Lost Brothers II

Chapter 3

Authors note

Sorry about the amount of time this chapter has taken. My creative energy had a power cut just before Christmas but now I'm back and I have this to give you for your patience …

It was a long journey through hyperspace, unlike the broken remnants of the colonies that had to return to normal space periodically to recharge and regroup the two massive Battlestars could travel much faster and in longer stretches.
This, however, did nothing for boredom. Most of the crew of the Thor got on with their tasks or slept, pilots spent a lot of time in the two recreation rooms. The core command did non of that. The four old members of what was SG-1 sat at what had become known as the officers table. Scattered amongst the tankards, vacuum preserved bar snacks and Teal'c's orange juice were reports and updates from all sectons of the ship.
Jack smiled for a moment before speaking, "Generals log … Month three and … no intelligent… conversation possible… the crew have resorted to… bad captain Kirk… impressions… to pass the time…'
'I have yet to encounter this from any of my pilots O'Neill. Most of them are content to quote Star Wars.' Teal'c impassively noted. Given the size of the Thor it was not hard to understand why Jack and the rest had seen so little of him.
'So finally, T. Any ideas for new squadron names.'
'We decided on them two days ago O'Neill. The falcons, The hawks, The eagles, and The ravens.'
'and your with?' Carter asked
'The Falcons, the mark 3 squadron.' Jack suppressed a whistle, the Mk3 was a powerful fighter. It carried twice as many missiles as the Cobra type and the wing mounted lasers had a shorter, faster, destructive pulse.
'Well that just about is that. Good I was beginning to fall asleep…' and the conversation moved on.

'General. We're getting a comm signal from the Pegasus.'
'Thanks Carter. I'll take it in my office.' Jack got there and answered the line. 'Cain how's things.'
'As usual. We're approaching the Terra system. It's a small but aggressive colony of humans, they were attacked by a Cylon fleet a couple of yarns ago. As far as I know this is the furthest the Cylon empire has spread.'
Jack gave it some thought. 'Alright, minimum contact. If we send in a long range patrol to scan for communications and the usual we can see what we get out of it.'
'Agreed, we'll be there in about a day. I'll inform my crew.'

A day later the two giant ships slid out of hyperspace past the outer reaches of the small star system. After a few moments four small darts launched, two from each ship.
'Falcon one this is Silver Spar one do you hear me?'
Teal'c looked to his left and spoke 'I can.'
'You want point or should we take the lead?'
'I will lead.' With that he accelerated slightly heading for the nearest planet. His sensors showed the remains of a dead city and a brief scattering of life forms just past the city's boundaries. 'There is life here.'
'Yes sir, I see it too. There's also a landing site a few clicks south of the city.' His wing man reported.
'Indeed. Silver spar you are to investigate.'
'Already have done captain. Suggest we fall back immediately. My sensors show Cylon activity in that area.' The captain of the Silver Spar vipers almost shouted across the comm link.
The four fighters scattered but Teal'c was the first to slow down. 'Falcon two, scan for Cylon signals.'
'Non sir.'
Doubling back Teal'c looked at his sensors. No pursuit and no communications. Frowning he directed a concentrated scan directly at the suspected base. It showed distinctive power emissions that could only come from a Cylon outpost but not much else. From what his sensors told him it had to be damaged. He changed frequency and hailed the mother ship.
'O'Neill. There is a Cylon Base on the planet. It has been attacked recently. We will investigate further.'
'Be careful, if your spotted make sure your not followed. Understand?'
With careful consideration the four vipers landed within the ruined city, using a main street as a landing strip. 'Silver spar two, camouflage the vipers while we investigate. If a Cylon patrol passes contact me.'
'Yes sir.'

