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December Secrets
The Final Good Bye

"Starfire," Raven repeated as she prepared herself for an attack. The green orb flung at her as she dove out of the way. Starfire approached slowly, and Raven moved round to the door to prepare for a quick escape.

"You traitor," Starfire screeched. Raven shot backwards in air into the ballroom as Starfire charged at her. Gracefully Raven dodged starbolt after starbolt as she directed the attack away from the fleeing guests.

Robin ran into the room next ready to fight. Terra stopped him when he approached the two the battling girl. "Get out of the way, Terra," Robin spat as he moved around her.

"You'll only make it worse. Raven known how to handle Starfire," she said calmly as she blocked him again. He looked at her angrily, but her stern gaze never faltered. The young man turned to face his girlfriend. He had the worst feeling of helplessness as he watched the glowing balls being thrown.

Raven landed on the ground softly and charged forward. She had to calm down her friend. She had to make her understand. A flat black disk formed on her hand as she chanted her mantra. Deflecting the nearest starbolt into the ceiling, Raven continued her charge. She yelled out, "Starfire, you must stop!"

"You are an evil traitor that does not deserve Robin," Starfire continued her ranting in Tamaran. Raven halted as the only Azarathian word she had ever taught the princess flowed from off her lips. "Veless de ona," she repeated. The alien's voice rang in Raven's ears. Hated one.

Raven's hesitation was Starfire's opportunity to strike. She pushed a flaming blast from her palm and sent it soaring towards her enemy. A burning heat ripped through Raven's shoulder before she could recover. The dark bird dropped to one knee as tears stung at her eyes. She held back her desperate cry. She hadn't felt pain such as this since her father reined over her being. The physical misery was made worse as it mixed with her doubt and fear.

Starfire's anger relented a moment when she saw the pained look in Raven's eyes. The tears pooling in her amethyst orbs looked misplaced and strange. The naive girl never expected her rage would ever be as horrible as to actually cause pain. She never expected any of it to hurt, but now Raven, one of her best friends and strongest team members, gripped her bleeding shoulder tightly as her arm shook uncontrollably. Then from behind heard Starfire heard Robin's voice. "Raven!" he called. Starfire rage flared once again as the Azarathian stood silently.

Raven looked helplessly towards Starfire. Her voice was soft and full of regret. Starfire almost didn't recognize it. Raven eyes lingered on the floor as drops of blood tarnished the white marble. "I'm sorry. I never meant for you to get hurt. It wasn't supposed to come out this way. No one was supposed to be hurt by this," Raven tried to console. She jerked her head up to show her stained cheeks. "I never thought my happiness would hurt anyone. I'm so sorry, Star," The tears of regret continued to flow openly from her eyes as she stepped towards the infuriated girl.

Starfire shook her head and screamed, "You betrayed me. You lied to me. I can no longer trust you."

"Star," Raven mumbled.

"NO!" Starfire yelled as a wave of rage clouded her heart. Another starbolt gathered in her hands, and she fired it directly at the girl. Raven flew back as the burning orb hit her stomach. She felt her ribs crack as her body skidded across the floor. A blinding pain coursed through her being. She screamed in agony as every inch of the body seared with indescribable pain. Blood welled in her throat and she forcefully coughed it up. Her fingernails dug into the flesh of her palm to try and dull the pain in her abdomen. Tears of crimson flowed from her eyes.

Starfire stood there frozen. Raven was bleeding on the floor writhing in agony. Her cries were pitiful and riddled with unbearable sorrow and anguish. Robin rushed passed the stunned Titan, and kneeled next to Raven. Starfire awaken from her thoughts to look at the Titan leader. Tears escaped his now uncovered eyes as he held her hand lovingly. Starfire gasped as it hit her all at once.

Robin no longer had eyes for her. He cared for another. He cared for Raven. Robin...loved Raven. She took off through the window when she realized the mistake she had made.

Raven heard Robin's voice, and she forced her eyes open against their will. His unmasked eyes were tainted with fresh tears, "Richard," she started, "Richard go after Star."

"I have to get you to a hospital, Rae," he refused her request.

"No...Star has to...Star has to be helped," Raven pleaded, "Starfire has to understand...Richard," she whispered as the darkness engulfed her. She unwillingly slipped into the beautiful haven of unconsciousness slumber.


