you for breaking it." She sucked the consciousness out of him anyway, just to be sure.

Walking out into the hallway, Rogue sniffed. There was definitely a familiar smell on the air. Determining it to have come from Mystique's room, she walked up to its foreboding portal, and rested her hand on the doorknob. Of course it was locked – when Rogue was with the Brotherhood, she'd been the only one allowed in there save Mystique herself. Now she knew why, although it wasn't a piece of information that made her happy. It hadn't made her particularly mad either though, at the time — only when the shapeshifter had betrayed her again with Apocalypse did that piece of malice surface. Deciding not to dwell on her past, she phased through the door.

The scene struck her as odd, not because the room didn't have any of the furniture she remembered. Not because of the photo of Kurt and her on the bedside table – she'd expected that to have made its way here when it went missing from her own, or the countless other items that had to do with her brother and self. It was more that the ensuite door was left open, and in there was a scene of woman interrupted from the ritual of meditation under a stream of water. Also, the pistol on the floor was a sure sign that it was Mystique who had been caught by surprise. That was a bad sign in the least, and coupled with the lingering aroma of sulphur and brimstone, Rogue could only assume the worst. She'd thought this had something to do with Mystique, but not that. He wouldn't – Would he?

"Kurt, you idiot. Not Momma…."

Ha! I stop there. Ambiguous and evil, no? Next chapter will elaborate, Saxon's word.

¹I made that up on the spot. My sudden onset explanation is that in this Alternate Universe™, Stefan and Jimaine are still Kurt's foster siblings but Amanda isn't the same as Jimaine. Or then again, it could be something worse….

Thank you muchly Kriszty and also thesinisterbra (anonymous). Is that a bra you can operate left-handed, by the way? ;·P Thanks for commenting on the Kitty thing too.
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