Title: "My December"
Chapter: 1?
Pairings: Ban/Kazuki for now. Implied Juubei/Kazuki, Toshiki/Kazuki, and others later on.
Disclaimer: GetBackers and all associated characters are, unfortunately, not mine. Sue if you want, but I have no money anyway.
Warnings: For now, mostly just language here and there. Ban's sexiness, my bad writing, etc. I dunno if there's anything/will be anything to be considered a spoiler, but consider this fic with a spoiler-warning anyway, just in case.

/ I took a ride to meet an enemy/
/ I faced a fear of mine and shivered, but didn't blink. /
/ I took a ride to meet an enemy to end all the madness/
/ And now I know that I'll be fine/
/ I am fine... /
/ Can't get this shit off my mind/
/ I just want to be alright. /
/ So just tell me nothing's wrong/
/ Then get undressed and spend the night. /

Ginji had only stepped out of the room for a minute or ten... Just long enough to help Madoka in the kitchen (Shido was grimacing and already bracing himself - and his stomach - for her cooking). when he returned to the sound of Shido and Ban yelling, he barely got in a distressed, 'Ban-chan-!' before his partner was stalking towards the door.

"Just stay here, Ginji," Ban had snapped, stalking out the door and slamming it behind him. Ginji hurried after, but by the time he got to the door and had it open, the 360 was already disappearing in the distance.

It was amusing to listen to people complain about everyday life. The stresses of going to work, sitting in rush-hour traffic, paying too much for coffee and cigarettes... Constantly, something new for all of them to stress and whine over.

'Put them in Mugenjou for a week, and they'll be begging to go back to their office jobs and overpriced coffee,' Kazuki mused, sipping his green tea and gazing out the rain-dotted window at the world of passerby, chattering and gossiping away amongst themselves beneath their umbrellas. The brunette half-lidded his eyes and set down the mug of hot liquid, resting his chin in the palm of one hand.

Being a Tuesday evening, and that it was pouring outside, the Honky Tonk had stayed relatively quiet and deserted. Natsumi took off early and Paul remained behind the counter, quiet and keeping to himself and his newspaper as he tended to do. Kazuki did the same. After all, he wasn't there to talk... He was simply taking shelter from the rain.

Apparently he wasn't the only one who had that idea. He was drawn rapidly from his own thoughts to the sudden ringing of the door-chimes and the feeling of someone directly near him. His head lifted and his gaze moved, focusing on the other brunette in the doorway. Midou Ban's hands were buried in the pockets of his wet jeans, his shoulders hunched and an all-too familiar scowl on his face. Bright blue eyes scanned the inside of the Honky Tonk a moment, settled on Kazuki and, after a moment's thought, he sauntered over to take up residence across from the thread-user.


"Yo, itomaki," He grunted, shoving some of the wet hair from his face and pulling off his shades to try and dry them on his shirt; an attempt that failed as his shirt was just as wet as the rest of him. After a moment, he gave up and just set the smeared lenses aside and slumped back. He didn't bother explaining why he was there, or why he had been stranded out in the rain.

"Ban-kun, why-"

"You're gonna ask me why I'm here?" He cut Kazuki off, scowling out the window while searching his shirt pocket for his last cigarette. When he found it, he put it between his lips, but didn't light it. Paul would have likely just thrown him outside if he had.

"No." Kazuki's brows drew together in a frown. "I was going to ask why you're soaking wet and without your car..."

"Tch'..." Ban's face took on a sulkish expression. "Car got towed again... Just 'cause I left it parked at a meter a little bit after the money ran out."

Kazuki raised a thin brown. "A 'little' meaning...?"

"I don't know! An hour, maybe?"

The thread-user forced back a smile and lifted a hand to nudge over the warm, barely-touched cup of tea to Ban. "Where's Ginji-san?"

"With the stupid monkey-tamer. He offered to let us stay at his place -" Ban paused long enough to pick up the offered tea and take a long drink, not seeming to care that it was hot enough to scald his throat. It warmed his insides, and that was all that mattered. Once he set the cup back down, he continued, "Or, Madoka's place, rather..."

