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--setting location—

--The Start--

Things Left Unknown

Chapter One

Having lived with her new ward for about three weeks now Misato Katsuragi was fairly used to the boy's, Shinji, activity. He'd wake up, make her breakfast, get her cloths ready, and a bevy of other chores that they were supposed to share. She didn't mind having him do all the work she wasn't a morning person anyway.

What did bother her was his lack of confidence. 'I'm tired of all his moping around and being depressed. Hell I don't even know why he didn't leave the other day.' A shiver of fear shook her body as she sat at the table where not fifteen minutes ago the topic of her mental dialogue had just pushed himself away from and left for school. 'I don't want him to go now.'

Truthfully she had taken him in as a way of shooting up the ranks, but now she kind of liked the boy. The only problem she didn't think about was how she was to relieve herself of certain 'problems' that life presented each human with on certain occasions.

'God I thought he'd never leave today.' The purple haired woman thought as she finished her can of beer and headed to the bathroom for a nice long soak. Ever since Shinji moved in with her, Misato had been to nervous to relieve her pent up frustrations and the itch just kept growing. 'If he were to hear me or God forbid see me fingering myself in the bathroom I don't know what I'd do.' But for some reason the thought of his young eyes on her made her start to tingle a bit more, grabbing her work attire Misato had enough fuel in her libido to make a run and headed to the bath.

"I'll just have to leave a note for him to clean the tub afterwards," She said softly as the idea of being caught still lingered heavily in her mind.

---Tokyo-3 School---

Not having much confidence in himself, Shinji counted his failure to leave Tokyo-3 to his own inabilities. 'I don't know why but I don't want to go back to live with Sensei.' The real reason that Shinji didn't want to go back was that living with Misato hadn't been bad, compared to living with his teacher and his wife living with Misato was paradise.

"Hey Shinji, glad to see you back in school again," Touji shouted from the doorway as he strode in and over to Shinji's desk. Though the side of his face still hurt a little from where Shinji hit him, Touji was glad the shy boy was back. "Now don't look to happy to see me either."

Doing his best to try and replicate the larger boy's enthusiasm, Shinji smiled and waved meekly. "Hello Touji-san, are you doing well today?" He hated feeling awkward like this, but Shinji just couldn't relax around strangers that well, even if they called themselves his friends.

Waving Kensuke over, Touji turned back to Shinji, "Drop the 'san' stuff, were buds now! And as buds we have a favor to ask you." Touji stopped and waited for Kensuke to get over and pull his camcorder out.

Shinji was well versed in people asking favors. He was asked to do 'favors' all his life ever since his father abandoned him. So he took it as a part of life, it wasn't a question of willingness to comply it was a question of ability. "Ok, what is it?"

Smiling Kensuke put his camera into focus over Shinji's face. Looking around for any would be spies, the speckled boy whispered, "Can you take a picture of that lovely lady that you're living with?" Pushing his glasses up slowly as the inched their way down his nose, Kensuke and Touji held their breaths.

'How did they know I was living with Misato?' Shinji questioned mentally before he had to ask. "How do you know I live with her?" Squirming a bit under the camera's gaze, Shinji just hoped they didn't really want this of him.

Kensuke nudged Touji's side, "This big dork was worried about you when you stopped coming to class so we made a visit and saw her there." Zooming in closer, Kensuke could feel Shinji getting more nervous and that's what they needed for the boy to submit to their demands. 'A little grease makes the wheels move easier.'

"She your mom or something?" Touji asked in a confused tone, "I mean why is she living with you and all?" Try as he might Touji couldn't think of a reason the older beautiful woman would live with a fourteen year old.

The word 'mom' striking a very sever emotional cord in the young boy Shinji's head dropped a bit. "No she isn't my mother. She's my commanding officer and I live with her for supervision reasons."

Nodding their heads in unison, "Makes sense," Kensuke said, "So will you do it?" Using his free hand, Kensuke handed a small camera out towards Shinji. They couldn't help it but their hormones were really messing with their minds.

Looking back and forth between Touji and Kensuke's hopeful faces, Shinji wilted. 'I don't want to lose my first friends.' Taking the camera into his hands Shinji hoped that they just wanted a simple picture. "Isn't this wrong of us to do?"

