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Chapter 1- Twins are born

Long ago, in the small shire of Locksley, two children, long awaited, were born. These infants delighted the new parents. One was a girl, one a boy. Perfect, the mother could train the girl, who was named Natalia, and the father could train the boy, Robin. Now, reader, you are most likely thinking that Robin is the famous Robin Hood, and you are correct. "But Robin was an only child, how is it possible?" you ask? Here is what happened.

One cold night, in a fog so thick, that if you dared to venture outside, you could not see your own feet, a stranger came creeping up upon the household. The twins were but three summers old at the time. This stranger was an old wizard. By magical means, he had made himself invisible, and stealthily glided into the room were Natalia and Robin were sleeping. But at the time, a nurse had come right up to the nursery door. The wizard had only time enough to snatch one child, thinking he had the boy. But of course, the twins, being perfectly alike in appearance and temperance, no matter how hard one tried, would be indistinguishable until some years later.

So, of course as you, reader, are no doubt thinking, the wizard had grabbed Natalia instead. But Natalia was an incredibly cunning child, and knew her fortunes would be better if she passed herself off as a boy. All who knew her at the time had their memories wiped blank by the wizard, who had very powerful wizardry. But this spell had one flaw. Natalia had only to introduce herself by her true name for her family and friends to recognize her. But if she ver did that, she would lose all her magic.

The wizard, whose name was Allen, was quite a kind man despite this kidnapping. He had detected magic in the twins' household, and knew that it came from these two toddlers. Allen realized that their parents would never give them up, and magic that srong was just pleading to be trained and used. Allen had the presumption (a very wrong one) that boys' magic was always stronger than girls' so he made up his mind that he would claim Robin as his apprentice. But of course, he never did.

Natalia (known as Nat to Allen) was also a very powerful wizard. Allen trained her well not only in magic, but in music, swordfighting, and other subjects. Most important of all was, ofcourse, archery.

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