-Four Years Later-

Hands in pockets, hair blowing in the wind,the cold rain hitting my face, and blue clouds coming from my mouth everytime I breath. Walking to the RTD buss stop. Then..

Head aganist the window, I don't need to pay attention, I know which stop is mine. I've been coming down here since eighth grade, a million years ago. I remember when it used to be like an adventure: Catch the bus-the real bus, not a school bus-and ride it all the was downtown, to the coffee shop. Right by the Wishing Well, where Tourists throw change in it, and the homeless kids, the runaways..ect. Fish it out. If the weather was nice,-which it never is anymore-I'd sit on the concret benches and write or read. If it were crappy out, like as in now, I'd go to the libary, Or someplace dry; and do my things there. These days I just go to the Coffee Shop on the corner, and nures to a grande cappuccino-all I ever have during the day- for three hours. And write..or read.

Now i'm almost there...Rain down the windos in jagged silve lines. Watching people under hoods or unbralla to easpe from the rain. I look up at the sky..well what I can see of the sky...its all dark..gloomy. Colors of dark blues and black. I wish alot of the time that it was nicer out more...but ever sense I turned 13 life seems pretty much down...nothing ever to look up for.

Fainlly my stops here. I walk off the bus. Cold air on my face. I put my hands back in my dark green hoodie. Whenever I walk in my shoes make a nosie. Giving my friend Cory a hint I have came into the store."Hola Kuki. How are we today?" He says as I sit at the booth, the one I sit at everyday. Unless its taken, if so..I just wait for them to move. "Im doing pretty good...Could I ge-" "Im already on it." He says and starts to make a grande cappuccion.

I sit sideways, and have my knees up to my chin. Im still cold from the outside weather. Cory puts down the coffee in front of me and sits across the booth. He has brown hair..that reaches his eyes...His eye color...Almost the color of stone..a very hard gray..

"How are things at home going for ya?"I cup my hands around the cappuccion for warmth. "Not as great as I wish they were...but okay I guess." I take a sip of my cappuccion, making it last; I open my poetry book, and then pick up my pen. Pondering on what I should write. Cory says im a very good writer...well the parts I've let him see anyways. He thinks I should turn in my things..share them with more people. But I rather not. I just keep it to myself.

He picks up his wash rag and get out of the booth and starts to clean around. "You want something to eat..? It might be good for ya..." He says to me, washing down the conter as if it had mud on it. Tapping my pen on my lip..looking at my blank paper..twisting word in my mind, and trying to get something out on paper that sounds right...goes together.."Nah..I'm not hungry." I can feel that he gives me a look like 'Come on, you always say that.'He says "Okay Kuki...Whatever floats your boat" Then gets back to cleaning. I look out the window, the windows are tinted blue...Its almost looking through a blue world..

For some odd reason I can't really remember anything from eighth grade down..Its all a blur..I remember going up the stairs and then falling from lack of enaery...I remember a crowed of people around me..freaking out..not know what to do..or what was wrong with me...then this blond boy...took me to the nures office..I think he knew what was wrong and was angry with me..Then I also remember hating food...Throwing it up..or just not eating it. I went to the hospital 2 times for it...After that My Mom and Dad broke up and me and mom moved on the other side of downtown. But if I remember right my life was really good untill they broke up. The only thing that sucked was my weight...

"Hey you're gonna miss your buss Kuki!"I havent writen anything down that whole time...where was I? In wonder land? And oh shit, he's right so: I scramble for my books and poetry book. The last bus home is already chugging at the stop as I sprint."Wait! Wait!" I tumble into a set, out of breath...I look up and see the bus driver glare at me as he shuts the door..But im to tired to care...