"With a body like hers it would be wrong for you NOT to take pictures of it man!" Touji exclaimed as the thought of getting photos of the woman danced in his mind. "The hotter the better you understand?"

Kensuke shushed his friend as he noticed a few people starting to pay attention to their conversation. "Just get a few good shots is all we ask man. We'll even cu…" Kensuke cut himself off. 'I doubt he'd agree to this if he knew we were going to sell them.'

Luckily for the two boys, Shinji had already delved into his inner mind to reassess the events that just happened. 'Can I do that to Misato-san…no but I'll humor them for now.' Shinji couldn't do it to the woman that had never asked anything personal of him, not yet anyway. 'Misato will one day though, just like she always did,' Shinji thought a little darkly.


With her morning finger bath still fresh in her mind, Misato walked with a little extra perk in her step. Strolling into the command bridge, "Hello Rits-chan! How are ya doing this morning?" Misato called out.

From over her mug of coffee, the blond doctor sighed, "Looks like somebody's in a good mood this morning." A few thoughts passed in the Ritsuko's mind, most of them involved Misato, beer, and one lucky unknown man. "Any reason?"

Blushing softly as she recalled what did create her good mood, Misato poured herself a cup of coffee. "Not really, just Shinji left earlier today so…" Misato stopped and checked the bridge crew for snoopers. "I was finally able to relax."

An eyebrow raising Ritsuko pressed her questions, "You can't relax when he's home? Something about the shy boy bothers you?" Setting her cup down on the console Ritsuko gave her friend her full attention "You want to ditch him already?"

Times like this Misato wished her friend wasn't such a prude, "I mean I was able to get a little satisfaction this morning. With him around I'm too nervous. Hate to have him see that. And no I don't want to 'ditch' him already."

Her eyes widening into saucers Ritsuko almost sprayed her drink on the computer. "You're indecent! What the hell are you telling me this stuff for?" Ritsuko just couldn't figure Misato out sometimes. 'Why does she have to be so candid about this stuff?'

Following Ritsuko's outburst, Misato could feel her cheeks redden in embarrassment. "Shit Ritsuko, don't bust a gasket its not like I said anything THAT bad." All she said was that she masturbated, not that she fucked Gendo, now that would have been bad.

Shaking her head clear of the fallout that Misato's statement implied, "Maybe we should take Shinji out of your care. He doesn't need your sick impulses ruining his life. What if he ever DID see you?"

'It'd turn me on apparently,' Misato thought back to earlier that morning where the fear of being seen acted as one hell of an aphrodisiac. "Don't worry so much about it Ritsuko. He's a teenager I'm sure he's not so 'innocent' as you think he is. I'm sure he'd just nosebleed a little and run off apologizing."

Knowing full well that most teenagers Shinji's age start experimenting with their bodies Ritsuko couldn't refute Misato, but that didn't mean she had to life it. "Just don't press your luck ok. Shinji's personality is fairly unique, I'd have to have you fuck his mind up because you're perverted."

Suddenly feeling unwelcome in Ritsuko's company, Misato opted to check out the other stations and leave Ritsuko to her now cold coffee. 'Bitch saying I'm perverted. I'm just acting as God intended for me.' But try as she might, Misato couldn't overlook the feeling of slight wetness on her leg as she thought about the possibilities again. 'Maybe I am a little…'

---Katsuragi/Ikari apartment---

With supper finished as well as his homework, Shinji sat in front of the television. 'Without Misato here, this place is quite.' He thought as his hand ran the length of Pen-Pen's head. The penguin seemed to like having the spot between his eyes pet so Shinji did it. Absently Shinji's eyes wafted downward to the coffee table where Kensuke's camera sat

Could he really do what they wanted of him? He could take a few innocent pictures and be done with it. Pen-Pen warked as if reminding Shinji to keep his hands moving. Smiling at the bird, Shinji continued his activity and returned his attention to the television.

'I said I would do it so I guess I'll need to,' Shinji sighed in defeat. He was always defeated. When he failed in his lessons before, and was beat, he failed when he talked to other students at his old school and was reprimanded, he failed when Mizuho came to him he failed. Old memories and feelings started to swarm in his mind and the urge to cry of reasons unknown to him hit him, he was thankful the door opened and broke his revelry.