She was falling. Falling into the eternal darkness. The endless void. The images of her friends came and then faded into the dark just as quickly. She felt alone and completely lost. Sorrow and despair gripped at her longing heart as her mind shuddered at her internal numbness. Suddenly, as if from no where, a warmth spread over her wobbling form and another presence was with her. She smiled softly as Robin's arm draped over her shoulders. He whispered sweet nothings into her ear, and she laughed happily. Already the pasted faded from her thoughts. Before she could protest, he took her hand and led her down the winding path as the sun slowly rose above the horizon. His blue eyes shined with glee as he ran forward, and his velvet laugh filled the atmosphere. Raven rolled her eyes at his childish action, and then immediately chased after him down the road. She caught his hand in hers and they were on their way again side by side. Never once did they look back at the darkened tower in the background.

Raven eyes fluttered open and the sensation of consciousness filled her soul. She found herself staring at an unyielding white ceiling that was not her own, or one she recognized for that matter. The bright fluorescent lights of the hospital shined in her amethyst eyes. Looking to the side she saw the mass of technology that was monitoring her fragile condition. Cautiously she sat up. A slight pain shot through her ribs and stomach. The memories of the previous night flooded back to her. The kiss. The camera. The fight. Starfire's rage.

"Starfire," Raven muttered quietly. Apparently it wasn't as soft as she had hoped;a head of blonde hair popped up from the foot of her bed. Her eyes looked worn and red.

Terra rushed to her side and asked, "How do you feel?"

"Horrible. I have to find Star," she answer bluntly.

"I meant physically," Terra corrected.

"What?...Oh, a little sore, I guess," Raven rephrased her answer.

"Really? It's only been a couple of hours since we got you here. We-we thoight we were going to lose you Rae," Terra responded as fresh tears gathered in her eyes.

"You know, for my best friend, you sure don't seem to know me very well. I'm a self healer remember. You don't have to worry. I'm not going anywhere," Raven stood slowly and tore the cords from her body. She stumbled slightly as the feeling returned to her limp legs.

"Where are you going?" Terra questioned.

"I have to find Star. I have to make thing better," Raven said as she felt her shoulder. Her finger grazed over a small indent in her skin. "This scar will forever haunt me. Reminding me of my mistakes," she thought out loud and shook her head to clear it. "I can't let this situation get worse."

"That would be kind of hard to do right now," Terra held up a copy of the Daily Post, the most popular newspaper in the city, in front of her face. Staring Raven in the eyes was a picture of herself and Robin. On the balcony. Kissing.

"Shit," Raven swore as ran a hand through her hair.

"It's in four of the most powerful paper along with pictures of you on a stretcher and the wreckage of the ball. I checked the Titan's email. There are thousand of hate mail signed to you. It can't much worse than this," Terra continued, "and Star is already packing."

"Packing?" Raven questioned.

"For her home planet. She was a wreck. She won't come out of her room. She going to leave pretty soon," Terra confessed.

"DAMN IT!" Raven yelled. She winced as the strain caused her ribs to give off a violent jolt of pain, "This wasn't supposed to happen. I have to stop her. Did you bring my cloak?"

Terra looked at her like she was in an insane asylum. "Are you really going after her? Raven, she tried to kill you. No matter how much you want to deny it."

"I will not let the team fall apart because of this!" Raven grabbed the blue cloak hanging from the corner of a chair and disappeared into the shadows.


Robin sipped slowly at the black coffee within the Styrofoam cup. His face scrunched as the bitter taste coated his mouth, "Ugh! Raven's tea tastes better," He spat. Abandoning the nasty hospital coffee he headed out of the small break room with every intention of finding his way back to Raven's side. The only reason he left it in the first place was because the constant nagging of the nurses and Terra drove him away. As he moved through the frame of the door he was shoved back in by Cyborg's hulking form. "Um...Cyborg, I need to get back to Raven."

"You can wait. I need to talk to you," Cyborg started.

"I'm sorry, but Raven is my top priority right now. You'll have to wait to drill me with questions," Robin tried to push passed him.

"No, I don't care about your priorities," Cyborg spat indignantly, "this is about the team and the team is most important."

"To you," Robin corrected the mechanical wonder.

"I don't think that's something the leader should say," Cyborg said harshly. Robin's unmasked eyes widened slightly before narrowing. Cyborg started again, "The old Robin would have never said anything like that. His team was always most important. And the old Robin wouldn't be caught dead without his mask."

