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You've Got Mail

Chapter 9

Do you know that feeling when everything freezes for a couple of seconds an' it feels like someone's wrapped steel bands around your chest so you can't breathe? An' then it stops. Things speed back up the bands around your chest dissolve an' air has never tasted sweeter.

That's what it felt like when 'Fei an' Yuy opened the door an' came in, not visibly injured, an' apparently successful, if 'Fei's smirk was anythin' to go by. Yuy's scowl was harder to figure out but things got clearer after Duo an' Kat had checked the both of 'em out for injuries an' Yuy'd been over ruled about me havin' to leave before they told us what'd happened.

Seems Yuy had almost been caught an' had been forced to hide when some unschedualed tech had come into the room to work on something near the computer Yuy'd been hacking. Yuy was still pissed that he'd had to start over once the tech had left after keepin' him pinned down for almost an hour. 'Fei was pleased because he'd had no problems with his part of the job even though he'd been walked in on too.

After hearin' what 'Fei's an' Yuy had to say, Kat got a bit anxious an' grilled the guys to make sure no one'd followed 'em back. He seemed worried that they were gonna have to hide somewhere else 'til the job was done, but the guys eventually decided that it wasn't worth the trouble movin' would cause with thier cover stories. Especially since this mission was almost over an' all they had left to do was blow up the main computers an' the mobil suits on base, close the mobil suit manufacturin' facility near by for at least a few months as well as what Duo called the spaceport.

Me, I just kept my mouth shut, my ears open, an' wondered why they were talkin' 'bout this stuff without makin' me go elsewhere first. As it turned out it really wasn't all that long before I found out just why they'd let me stay an' listen. Kat wanted me to help.

Seems he hadn't told Yuy or 'Fei 'bout this idea of his 'cause both of 'em just 'bout went through the roof. 'Fei was yellin' 'bout puttin' me at risk, keepin' civilians outta combat, an' me havin' to live here after they left. It was nice to have someone worried 'bout me an' I probably woulda said no to Kat, just to calm down 'Fei, if Yuy hadn't oppened his damn mouth. He called Kat a naive, sentimental fool for trusting me an' called me a useless dead weight who couldn't be trusted to the job right if they gave it to me.

Now That got me royally pissed off. It also got me determined to prove the son-of-a-bitch wrong. I sure as hell was trust worthy, an' while I didn't know exactly what Kat wanted me to do, I could damn well learn what I needed to know so I could help them. An' I'd do it in record time too.

As it turned out, what they needed me to do really wasn't all that tough. In fact, it was pretty damn simple.

All Kat wanted me to do was help 'Fei place charges in the mobil suit bays without getting caught while Heero infected the computer systems an' rigged 'em to blow. Dead simple, 'specially with Pops' secret invisibility techinque, the Umisenken. Now that really shocked the guys. Not even Trowa managed to keep his face straight when I showed it to 'em an' just faded out of sight right in front of thier eyes. Not even findin' out that I already knew somethin' 'bout workin' with explosives, thanks to dealin' with Happosai an' various other pests, really suprised 'em after that.

Even though I figured I had the stealth part covered, Kat still had me play 'follow the leader an' don't get caught' with Duo leadin' an' the rest of 'em huntin' just to make sure I'd be fine if anythin' happened so that I couldn't use Pops' invisibility technique an' had to do without. After I passed that test, with flying colors might I add, he gave me the second part of the test.

All I had to do was pick the lock, sneak into Yuy's room, an' 'liberate' his laptop while he was sleepin'. Without usin' Pop's special technique or tryin' to feel his ki.

Oh, an' I had to do it as a girl.

I thought it'd be easy. Man was I was wrong.

Pickin' the lock an gettin' in was easy.

Gettin' to the computer after makin' sure Yuy was asleep was pretty damn simple.

Gettin' out didn't happen.

I didn't even know that Yuy was awake an' that I was in trouble 'til I felt the air shift behind me just before an arm wrapped 'round my neck an' I felt cold metal press into the base of my skull. He got me just as I grabbed his computer, an' I didn't have time to do more'n start to duck an' turn before he had a gun to my head.

If it'd been the real thing I'da been dead.

As it was I was sure that there wasa no way the guys'd let me help after bein' tricked like that.

Turned out that the whole thing was a setup. Duo was in the closet, Trowa was under the bed, an' Yuy'd never been asleep to begin with. An' I hadn't caught any of 'em. I wasn't too upset 'bout not findin' Duo an' Trowa. What got me was that Yuy'd managed to keep pretendin' to be asleep while I was checkin' to make sure he was. He was even better'n me at pretendin' to be asleep.

Bein' that I waited 'til almost 2 am. to try to snach Yuy's computer, Kat sent everyone off to bed instead of lettin' me know how I did. When I asked, he told me to go to sleep an' they'd give me an analysis in the mornin' after breakfast.

That did nothin' to help me relax enough to go to sleep. An' I still hadn't had the chance to talk with Duo an' Fei.

I spent the rest of the night starin' at the ceilin' in the livin' room.

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