"Shin-chan you home?" Misato called out, hoping to be greeted by silence. Over and over again at work she replayed her morning and it made her more anxious for some more private time. 'God I hate feeling like this sometimes.' Her regret increased a few seconds later when she received her answer.

"Supper is ready and on the table Misato-san," Shinji's voice hailed from the living room. Misato's face sagged for a moment as she was denied her ability of action. Heading to the spotless kitchen, something that she was incapable of cleaning, Misato found her dinner waiting.

'Then again living with him is the greatest thing, I don't need to cook, clean, or any of the other chores. Like having my own little maid,' Misato thought with a chuckle. "Thanks Shinji, so how was school? She said as she removed the plastic wrap from her plate.

Heading into the dining area from the living room, Shinji sat at the table. "Things are nice." He had to admit. "Teacher seems to really like talking about second-impact and times before it." He looked up to see Misato looking at him, but something seemed off, "Do I have something on my face?"

Caught staring at the boy, Misato waved it off, "Just thinking about work is all," Misato lied. She'd been thinking about him. 'What do you think of living here? Do you mind doing all this work for nothing in exchange?' Impaling the last bit of fish, Misato pushed her plate away only to see Shinji stand, grab the empty plates and head to the sink. 'Its like a reflex for him.'

Filling the sink up with water, Shinji gently yet skillfully removed all the caked on food and grime from the plates. "How was work today?" he asked offhanded as he set another plate to dry.

Watching the boy from behind, Misato again thought about what lead Shinji to this state in life. "Same shit different day," Misato said with a smile. Resting her chin on her extended hands, Misato felt up for a little teasing. "So Shinji how are you're classmates treating you?"

Having not really spoken to many of them, Shinji relied on his only positive experience, that being Touji and Kensuke. "Fine I guess, Touji and Kensuke apologized for going out doing the last battle and things are going better." Reaching for a towel, Shinji started drying the remaining plates.

Cooing softly, "I meant the girls Shinji, any young filly catch your attention?" Misato couldn't help but smile as she saw Shinji's back stiffen minutely at the question. 'He's just to shy.'

Shinji hadn't paid attention to the girls in his class, 'why would they want to talk to me anyway?' he thought. Putting the plates in their proper place, Shinji turned to see Misato's lingering gaze, a gaze he had come to know and understand, pushing his fears down deeper into his subconscious he replied, "I haven't really talked to them."

Smiling a bit broader, "Well you'll have to make time someday, I'd like to have a few more people around the dinner table." Stretching out after he supper finally settled in her belly. "Think I'll watch some television then turn in for the night, these long hour shifts really suck. Thanks for the meal, great as usual."

Blushing at the compliment, Shinji simply said, "What I'm here for." Walking into the living room followed leisurely by Misato, Shinji grabbed the camera without her noticing. "Not much on so I think I'll turn in a bit early myself tonight."

Thanking God for the news Misato waved to Shinji as he disappeared into his room, 'Man, I can't get this thought out of my head!' Misato kept repeating in her mind as she sank into the couch. Her eyes watched the television but her mind was calculating how long it took for a boy Shinji's age to fall asleep. She normally wasn't this active but for some reason her body was aching for some release. 'Think I'll do it in my room this time, he might have to go to the bathroom during the night.'

Watching late night talk shows, Misato could feel her anxiety building with every minute, part of her thought it would be nice to leave the door open. 'What if I woke him and he came to see what it was?' Her mind played out a few scenarios before another part of her mind cried. 'Are you listening to yourself? This is a child you're talking about? Do you want to corrupt him?' Yes she felt bad thinking about Shinji in that light, but she was human and when humans are exposed to hormones they often don't think straight. 'It could build his self-confidence a lot, and hell with his job he's hardly a child anymore. He's more mature than my last few boy friends.'

Shaking the thoughts away, Misato stealth fully walked over to Shinji's door. Taking a quick peek inside she found the boy lying on his bed. 'Good he's asleep, I'll just have to be quiet.' Dashing to her room Misato momentarily cursed her humanity that forced such urges on her body.

Opting to shut the door after all, Misato stopped and looked down at herself. 'Now that I can do it…why am I hesitating?' Normally when she'd had the urge before it was in with the room, off with the panties, and then she was up to her knuckles for a few minutes, feel the electric pulse of an orgasm, if she was lucky enough, then after a quick clean up go to bed.