"Yeah well, things change. People change," Robin stared straight at the mass in front of him.

"You're right. Apparently things have...changed between you and Raven over the last year, without anyone else knowing it too," Cyborg eyes glowered at the Boy Wonder.

"What Raven and I do is none of your business or anyone else's for that matter," Robin yelled back.

Cyborg pushed the young man back, "That's where you're wrong. You belong to this city. Your life belongs to this city and to your team, that includes who you date. You can't hide anything this big from us. And because for the second time you didn't trust us with something, we can no longer trust you...or Raven."

"Oh come on," Robin protested, "so we made one mistake. Yeah we should have told you sooner, but look how you reacted. What were we supposed to expect?"

"You were SUPPOSED to trust us with anything and everything, but you didn't...again," Cyborg shouted back.

"So what now Cyborg. Am I supposed to give up what I have with Raven so that I can help the team. Is that what I have to do to earn your trust?" Robin asked angrily.

"There's nothing you can do. Not anymore. Star's already packed to leave, and I'm not too far behind her," Cyborg answered.

Robin's eyes pierced through him again, "What?"

"I feel I have to leave. I think it's the only thing we can do...oh, and this time I'm not coming back," Cyborg turned and left without another word. Leaving Robin to just stare after his retreating form.


Raven landed on the bank of Titan's Island. She panted heavily as exhaustion seeped through her body. Maybe she wasn't as healed as she thought. Without wasting a beat she fled into the tower. Rounding the corner, Starfire's room came into her view. Slowly she crept to the door.

She hesitated a moment to gather her courage then her knuckles pounded against the steel door.

Nothing happened. Then the familiar voice answered, only it wasn't the same. It was filled with sadness and the sound of fresh pain, "Go away please."

"Star, I have to talk to you," Raven pressed further.

"I do not wish to face you. I fear there will be the déjà vu if I look at you once more. I cannot forgive you...or myself. I am having the feelings of fear that I can no longer be on this team or even this planet. I can longer face you without hatred," Starfire sobbed loudly through the metal.

"It doesn't haven't to come to this. You don't have to leave. No one does. We can work through this. We will work through this, Star." Raven tried to reassure the princess.

"I do not believe you are correct, Fri-...Raven. The only way to move on is to move apart. I am forced to say good bye. I will be departing in one Earth day. I am...sorry I am unable to stay," Starfire cried further. Raven opened her mouth to protest more, but she knew on the inside it was futile. There was nothing she could do to stop her. Raven walked to her own room and fell onto the bed as tears leaked from her eyes. Finally her mind gave into the temptation of sleep and she was whisked to a land far away.

The dark Titan wasn't awakened until a knock echoed through her room. "Raven," Robin's voice pierced through the metallic door.

"Come in," she answered in a soft yawn. The door shifted open and then closed as Robin walked in. He laid beside her without any words, and took her in her arms.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Not really. One of my best friends hates me and is leaving. Every time I move pain shoots through my ribs, and to top it off I have received one hundred and twenty-two emails that scream the world can't stand me," she pointed at her laptop screen that flashed 122 unread emails.

"I'm sorry. If I hadn't been so irresponsible I could have stopped my stupid hormones and saved everyone from this trouble," Robin apologized.

"It's not all your fault. It's not like I didn't cave in the passion of the moment too. It's so hard to resist you in a tuxedo," Raven joked. She smiled even though she knew she shouldn't at a time like this. Her voice became serious as she asked, "Richard, what's going to happen now?"

"I don't know anymore. Now that Cyborg isn't staying and the city isn't happy, the only reasonable thing that I can think of is to call it quits," Robin answered sadly.

"The end of the Teen Titans. Never thought this day would come. This is the only family I've ever really had. It will be hard to move on. What will we do?" Raven questioned.

"Well, we could go to Gotham and I could get a job with Bruce. We can get an apartment and live together. You can go to the college there. It's really nice. Doesn't match the city at all," Robin laughed.

"That sounds doable. I could study to be a writer and publish hundreds of stories. We can get married, and maybe have a child," Raven continued.

"Yeah and he or she can whip the school districted into place with his or her demonic powers," Robin picked up.

"Don't forget Kung Fu moves," Raven added.

"Of course, how could I forget? Then after that, if all this bad stuff still hurts, we'll find a way to go on. Just like always," Robin whispered. His eyes slowly closed and he was asleep with Raven in his arms once more.


