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It was strangly peaceful lying there on the forest floor amoung the fallen leaves and the grass. The gaping wound in her belly didn't hurt anymore, which, as any cleric knows, was not a good sign. The blood running from the injury was much paler in colour and Vale watch it flow about her loosened hands and soak into the earth.

Her healing powers were gone, forever now with the death of her god. She had never carried healing potions with her... she'd always realied on her clerical spells... and on Chel.

She'd seen Chel dart towards her, his outstreched hands glowing with healing magic. He had tried, but he had been taken.

Vale felt a strange sensation come over her, what the holy books called the loosing of the spirit she supposed. As her eyes closed she wished that Chel could be here with her and then there was floating.

Abruptly pain tore through the young elf, white-hot agony threatening to split her skull open. She found her voice, and her screaming echoed through the forest.

As soon as Chel felt solid ground underneath his feet he sprang at the masked female, a scream of pure rage on his lips. His claws came to his fingers and his teeth lengthened into fangs.

This bitch had killed Vale and she would suffer for it.

Two lizardmen seized him, one on each arm but both learnt than the strength of the winged elf was greater than theirs. Both reptillan warriors were flung off and the male elf leapt for the first one. His hand plunged down through hide and flesh, seizing,twisting.

A roar escaped Chel's throat and he held aloft the still-faintly beating heart, his pale skin red with blood.

Understandably the other lizardman backed off and expression of fear on its scaly face.

The male elf dropped the heart and advanced on the masked female, only for the other lizardman to rediscover his courage and seize a handful of white hair.

A bestial howl came from the lizardman as he found he held not soft alabastar hair but razor sharp metal. Chel's mane writhed in the air like a basket of snakes and struck the lizardman across the throat, opening it up and killing the reptiallan warrior immediently.

His hair now long strands of steel, sharper than the best swords, Chel turned back to the robed woman, mouth twisting into a snarl. She stood there, her eyes, through the slits in the dark mask, showing no fear,

"You are an interesting one. Not just a pretty face I see," she laughed.

"You will not be laughing soon. I promise you," the winged elf's eyes narrowed.

A crash sounded behind him and Chel half-turned. From the darkness came a pair of monstrous hands, made of a silvery metal. They clutched at him, one around his slim waist and another around his ribs. Hissing the winged elf realised that he was in the grasp of a golem.

The masked female stepped up to him, something in her hands. She shook her head and snapped a collar-and-chain around his neck.

Chel immediently felt the weakening effects of the chains. His teeth and nails returned to normal and his hair fell softly about him, once more. The golem released him and the winged elf slid to the floor.

"You are mine now. You will do well to remember it," she lifted his head, studying her new prize. His lovely face glared up at her, pale blue-green eyes filled with mingled rage and sorrow.

A troop of lizardmen enetered the room and two of them forced Chel to stand. The female spoke again,

"I am the Dark Lady and it is my chains that steal away any magic you might have. That reminds me," she took a dagger from a near-by table, "you still need to be punished for the death of my two warriors." She spoke a few gutteral words to the other lizardmen and another two went forward. Each seized one of Chel's white, seraphic wings and spread them as far as they would go.

As the Dark Lady walked forward Chel realized what she was going to do and he bowed his head to hide his pain and humiliation.

The dagger tore at his robes, the material falling from his slender form. Next, she walked around to his back and Chel braced himself for the pain that would come.

Her blade stabbed into his back at the base of one wing. The muscles were reduced to shreds and feathers fell onto the floor before she moved onto the next one. The agony was almost to great for Chel to bear as well as the grief of losing his wings.

The chains blocked his regeneration also.

Finally it was over and he was freed from the reptiles' grasp to tumble to the floor limply. His captor dragged his head upwards,

"Pretty little slut," she sneered and then kissed him, her teeth biting through his lip and the blood filling his mouth.