Yay! My second Lost fic! I'm so excited. I want to thank those of you who reviewed for 'Peanut Butter Dreams'. This is a full-length fic and I'm going to work really hard on it and try to make it really good. So I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. This is for Charlie/Claire shippers but I think it will tickle every one's fancy. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Lost. They belong to ABC and J.J. Abrams. I only own the wonderful love story I made up.

Summary: After seven months on the island, the castaways are found. Charlie and Claire must find out how to support their ever growing relationship and Claire must decide if Charlie should be included in her six month old baby's life. AU, a kind of sequel of my peanut butter story.

Chapter One: Catch A Falling Star

The sun peeked through the canopy of the trees into the caves. It shone among the castaways and burned into the eyes of Charlie. Through sleepiness, Charlie scrunched his eyes closed trying to get more, but it was no use, the sun woke him.

Charlie squinted as he sat up on the make shift bed. He yawned and then looked over to his right. Claire laid there with a blanket covering her, she was still sound asleep. Charlie smiled and leaned over and kissed her cheek. She awoke a little and Charlie cursed himself for waking her up. Yet, Claire went back to sleep and her arms tightened around the bundle lying next to her.

Charlie moved the blanket back to see Aidan Littleton, Claire's son, sound asleep in his mother's arms. Charlie smiled and covered them back up. He stood and stretched out his aching muscles. He then walked out of his and Claire's little cave home and out to the opening.

Charlie looked around the camp to see many of the survivors there. Over the past seven months since they had been on the island, many of the survivors had decided to live there and make a home.

Charlie noticed that Jack had vacated the area, and Charlie knew he would be out on the beach somewhere.

"Charlie," a voice called. Charlie turned to see Claire had opened the makeshift door and was staring at him. Charlie walked over to her and kneeled down.

"What are you doing up?" he asked.

"Aidan, woke up. He needed feeding. I just wanted to see where you were," Claire said. Charlie kissed her hand.

"No need to fret, I was right here all along. I might walk down to the beach though in a few minutes. You want to come with?" he asked. Claire smiled that smile he loved and nodded.

"Okay, I'll be waiting out here for you and the little one," Charlie said. Claire nodded and went back inside. Charlie and Claire had started a relationship once Aidan had been born six months earlier. At first, they were both unsure about the whole thing, but once they had kissed the first time, they knew they were meant to be. Charlie became a kind of surrogate father to Aidan in the meantime and kept him and Claire safe.

Claire decided to push all that rubbish about Aidan bringing danger in the back of her mind. As for putting him up for adoption, she just couldn't see doing that anymore. She loved him and never wanted another to help her except for Charlie.

Charlie walked around the valley for a few minutes until Claire came out with Aidan on her shoulder. Charlie smiled and put an arm around her and they walked towards the beach for their daily walk.

They arrived on the beach about ten minutes later. The sun was shining bright and Claire covered Aidan up more as to not damage his skin with the sun's rays.

"Will he be alright?" Charlie and Claire turned to hear a voice. It was Jack walking along the beach as well.

"Yeah, he'll be fine," Claire said knowing he was talking about Aidan.

"What are you two doing up so early anyway?" Jack asked throwing a stick into the jungle.

"Just having our walk of the day," Charlie said. They stood to talk with Jack for a few minutes before Claire spoke up.

"Charlie, I'm going to get Aidan out of the sun. I'll see you in the caves," Claire said.

"Okay, you want me to come with you?" Charlie asked.

"No, you can stay here and talk with Jack. I'll be fine," Claire said smiling. Charlie smiled and winked at her. Claire walked off and Charlie turned back to Jack.

"You love her don't you?" Jack asked. Charlie shrugged.

"I don't really know, I mean, what if she doesn't love me?" Charlie asked.

"You just have to wait for the clues," Jack said. Charlie nodded and then looked at Jack.

"What were you doing out here?" Charlie asked Jack curiously.

"The truth, I still haven't given up hope that we're going to be rescued," Jack said sitting on the beach. Charlie sat next to him.

"I don't think any of us have, but Jack, we've been here for seven months. No one is going to find us," Charlie said.

"I know, but I want to stay optimistic," Jack said. Charlie nodded. "You know, every morning I come out here to the beach and I sit here or I walk up and down the island looking at the water."

Charlie put his confused look back on his face. "For what?"

"Anything, a ship, a barge. Whatever can carry 46 survivors off this island. Sometimes Kate will come out and look. And for the past four months we've done this, no one has come," Jack explained.

"It's a shame, to think they can't find us. I mean what's going to happen to us?" Charlie asked.

"I don't know. I don't want to think about that," Jack said. Charlie turned to look at the clear blue ocean. He thought of Claire and Aidan, his new "family", and his mom, dad, and Liam. He missed them but he didn't even know if they missed him back.


Later that night, Claire was putting Aidan to bed. She changed his clothes and put him in the warm comfort of the blankets.

"What do you think of this island?" she asked him. He cooed in response. "I know, it isn't all that nice. I'm sorry I had you here and not at home." Aidan looked up at her. Claire then thought of Thomas.

"I'm also sorry you don't have a father," Claire replied softly. She then thought of Charlie. "Well, there is Charlie. He's so wonderful with you; he could be your daddy. Do you want Charlie to be your daddy?" Aidan smiled and laughed. Claire laughed. "Of course you do."

Claire ran a finger down his cheek and then smiled. "So do I."

"Knock knock," Charlie's voice called as he opened the door. Claire smiled and picked Aidan up.

"Hey," Claire said. Charlie smiled and sat down. "Coming to bed?"

"Well, first we should sing Aidan his lullaby," Charlie said picking up his guitar. Claire smiled and sat next to Charlie.

Charlie strummed a few notes out and then started playing the song. Claire cleared her throat and began to sing.

"Catch a falling star, and put it in your pocket,

Never let if fade away.

Catch a falling star, and put it in your pocket,

Save it for a rainy day…"

Soon enough, Aidan drifted into a sleep and Claire settled him down in his bed of blankets. She kissed the top of his head followed by Charlie. Charlie then turned and pulled Claire into his arms.

"Love, you look tired, why don't you go to bed?" Charlie asked.

"No, I'm fine," Claire said. Charlie looked into her eyes.

"You just look tired. Look, if Aidan gets up tonight, I'll handle him," Charlie said. "I just want you to get a good night's sleep." Claire laughed.

"Have you seen what we're sleeping on?" Claire asked. Charlie laughed and Claire placed her head on his shoulder.

"See, I knew you were sleepy," Charlie whispered. Claire sat back up and kissed him.

"I am, just let me lay here for right now though," Claire said. Charlie nodded and Claire placed her head back on his shoulder. Soon, she was asleep as well. Charlie kissed her forehead and then sang a verse of 'Catch A Falling Star'.

"I hope we find our falling star, we could use it to get off this bloody island," Charlie said. He kissed Claire's forehead and then laid her down next to Aidan. He made sure they were covered up and then he himself fell into a deep sleep.


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