"I can't believe them. I can't believe they lied all this time," Cyborg ranted as he paced through the living room. "Where are they? I want to give them a piece of my mind."

"I saw Robin going into Raven's room, so if you still want to disturb them than you're on your own, dude," Beast Boy said from the couch.

"I can't believe they would even think about THAT after last night," Cyborg yelled.

"Relax, Tin Man, they're only sleeping," Terra held back the eldest Titan from heading out of the room. "Besides even if they had gone that far it's really none of your business."

"None of my business. They're a part of this team, and what they do is a concern for this team," Cyborg spat. "Why aren't you as mad? Your best friend lied to you for a year."

"As far as I go I know they had their reasons. I mean when they first discovered their feelings towards each other Slade was still at large. Robin would have never wanted Slade to touch the girl he loved, so they hid from the world and the ones they cared about. Then when Slade was killed, a mere four months ago I might add, they were so used to being secretive about it that they felt it was best to just gone with the lies," Terra explained throwing the whole dumb blonde theory out the window.

Cyborg glared at her. Terra returned the ice cold look. Who did he think he was? Terra had learned from the master of all death glares. "You knew, didn't you? You knew all this time and didn't tell anyone." Cyborg yelled.

"Again, relax and put your finger away. I found out only a week ago," Terra answered.

"I think they should still do what's best the team," Cyborg finished as he dropped with hand.

"What team?" Terra asked, "Or are you not leaving?"

Cyborg ignored her and left the room muttering, "She's been hanging out with Raven WAY too much."

Terra fell into the chair at the table and laid her head on the cool surface. Beast Boy soothingly massaged her shoulders and reassured her, "Everything will be all right. As long as I'm with you, babe, I'll be happy."

Terra gave him a pitiful smile and said, "Thanks Beast Boy. You know I love you."

"I love you too, Terra," Beast Boy admitted as his face reddened.


Starfire shivered slightly as the snow started to fall upon her uncovered shoulders. She picked up the next heavy box and took it into the rocket. She repeated the steps over and over again. She had requested to do this strenuous task alone. She was shocked to say the least when Raven passed her with a box in her hands and one floating above her. "Raven, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Helping a friend?" Raven smiled at her and continued into the ship. Starfire stared after her. She was speechless. Snapping out of it Starfire continued her task. They worked silently but quickly, and together the packed the boxes in record time. The snow flakes turned to freezing rain and bit the girls' skin. They said nothing for the longest time.

After minutes of uncomfortable silence, "Well, I can't help but feel that it's time to say good bye. I'm not going to try to stop you from doing what you feel is necessary. So I'm behind you, but I will still miss you," Raven said.

"Even though I feel hurt still, I know that I will miss you and the other as well, but I still must depart," Starfire returned. Raven nodded in understanding and turned to head back into the tower. The other passed her on their way to sat good bye. Robin and Terra smiled at her, but she choose to leave anyway.

Raven gazed over the edge of the tower. A breeze swept through the air and played with her cloak. She absent-mindedly rubbed her arm to try to gain back their warmth. She felt like crying. She felt like screaming. Starfire was leaving, and she wasn't coming back. And all she could do was stare helplessly as the ship flew off into space. Its light faded, and it was gone. The snow crunched under her boots as she retreated into the tower. Fresh tears pooled in her eyes as a thought ran through her mind, 'Merry Christmas to all.'


Cyborg packed his last box into his beloved T-car. Raven leaned on the side of the car, she had helped build, in her usual stance with her arms crossed, and she looked as if she were trying to see into the future. The slamming of the trunk awoke her from her thoughts. He smiled at her. "Listen," he started nervously, "I'm sorry I blew up on you. Maybe I did over react to this situation, but in truth I just can't help but think that there's more out there. I just have to go live on my own. Be my own man. Find out who I am, and who I'm meant to be. You understand, right?"

"Yeah I do. More than you know," Raven mumbled.

Cyborg gave her a brotherly hug and finished, "You guys will always be my family and I won't forget you. Tell Robin that I'm sorry. I really am happy for you two, Dark Girl."

"Yeah I know. I'll let him know that," Raven answered.

Cyborg hugged Terra and Beast Boy and then he left. The headlights to the T-car disappeared, and the big brother of the team was gone.


A week later Terra hugged Raven tightly and tried to hold in her tears. "Where will you two go?" Raven asked. She looked up to the U-haul truck attached to the red convertible rental car.

