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December's Secrets

Gifts of the Heart

A light wind swept over the giant lake and played with her violet locks of hair. December was Raven's favorite month by far. She loved the snow flurries, how the city was always blanketed in a constant white, and she's thrived in the cold nights

However, there is another reason that tops all other. December is the month that she set her heart free. One year ago today Robin and Raven secretly fell in love.


"Raven please let me explain," Robin yelled after her as they stepped out into the cold; the moon hung in the sky, its reflection shining off the lake's still surface. The view was breath taking; the city was covered in snow and you could see it all from the roof. Unfortunatly that wasn't why they were out there.

"I know why you did it. You just wanted to make Starfire jealous," that was stupid, Starfire wasn't even in the room.

"That's insane, Starfire wasn't even in the room. Even if she was I would never do that, not to you. Never to you," Robin said stepping forward in hopes of making things better.

"No, Robin. Tell me why,"she spat harshly. He ignored her and bravely wrapped his arms around the dark Titan, pulling her closer. Raven quietly sobbed into his shoulder, unable to hold back the emotions that had been plauging her for as long as she could remember.

"I did it because..." he whipsered trailing off, too timid to finish his answer.

"Tell me Robin. Please, why did you kiss me?" she pleaded her voice becoming soft. She was unable to hide the quiver hidden within her message as she slowly broke down in front of her leader.

"It's because..because I'm in love with you," he whispered in her ear. She could feel her heart begin to thud loudly.

Raven looked up to see Robin's handsome face, his mysterious eyes hiding behind his mask. He cupped her chin with his fingers and cautiously brought her lips up to meet his. 'This isn't just a cruel dream; it's actually happening.' She thought as she melted into his gentle embrace.

The kiss was soft and sweet, but it was enough for both of them to understand. Robin whispered softly into Raven's ear, "I love you, Raven,"

Raven smiled, shifting her gaze towards the ground, "I love you too."

End Flashback

Since that day Raven and Robin have dated behind their team's back. They hid their relationship from their team inorder to get used to the feeling of being a couple. At the time they were afraid that if they told than a certain two members of their team wouldn't be happy. To top things off, Slade was still alive and fighting when they started to date.

They would secretly meet every night just to talk and be with each other. Occasionally they'd sneak out of the towers and go on small dates. Raven and Robin have never been happier. But Raven had decided that maybe it was time to let everyone else in on the secret. Slade is gone and she wanted the world to know they were in love.

Raven closed her eyes trying to soak up as much peacefullness as she could. The serenity of the night was nearly lost to Raven's wondering thoughts. She felt two strong arms wrap around her, ans suddenly once again she was back Earth standing of the roof of the tower. "You okay, Rae?" Robin asked, his voice soothing Raven all the more.

"Perfect, now,"she whispered and felt the grip tighten around her and Robin's warm breath on the back of her meck..

Raven turned around to face her love and looked at his face. His mysterious mask accompanying a small smirk.

He caught her off guard with a kiss. Her eyes slowly closed as her arms found their around his neck. His tongue entered her mouth exploring the area he knew all too well; Raven returned the gester deepening the kiss. Raven moaned slightly sending chills down Robin's spine.

They separated needing to catch their breath. "Come on; let's set up," Robin suggested. He took his love's hand and pulled her to a corner of the roof where a picnic basket awaiting their arrival. He pulled out a blanket and they unfolded it.

"Now, since we couldn't get out of eating Starfire's dinner with the others, I just brought dessert," Robin pulled out two slices of cheese cake. Raven's favorite.

The girl smiled and sat down in his lap. Just sitting there soaking up his warmth was perfect to her. They ate their dessert in silence, content with just being with one another.

Raven felt her eyelids starting to lower. "You can't go to sleep now, Rae," Robin called, bringing her back to a state of consciousness.

"And why not?"she questioned in a teasing tone of voice

"Because I still have to give you your gifts," he answered in the same tone.

She looked up to him a surprised expresion plastered on her face. "I thought we agreed not to get each other presents."

"Exactly, we agreed on not getting each other presents, but these are gifts. But before I give them to you, you must promise to take care of them. They're very importatn to me. Promise?" He asked.

"Of course," Raven said, admiring his quirkiness. Slowly his hand reached up to his mask. He pulled it off to reveal two deep, crystal blue eyes. "Robin-" he put his finger to her lips.

"That was the first gift. The second is my name. Now you'll be the only Titan to know my real name and you must not tell anyone. It's Richard; my name is Richard Grayson, not Robin. Now, the next gift is the most important of all, and I want you to keep it and I hope forever. Raven I give you my heart, along with a promise to give you unconditional love until you don't want it anymore."

That last part hit Raven hard. 'Not want it anymore, when would I not want Richard Grayson's love?' Raven thought. That answer was simple, "I will always love you, Richard." It took all the girl's will power to stop herself from crying.

He lifted her chin up so her violet eyes met his handsome blue ones. "I love you Raven. It is as true today as it was one year ago. I keep falling deeper and I don't thick I can ever come back up. And I never want to."

"Do you always have to be so cheesy?" he laughed at her comment, "I love you, Richard." she finished. He brought his lips down to meet hers once more in a kiss of passion. They layed back down on the blanket, Raven's head resting on Robin's well toned chest. Even though Raven was sitting with the man she loved, something was still bothering her.

"Richard I think," 'Should I really say it and end all this bliss' Raven hesitated, "I think we should tell the others about us."

"You were the one who said it would be better to keep it a secret;that it would be more exciting that way," his voice was still as warm and loving as ever.

"I know, but I think they deserved to know what's happened between us. I mean it's different now; Slade is gone and our relationship is so much stronger. Plus it would be a challenge to deal with the others. I'm ready to tell the world that I'm in love with the Boy Wonder, even if it isn't what they want to here," his smile never left his face and he arm tightened around her.

"If that's what you want Raven, then it's fine with me."

'Oh, I love this man so much.' Raven thought to herself.

"We don't have to tell them right this second; we can wait until Christmas or something," Raven finished as she settled in Robin's embrace.

"That's fine. Just tell me before you do, so that I can help you. Oh, listen I know it not excatly your style, but I was kind of raised with it. Anyway, do you think you can accompany to church on Christmas Eve,"

"Richard, I would follow you to the ends of the Earth," Raven whisper as her eyes closed. The lovebirds settled back into the quiet atmosphere, and fell asleep in each others arms.

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