Daniel sat back in the rec room and looked at the cards in his hand. On his right the Ravens captain, Sarah Mohegan, had what looked to be the better hand. James Spencer, the port bay's landing chief, in front had already folded and now watched with interest at the remaining players. Finally to his left William Jones, the Eagles captain, who while looked like he had the worse hand had won the last two rounds and seamed to want this one too.
All four of them were relatively new to pyramid but that didn't stop them playing perhaps the most blood thirsty round seen. 'It's your bet Doctor Jackson.'
Daniel was about to raise the stakes when he saw Sam come in. she looked almost shell shocked 'Fold.' collecting what he still had Daniel watched her sit down before following her.
'Hi Sam.'
'Oh hi Daniel, what are you doing here?'
'Losing a weeks pay. It looks like you lost more than that.'
'We got some post from Earth. Someone modified one of our deep space probes to track us, one of the messages was from Pete.'
'I don't have to guess what he said.'
'It's not his fault, I couldn't give up who I was.' Sam looked past Daniel and got up. He could tell she beginning to avoid him.
'It's not your fault either.'
'Thanks Daniel, but I need to be alone. I'm back on the bridge in a couple of hours and I'd like to get some sleep.' she refused to make eye contact.
'Okay. Want me to tell Jack or not?'
'No!' she almost shouted. 'It I'll be alright, he doesn't have to know.'

Teal'c watched the three adolescents as they carried more debris from the crushed space port buildings. Two Cylons were observing them. Both were heavily damaged one had a missing arm and what looked to be laser scoring on it's head the other had a gaping whole in it's chest plate and a fire damage on its legs.
Once the three humans had moved the rather large piece of wreckage they collapsed from exhaustion. The two Cylons moved up, bound them together and then left for one of the surviving buildings. Teal'c silently moved behind another section of wreckage, close to the eldest female. 'Do not be frightened. I am Teal'c, you must tell me what has happened here.'
'Urm, The Cylons?' she whispered back
'Are our enemies. We are here to help.'
'Some other robots came, they almost destroyed everything. The Cylons forced them away. Are you from the Galatica?'
'No we come from the Tau'ri.'
'The first world? It's true?'
'Indeed. How many Cylons are there?'
'Four and one broken ship.'
'Anywhere else?'
'We don't know. The Cylons communications were destroyed, lots of things were destroyed…'
'Your family?'
'Dad and Sarah were home when the things came they… didn't make it.'
'Yet you have survived.'
'We work for the Cylons. They don't have anyone to do the small stuff so they make us do it.'
'Tell no one that I was here.' With that Teal'c quietly returned to his two companions. 'Samson will come with me. You will watch them.'
'Yes sir.' Said the Silver spar captain as Teal'c and his wing man moved towards the bunker.

Centurion unit Abraxis-254 continued with the repairs to the sensor system. A short while ago something was detected but the sensor grid controls shorted out before it was recognised. Turning to its counter part Abraxis-254 ordered the next circuit checked.
As its counter part turned blue lightning skittered across its chassis. For a brief moment Abraxis-254 believed its companion had contacted a open power conduit. A second and a third blast of energy hit the helpless centurion before it vaporised. Abraxis-254 rose and drew its carbine only to be hit by a combination of shots. While the laser round bunt into it's secondary motivator and melted a small section of armour plate the energy burst shorted out it's primary matrix leaving Abraxis-254 immobilised. A second energy charge erased all but its core functions and the third…

Teal'c was one of the few pilots still to carry a Zat instead of the now standard laser carbine. It didn't have the range of the carbine but fired faster, something the remaining two Cylons found out as he sprayed them with repeated shots. Looking around it wasn't hard to see that the slaves weren't exaggerating, not one piece of equipment looked functional,
'Sir should we report back to the Battlestar?' Samson asked

Jack took to pacing the back of the bridge, constantly looking at the star chart. 'General, Teal'c is on fleet comm.'
Jack ran to the pedestal, 'What's the situation?'
'The Cylon garrison has been eliminated O'Neill. An unknown species attacked only a few days ago.'
'How bad was the attack?'
'The garrison on this world was all but destroyed. I have been told of large battles in space. I believe that the entire Cylon occupation force was destroyed…'
'By what?'
'As I said O'Neill I do not know.'

In orbit over the Cylon home world a large Basestar turned its weapons on it's builders. Deep inside a man dressed in white gloated over the monitors. 'You see Six all is as I said. The flawed Cylon Empire lies dead at our feet. Your kind now controls the greatest empire the Galaxies have ever known!'
'Yes Iblis I see. Next to fall shall be the Asguard.' Six said with glee
'Then the foolish Goa'uld.'
'And finally the Tau'ri and SG1 will understand the mistake of betraying me and my kind!!!' Six spat with anger as they looked back to the monitors showing the devastation of another powerful race being totally destroyed.