Disclaimer: to be honest I never really knew how to end this story…this is the first story that I have ever ended so please be paitent with me

Disclaimer: to be honest I never really knew how to end this story…this is the first story that I have ever ended so please be patient with me. Thank you to all of the people who have read up to here and I apologize that it has taken me this long to end "The Dance". A lot has been going on in my life (including the birth of a second child) and to be honest this story was not a priority at that time. Any way I don't own anything as the previous chapters attest for. This is the Finale that has been waited on for far too long.

Shippou stretched his tiny limbs and stifled a yawn awaking from such a peaceful slumber. His back felt stiff from leaning against the cold hardness of the Bone Eater's well, after all it had been weeks since he had felt the presence of life stirring in the well's blackness. In all honesty he wasn't expecting much today.

It had been to Sango and Miroku's distress that the little kitsune had taken to spending the night at the well awaiting the time that his "mother" and his "father" would ascend from the alien world that Kagome belonged to. Sango had repeatedly invited the young kit to partake of the warmth that could be found at her bedside, but in his heart he knew that it wasn't the same.

He missed his Kagome's scent…the one that reminded him of wild flowers in June…he missed the way that she would stroke his mop of unruly hair when he would awake from a bad dream He tried to shove the bothersome thoughts to the back of his head, nevertheless the fear still seized his heart. What if this time Kagome and InuYasha had chosen to stay in her world? What if he would never feel her familiar warmth against his tiny body again? He would rather die…after all Kagome was all that he had. For an instant he felt the urge to cry…yet he stifled his tears…Kagome was coming back to him. Deep within his soul he knew it.

"Shippou….I brought you your share of Kaede's stew…" A familiar yet somehow distant voice rang through the young kit's memory. "I know that it is not much but it will strive off starvation for at least a few hours.."

"Thank you Miroku" the young kitsune replied in an almost robotic tone. The young monk took no offense to how the kit had spoken to him, it had become was almost a daily occurrence.

"You know you need not worry about Lady Kagome. I'm sure that InuYasha is seeing to her security." Miroku smiled. "Besides, I am certain that they will not be absent much longer. We just have to wait for his patience to wear thin."

"Seems like he is being extremely patient to me." Shippou scowled and took a ginger sip of the watery stew. "This is the longest he has ever let Kagome stay away."

"I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for everything Shippou. After all, Lady Kagome also has a life to live in her own time. Perhaps there has been an illness in her family."

"InuYasha would never let something as stupid as that stand in the way in the way of getting his paws on jewel shards." Shippou rolled his eyes. "You know how he is."

"He may be stubborn Shippou, but he really does have Lady Kagome's best interests at heart. You may not see it, but he cares about her very deeply even if he does hold her at arms length. If something were that important to her, he'd let her have her way." The young monk rationalized. "For you see whatever is important to her is important to him as well."

"I'll never understand grown ups" Shippou whined placing his paws over his ears. "They make everything so complicated. Why if I were InuYasha I'd grab Kagome by her hand and plant a wet kiss on her…."

"You'd do what kit?"

"In…InuYasha! You're back!" Shippou exclaimed rubbing the new lump on his skull. "Kagome too!"

"Feh, did you have any doubts that we'd be back?" The disgruntled hanyou sneered as he helped the young Miko out of the well. "Naraku ain't dead yet."

Kagome was kinder scooping the worried fox demon up in her arms and planting a kiss on his furrowed brow. "I'm sorry that you were waiting for us so long Shippou. We're home now."

"It's about time! What took you so long?" Shippou wrapped his tiny arms around her neck.

"Sometimes things just…happen." Kagome shrugged sharing a meaningful glance with the..no bHer/b hanyou. "Anyway we're back right and that's all that matters right now."

"I am very glad to see you both well Lady Kagome, InuYasha." Miroku smirked giving an exaggerated bow. "And I am very curious to hear the story of why you were away for so long. Could it be that we will be adding a seventh member to our little party?"

"Can it Miroku!" InuYasha grunted blushing red. "My mind doesn't work in the way yours does."

"Kagome what is Miroku talking about?" Shippou asked innocently causing both Kagome and InuYasha's blush to deepen. "With the four of us, Sango and Kirara that only makes six.." He counted on his fingers.

"N-never mind Shippou." Kagome squealed shooting the snickering monk a deadly glare. "Miroku's obviously as delusional as always."

"Well come my friends, it is obvious that there are many stories that need to be told. Let us all head back to Kaede's for a bowl of gruel and a night of merrymaking. I have procured some excellent Sake. Come we will drink tonight and celebrate a time of new beginnings!" Miroku exclaimed gently detaching the kitsune from Kagome's collar. They led the way back to the village with InuYasha and Kagome in tow. No one seemed to notice or care that the half demon had taken her slender hand in his and whispered into her ear "to new beginnings."