'Shit the desire is here but not the material,' Misato thought as she laid down on her futon. She needed something to jump-start the engine or she'd just lay frustrated on the bed. Thinking of Kaji had long ago stopped working for her, neither had remembering the last time she'd lain with man like that. Thinking back to the morning though, her memories of the fear kicked in and her engine started.

Slipping into her sleeping attire that consisted of set of baggy flannel pants and a large t-shirt, Misato flipped the light off and lied back down. Her left hand snaked its way down her stomach and stopped inches above her maidenhood. 'Why do I still feel bad doing this, I'm a grown woman dammit!' But old memories die-hard and despite knowing that almost every human pleasures themselves on occasion her hand hesitated.

A creak from outside her door caught her attention, 'Maybe Shinji's heading to the bathroom and is going to check on me?' The thought added fuel to her fire and after a few seconds of silence her hand made the remaining distance and her finger started rubbing her clitoris lightly, sparks of pleasure would up her back as she continued her menstruations. Her right hand moving to her breast, she started to pull and flick at her nipple through the light garment.

As her hands moved, so did her enjoyment, her finger stopped being content merely rubbing herself, and descended deeper into her maidenhood. Her mind clouded with the experience, she'd stopped trying to remain quiet and her moans started filling the apartment.

--Shinji's Room—

After he heard Misato shut his door, Shinji sat on his bed thinking. With the camera in his hand he had come up with his plan. 'I'll just take a picture of her sleeping and give it to them. That's all the asked really.' He still felt bad about doing it, but he didn't want to lose his friends either.

'But if she finds out won't she be mad?' his conscious told him. He couldn't deny that concept. 'But it's just a harmless picture, why would she be mad?' The camera sitting in his had seamed to be gaining weight as it sat in his hands. 'She hasn't asked us to fulfill our other obligations, and you want to betray her?'

Tears started forming in Shinji's eyes. 'True she hasn't asked that of me, but I don't want to be alone anymore, I like having friends.' Swallowing hard, Shinji stood up and camera in hand headed out of room. 'I have to go to the bathroom,' he thought as he started walking. Hearing an odd sound from Misato's room he made a sidetrack to her door.

Listening for a few moments at her doorframe, he contemplated calling out to her. Whispering to himself, "I wouldn't want to wake her if she is asleep." Heading to the privy, Shinji relieved himself and looked at his reflection in the mirror. 'Mizuho was right. Nobody could love a person like me. I'm just good for doing my duty.' The harsh words of his teacher's wife reverberated in his head as he looked at the camera sitting by the sink.

Building his courage and reminding himself that it was only a picture of Misato sleeping, she shouldn't get to mad if she found out. 'She is very beautiful to,' Shinji had to admit as he shut off the light in the bathroom and quietly walked towards Misato's room. 'What is that sound?' he thought as he approached the door, 'She must talk in her sleep.' He thought as he noticed the light was out and only soft murmurings could be heard.

His fingers gripped the shoji door lightly and he softly and quietly drew back the door. As he tried to adjust his eyes to the dimmer light in Misato's room his eyes could make out the shape of what he thought was Misato, who was now on her knees with her right arm against her chest, her fingers working vigorously on the folds of her maidenhood trying to find release.

As he realized what she was doing, Shinji dropped the camera, which landed with a deafening crash on the ground. Time froze as Misato's head shot towards the door and her face paled as she saw Shinji staring at her, not just at her but in her actions she'd positioned herself with her head away from the door so Shinji saw her sacred place fully and unabashed. 'Oh God he IS seeing me!'

Misato was frozen in place as she felt Shinji's eyes boring down on her, all she could do was slowly move her hand away from herself and weakly mutter, "Sh…inji?" Now Misato had many possible scenarios for what could happen next. She could picture him freaking out, having a nosebleed, or even fainting. She didn't expect what actually happened.

If Misato could have seen his face clearly she'd have seen a look of sadness, Shinji was defeated again. Walking the few feet over to Misato's futon, Shinji dropped to his knees and before Misato could react slide his tongue softly into the folds of her vagina. Moving slowly around the folds of flesh and pecking softly at Misato's clitoris.

As the waves of pleasure began flooding Misato's mind she tried to stop it. "Shinji…what are you…" was all she could get out before her body took over and her mind shut down.