Kazuki could already see what must have happened. "You and Shido fought -"

"Not my fault he's an asshole."

"-And you stormed off. Right out into the rain, with no place to sleep for the night."

"What're you trying to say?"

"That you're a tad bit impulsive and a little foolish..." He smiled as he said it, bells jingling faintly from their spot in his hair as his head tilted. Ban gave him a dirty look, but didn't seem too eager to try and pick a fight. Paul would just kick them out, and then they'd both be stuck in the rain.

...Which ended up happening ten minutes later anyway, when Paul closed up and politely asked them to leave so he could head home himself. Ban and Kazuki found themselves outside, huddling under the awning to try and keep dry and unconsciously standing close to one another for warmth.

"Where will you go now?" Kazuki inquired, once Paul had turned off the lights and left them there alone.

Ban shrugged. "Dunno. Might just hang around here, or hit the bars."

"If you have money for bars, why not use it for a hotel room?"

"Tch', I don't have any money, if you must know. But I can probably win some at cards or something." With that, he stuffed his hands deep into his pockets and stepped away, starting to walk off down the street with his shoulders slumped, wet shirt clinging to his skin any place it could. "Catch you later, itomaki."

Kazuki watched for a long moment, until Ban had reached the street corner and was about to turn. He was caught between thinking it was Ban's own fault; he'd had a nice warm place to sleep tonight, and lost it because he'd likely picked a fight with Shido (again)... or feeling sorry for him being stuck out in the rain. Without realizing what he was doing, Kazuki stepped out from beneath the awning and hurried after him. "Ban-kun, please wait!"

The other brunette paused, turning back to stare at the Fuuchouinryu master as he stumbled towards him, almost slipping on the slick pavement. For as graceful and delicate as Kazuki looked, he certainly was a bit awkward and clumsy at times. It was a rather endearing quality.

"Don't break your neck; what do you want?" He drew his lighter and the cigarette he'd been babying earlier from his wet shirt pocket, tucking the cig between his lips and setting to lighting it.

Kazuki slowed once he'd caught up, offering a ghost of a smile. "I could give you a place to stay, if you'd like. Just for tonight, so you can get out of the rain and sleep."

"I hate hotels, and I don't need your damned money." Ban casted him an insulted look, then turned his attention back to the lighter that wasn't wanting to do its job.

"No, but you could stay at my place." Kazuki frowned, feeling a bit of a blush rising up to his cheeks. It must have sounded so strange to have someone offer to let you stay with them for a night. It could have been taken very, very wrong.

Ban was probably thinking the same thing, because he raised a brow and looked at him levelly past the cigarette he'd finally managed to light.

"Your place, huh? That's some invitation, didn't know you thought of me like that."

"You know what I meant! Even sleeping on a couch is better than staying a night in the rain, isn't it?" Kazuki huffed indignantly.

He considered that for as long as it took him to draw in a deep breath of nicotine. And then, "Good point. Lead the way." Ban straightened, tucked the lighter back into his pocket, and followed after Kazuki as the taller brunette started off down the street.

Chapter 1 notes: I have a very, very difficult time starting things off. ..;; This fic has no plot so far in my head, I just felt the urge to write, and sadly enough out of all the things I'm working on, this just may be the only one I even -try- to finish. ;;
Notes; I know the anime never explains if Kazuki stays in Mugenjou, or if he lives 'outside' in his own place. Also, I've only read the manga as far as what's been released in English, and seen Japanese scans and read the chapter-updates here and there that people post on the normal getbackers LJ community, so I'm not sure if Kazuki's living-arrangements are mentioned in the manga, either. ; Sorry if this chapter is a little choppy and doesn't flow too well. ..;; Also, this ended up being much shorter than I wanted to. Chapter 2 is a good deal longer, I promise. ; I'll post the second part either after I've had some feedback on how I'm doing, or whenever I get up the courage to do so.