"Well, I guess we'll cruise across the country, then when we're settled in California we plan to start the Titan's West. We have some potential teammates already. Someone named Kid Flash, and a girl who calls herself Wonder Girl. We hope they'll make as good a team as this one," Terra told the dark girl.

"Well, apparently we weren't that good of a team," Robin chimed in.

"No, there is no chance to copy this team. It was too perfect. That was our problem. We expected everything to just work itself out on its own, but we never accounted how feelings and our hearts would change. That was are one true mistake," Beast Boy said. They all looked at him strangely and Terra poked him, "What I was due for a profound moment eventually."

"So you guys will be all right?" Raven questioned.

"It will take sometime to move on, but I think we can manage as long as we're together," Terra grabbed her boyfriends hand.

"I wish we could stay, but I'm afraid we have to take off," Beast Boy interrupted, "I guess we'll see you again someday, somewhere."

"Looking forward to it," Robin smiled and took Raven's hand.

"Take care of yourselves okay. And kick ass in your new location," Raven finished

Terra hugged the girl once more and whispered, "Thank you Raven, for just being there." And they too were gone.


Raven sat on the edge of Titan's tower and looked over the city that for the longest time she had called home. The city she had once sworn to protect looked peaceful for once in the eyes of the half demon. It was the first time she had ever seen it as a place of safety because she no longer had to worry if there was some wrong doing was taking place. Everything that came along with her job, Killer Moth, Slade, Mad Mod, was no longer her problem, and for the first time she really looked at the city. It was beautiful as the light twinkled in the distance and reflected off the motionless lake. Snow covered every inch of the city and a cliche came to Raven's mind. It was a true winter wonderland.

Her body shivered as a numbness spread throughout her body from the thought of leaving the one place she had dared to call home crossed her mind. The tower would no longer be her beacon of hope as she moved away to an unfamiliar city. She would have to start anew, again. Just like before she would feel lost and scared, and just like before she would try to rebuild what was left of her broken life. It had been so hard before. How could she possibly pull through it again?

'No,' she thought, 'it won't be the same as last time. Last time I was alone, but it's different now. This time I have someone who loves and cares about me. This time I have someone to turn to when I'm feel frightened or lonely.' As if on cue the Boy Wonder wrapped his arms around Raven's shoulders from behind. A smile graced her pale face, and she felt the cold numbness dissipate.

"Hey, the moving van is ready to go and the movers themselves are too. We can leave when the sun rises. Which is in a couple hours," he gazed down at the girl in his arms, "Are you feeling okay?" Robin asked. Concern filled his handsome voice.

"Super," Raven answered jokingly, "I was just think of the future."

"You seem to be doing that a lot lately," Robin thought out loud.

"Well, up until recently I had no reason to even consider it, but now that I'm not sure what's to come, it has me worried," Raven explained, "not that I'm trying to point out the obvious, but the moment we leave this place things will never be the same. And to be perfectly honest, it scares that crap out of me. I mean I just can't imagine my life without this place. I don't think that I can even come close to forgeting it, and if I can't put this behind me than how can I move on?"

"I know how you feel Rae. I feel it too. I don't want to forget this place, and the memories that come with it, and we don't have to. But that doesn't mean we can dwell on the 'what if' factor. We just have to find solid ground somewhere in the middle, where we can remember and still move on," Robin returned.

Raven relaxed in the young man's arms and let her worries melt from her with one long sigh, "As long as I have you, wonder boy, I think I can handle that."

Robin kissed the girl neck's affectionately. She gave into the action, and closed her eyes. Her face was the picture of peacefulness, "I love you," he whispered in her ear.

"I love you too," Her words were lost in the breeze as Robin captured her lips. The couple made love for the first time on the roof of their former home as the star shined above, and the night pressed on.


Richard motioned for Raven to join him on the back of the R-cycle. The couple were bundled up in their winter attire for their precious uniforms had finally been retired. Raven complied with her boyfriend's request and joined him on the 'Speeding Death Trap of Doom' as she so seriously dubbed it. As the moving van disappeared from sight the young man revved the engine of his beloved motorcycle. Raven gripped his waist tightly to prepare herself for the take off. The two sped off into the horizon as the sun slowly rose out from behind the clouds. They left the darken, lifeless tower in their past and started the long journey towards their future. Towards their lives. And Teen Titans faded into a distant memory.

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