All the while Shinji's sense of sadness grew. 'Mizuho was right, nobody could see me as a person. I'm just a commodity to be used by people when the need me.' Continuing his menstruations Shinji was aware that Misato's arms gave way and her face was now implanted in her pillow. Adding a little more pressure as he was often instructed, Shinji's tongue batted at the slightly bulging clitoris of his commanding officer.

She had never expected such a possible response from Shinji. The shy boy was doing things with his tongue that Kaji hadn't been able to do, but how was that possible. If she had been in her right mind, she'd have stopped him, questioned him, but at the moment all she could do was moan softly into her pillow as another wave of sure bliss shot her body.

Shinji wanted to cry, he'd thought things had changed for him, that he'd escaped the worse of his duties. Misato didn't seem to want him to do such things before, never asked him to, or even ventured that it was expected but now…now things seemed to change. Raising his finger to the lower edge of Misato's vagina, he inserted his index finger slowly in time with his licking.

Misato was about to go over the edge, yes self-pleasure was one thing, but to have another do it for you, and do it well shot her through the gears to fast. Her whole body tensed as she flushed Shinji's face with her excitement leaving the poor boy dirty just as he always felt. So content was Misato that after her climax, she fell asleep and didn't wake till morning.

Shinji doing what he thought was his duty, cleaned her up, dressed her, and put her back in her futon before cleaning himself off and heading back to bed. He climbed into his futon and stared at the ceiling. 'I was a fool to think I'd not have to keep working. Mizuho was right again, I am a failure.' Turning on his side, Shinji didn't know that while his body fell asleep he cried silent tears into his pillow.

--Akagi apartment –

Not having the liberty to leave as early as Misato, Ritsuko had just gotten off work as the clock chimed one a.m. Not ready for sleep, the blond doctor took her cup of warm milk to her small living room and turned on the twenty-four hour news station for a recap of the day's events.

'I can't believe Misato talking about doing that while Shinji could be around,' Ritsuko thought with a hint of disgust. Turning up the volume and taking a drink of her milk, she hoped it'd calm her enough to get some sleep soon. "She'll probably warp the poor kid's mind if we don't watch her."

Listening to the television Ritsuko was slightly shocked when the newscaster repeated a story from earlier in the day. "In a shocking development, a teacher named Mizuho Kamazaki, wife of Kei Kamazaki, was found guilty today to sexual assault on a child. Mizuho had been found trying to seduce a fourteen-year-old student of hers. At this time it is unknown whether this is her first act of sexual assault, but it has ended her ten year teaching career, on a lighter note…'

Ritsuko turned the television off. "What some people will do for a little fix," she headed to her bed and got in still in her work cloths. "Wonder if that was the first time that woman did something like that?" Ritsuko said aloud before falling to sleep, not knowing that said woman had been one of Shinji's guardians for most of his life.

--Katsuragi/Ikari apartment next morning –

Finding herself in bed alone, Misato thought she'd just had the strangest dream of her life. 'Damn Ritsuko for making me think weird things about Shinji.' The Captain dressed herself for her normal morning routine and went to greet the boy she'd just had one of the steamiest dreams about.

Finding Shinji cooking breakfast, Misato couldn't help but laugh softly, 'yeah that's a real sex machine right there.' The pink apron he was wearing didn't really mesh with Misato's supposed dream.

Hearing Misato take her seat, Shinji knew better than to ever say anything about the previous night, he'd learned his lesson the hard way as it cost him one of his back teeth the last time he'd mentioned things. "Good morning Misato-san sleep well?"

'Is he upset about something?' Misato wondered as she could hear a bit of fear in the boy's voice. "Had one of the best nights sleep ever Shinji. Could stand for a lot more of um."

Sighing Shinji thought he understood what she meant. "I'll get you're your beer Misato-san." She thanked him and watched as he handed her the beer a bit timidly.

Silently Shinji ate his food then cleaned the place before he left, never saying anything. After he left Misato sat at the table as Pen-Pen waded into the room. Talking to the bird, "I have no idea what I did last night, but I must have done a number on myself to have a dream like that." Smiling at the bird that now was eating his meal. Misato was ready for another day of work, opening the garbage can to throw her can away, Misato stopped.

"What is this camera doing in the trash?" to that Pen-Pen didn't answer and Misato's blood chilled

--end chapter—

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