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Epilogue: A Happy Family

December 23

"Here we are," Charlie said unlocking the door to their house. Claire and Camille were coming home from the hospital today. He opened the door for Claire who held Camille close to her chest.

"Welcome home Cammie," Claire said. Charlie sat Claire's bag down.

"Hey, we were wondering when you two were getting here," Kate said coming into the hall from the living room. Sawyer appeared as well holding Aidan upside down dangling the poor child by his feet. Aidan was giggling.

"Sawyer! Put my baby down!" Claire said.

"Aw! He's fine, just playing with his Uncle Sawyer. Let him have some fun mom," Sawyer said.

"Claire, Camille looks just like you!" Kate said peering over Claire's shoulder.

"You want to hold her?" Claire asked. Kate nodded and Claire handed Camille over to Kate.

Kate was amazed and held the baby girl close to her. "Aw, Charlie she has your eyes."

"Yeah, I know," Charlie said wrapping his arms around Claire. Claire leaned up and kissed Charlie's cheek. "So you two are dating now I hear?"

"Bout time that secret came out," Sawyer replied putting Aidan down on his feet. Aidan ran to Claire who lifted him up.

"Did you miss mommy?" Claire asked kissing him.

"Yes," Aidan said snuggling close to Claire.

"What about me?" Charlie asked pretending to be upset. Aidan giggled.

"Daddy!" Aidan said reaching for Charlie. Charlie pulled his son into his arms and showered him with kisses. Aidan giggled as Charlie tickled him. "Where Cammie?"

Kate squatted down and so did Claire. Claire took Aidan in her arms. "She's right here," Kate said. Aidan looked at his sister in amazement.

"Isn't she pretty Aidan?" Claire asked.

"Yeah," Aidan said. He touched Camille's hand softly as if he were scared to break his sister. Claire looked at Charlie who was smiling down at her.


Charlie shut the door after Kate and Sawyer left. Aidan stood with him waving goodbye. He turned to Aidan.

"What do you say little man? You ready for bed?" Charlie asked picking up Aidan.

"No!" Aidan said protesting and struggling to get out of Charlie's arms. Something he just started doing.

"Why don't you want to go to bed? It's nice to sleep," Charlie said carrying Aidan over his shoulder down the hall to his room.

"Daddy sleep?" Aidan asked.

"Yes, Daddy's going to sleep too, and so is mummy," Charlie said sitting Aidan on his changing table. Charlie went over to Aidan's dresser and picked out two pairs of pajamas.

"Which one do you want to sleep in?" Charlie asked. Aidan pointed to a pair and Charlie changed his diaper and put him in pajamas. Charlie picked Aidan up and kissed his cheek and put him in his crib.

"I love you Aidan," Charlie said. Aidan pulled himself up so he was level with Charlie. He grabbed Charlie's face and kissed him.

"Love you daddy," Aidan said. Charlie smiled and placed him down in his crib. "Sing daddy."

"You got it," Charlie said. He sang 'Catch A Falling Star' to Aidan. It was still Aidan's favorite lullaby. Aidan was half-asleep so Charlie turned on Aidan's nightlight and turned the light out in his room. He closed his door halfway and walked to where Claire was, in Camille's room.

Charlie stood in the doorframe watching Claire nurse Camille. Claire looked up at him and smiled.

"You can come in here, you don't have to lurk in the doorway," Claire said smiling. Charlie smiled and pushed his form off the frame and went over to Claire. He leaned down and kissed her softly. Charlie saw Claire was exhausted.

"You know something?" Charlie asked. Claire looked at him waiting for the answer. "Even though you look deathly tired, you are still the most beautiful woman in the world." Claire smiled down at him.

"Thank you," Claire said. Charlie kissed her free hand. "And you know what, even when we were on the island, and you were dirty and smelly half the time, you Charlie Pace, were the hottest sexiest man alive on that island." Charlie smiled.

"Thank you Claire," Charlie said. He looked at Camille and stroked her fine blonde hair on her head. "Do you think we'll ever tell them we were stuck on that island?"

"Probably, when they're old enough to understand. We'll tell them how we met, the best storybook romance we could ever have," Claire said. Charlie smiled at her. "I should be in the room in a minute, you go wait for me. I'm going to put Cammie down."

Charlie nodded and kissed Camille's head softly and then kissed Claire's forehead. He walked to their bedroom and pulled the covers down on the bed and climbed in to wait for Claire.

A few minutes later, Claire walked in to the bedroom. Charlie smiled as she laid down next to him. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her softly.

"I love you Claire," Charlie said. Claire closed her eyes and snuggled into Charlie.

"I love you Charlie," Claire said.

"You know what?" Charlie asked. Claire opened her eyes and looked up at Charlie.

"What?" she asked.

"When I first got on that island, I believed it to be paradise. A place for me to get my act together. But now, that I'm here with you and the kids, this is definitely better than paradise. I could not ask for more than to just be here with you Claire," Charlie explained. Claire smiled and kissed him softly.

"This is definitely better than that island that at first was paradise, but it too soon became hell, for both of us," Claire said closing her eyes remembering back. Charlie looked at her.

"I know, but just think, we're not there anymore. Right now, we are in a new paradise and it just consists of me, you, Aidan, and Cammie," Charlie said. Claire smiled and nodded.

"Come on let's get some sleep love," Charlie said. Claire smiled and laid her head on his chest closing her eyes. Charlie sighed with pleasure and pushed a strand of hair behind Claire's ear and gave her a kiss on her forehead before turning of the light and falling asleep in his better than paradise world.



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