Lost Brothers II
Return To The Colonies.
Chapter 1

What the hell is this? I hear you ask. This is the sequel to my Battlestar Galatica/Stargate SG1 crossover. If you haven't read it search titles for Lost Brothers and you'll find it there
I liked writing the original and one thing that bugged me about Galatica was that there was no way twelve planets worth of survivors could fit on 200 plus ships. Now that Galatica has found Earth and given the Cylons a bloody nose its time to go backā€¦

I do not own Battlestar Galatica or Stargate Sg1. nor do I own anything connected to either of the shows.

General Jack O'Neill looked over the newly completed bridge of the Battlestar Thor. Just beneath his feet a crescent shaped crew pit bustled with activity, final check lists and power up routines were checked and rechecked. To his right his second in command, Colonel Carter, confirmed that the docking web was secured within the shipyard.

'Io reports we're good to go sir.' She reported.

One by one the crew spoke up:- 'Star-drive reporting, good to go.'

'Life support reporting, good to go.'

'Weapons reporting, good to go.'

'Sensors reporting, good to go.'

'Energisers reporting, good to go.'

'Med-bay reporting, good to go.'

'Inertia Dampeners reporting, good to go'

'All sectors crew report, good to go.'

Jack hopped up to the command pedestal and looked forward. 'Negative armour.'

'Yes sir' said Siler who sat at the controls. Nothing happened. Jack just looked at the sergeant as he flicked the switch again. This time it did work, the large armoured plate slid back above the reinforced transparent trinium/naquada view port revealing empty space with part of a orange planet in the bottom corner. Carter was already ordering a repair team to the bridge to find out why it stuck in the first place.

'Close all air locks. Activate all atmospheric seals.' Jack spared a moment to imagine the amount of doors and force fields that would respond to that command.

'Done sir.'

'I hope they worked.' Jack smiled at him

'They have sir.' Siler never understood his jokes, Jack reflected. He glanced at Carter who was trying to hide a coy smile and returned it.

'Engines to one third of full power. Once out of space-dock set course for the asteroid belt and increase speed to three quarters.'

'Yes sir.' Carter responded before turning to the rest of the crew. Jack filtered out the organised chaos of the crew pit and sat down. The Battlestar Thor was finally launched. It was equal to its' sister ship, the Battlestar Terra, in weaponry but its science capabilities were better. With longer ranged sensors and a larger portion of the ship given over to research and development.

It didn't take long for the super-dreadnought to reach the asteroid belt. Every system worked perfectly. Jack didn't like that, in his experience something had to go wrong now or it would do later. When least convenient and most dangerous to everyone. After the second round of testing everything still worked right and he put it down to paranoia.

Daniel refrained from cracking his knuckles. The council of twelve were once again trying to force Adama to "retire". This time they sighted his decision to leave the colonies while there was still survivors. Daniel had read the records and while never the worlds greatest tactician could tell that what Adama ordered was the only thing he could do. Finally Adama stood up.

'My brother council members seventy yarns ago I saw the colonies destroyed. I went down to Caprica and my old home where my wife was waiting for me. She died during the bombardment. While I was down there my neighbours came, those who had survived. They accused me and the fleet of deserting them. There I made the decision to leave the colonies with as many men, women and children as could fit on the surviving ships.

'One of my neighbours, a good friend, could not make it to a ship. His own wife had died yarns before and all he had left was his young daughter. I had to leave him, his daughter and the lords know how many else behind.

'Every day I remember that man and what he said to me about deserting my people. I made the only choice available with what I had at my disposal. At the time, brothers, you thanked me. You told me what a hard choice I had made and why it was a good thing. Was it really or were you just scared? Should I have stayed? One Battlestar against the whole might of the Cylon Alliance?

'You are so silent. Why? Are you afraid to answer?' Daniel hid a smile as Adama looked each of them in the eye, they didn't return the icy glare.

'Ahem,' Daniel cleared his throat. 'Are we certain there are survivors?'

Adama sat down with the weight of the world on his shoulders, 'Yes. There were too many. Far, far too many left.'

'As Adama pointed out one old Battlestar would not be able to stand up to the forces of the Cylons. But we don't have one old Battlestar.' Every councillor looked at him. 'We have two new ones and two refitted Battlestars. If I'm right we can still protect Earth with only two and our fleet of 303s. Something my government is quite aware of. A small task force could be sent to find out what happened and rescue the remaining survivors or liberate the planets themselves.'

George sat back, thinking over Dr Jackson's proposal. God why did he have to come up with that? There's just no way to say no. Since the Cylon attack military production was a second priority. More important was the exploration of space, hence the improved sensors and science labs onboard The Thor.

Leaning over George flicked a switch on the comm-panel, 'George Hammond, message for the President. Recommend mission approved. Suggest sending Battlestars Thor and Pegasus along with four 303s as support. Confirm with O'Neill and Cain.' As he spoke the words appeared on the screen. He double tapped the bottom right corner and a computer voice chirped that the message was sent.