Name: Broken

Summary: Ron and Hermione have to learn to accept the fact that both have dates for the Prom. They will have to learn, and fast, to say what's on their hearts after Hermione reacts impulsively damaging their friendship. R/Hr H/G.

Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me, they belong to Genius JK Rowling.

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Chapter 10: Bitter Sweet Good Byes

It was very early, the sun was just coming out, when Ron opened his eyes, smiling at the realization that it had not been a dream as he felt her body against his.

They were lying on Ron's bed, holding each other to protect from the coldness of the room. Ron stared at Hermione's face for the longest time. She was just beautiful; with her small mouth and pink lips and her eyes shut. He kissed her front head, put on his boxers and a t-shirt, lift the Imperturb spell and went to the bathroom. When he came back she was already awake. She reached for his hand and pulled him back to the bed next to her and cast the Imperturb spell yet again over the bed.

'Hey', she greeted with a smile.

'Hey,' he greeted back as he peck her on the lips.

'What time is it?' she asked.

'Early, very early. The sun's just coming out.'

'Well, the breakfast won't be served for a good two hours at least,' she said suggestively.

'Oh, so what do you have in mind to kill those two hours? Going back to sleep?'

She laughed. 'Uhm, not exactly,' she said, laughing a bit more, and kissed him hard on the lips.


Ron and Hermione went to the Great Hall to have breakfast and were joined by Ginny, Luna, Neville and Harry a bit later.

As they all sat together, an awful feeling of gloom hit them all. The fact that this would be the last time they would all share breakfast in Hogwart's Great Hall and would probably be the last time they would all be together crossed their thoughts for the first time. At the Gryffindor table, the students stared at each other in silence, and suddenly started talking, talking about anything: who kissed who, and who was dating who, trying to bury that feeling deep inside their hearts. They would not spend this morning like that… like it was the last one.

Ron and Hermione were seated together. Harry was on Ron's side, and Ginny seated next to Hermione. Neville and Luna, who was Neville's official girlfriend by now, sat across them.

Every once in a while Ron would put his hand over Hermione's or she would place her hand softly over his leg. Harry and Ginny noticed this because they shared a look and then rolled their eyes.

'So,' said Ron to Harry in a soft voice so no one except for Harry could hear, 'did you have a good time last night?'

'I thought you weren't interested in knowing where babies come from?' Harry answered as playful as Ron.

'Hey!' Ron said, punching Harry's arm.

'Aw! I was kidding!' Harry wined while laughing.

'I know. Look,' he now said a little more serious, though he talked to Harry in a friendly way, considering the subject was his baby sister, 'I know you, and I know you'll never hurt Ginny, so I don't think it's necessary for me to go all big-over-protective brother on you.' He paused a moment. 'So whatever happens between you two, it's your business.. unless you cheat on her or something like that and then I'll have to kick your arse, got it?'

'Got it,' said Harry, feeling proud that Ron was his friend.




'Anyway, and just so you know 'cause I don't really feel comfortable talking about it with you, I don't really think anything will be happening between me and Ginny.'

'What?!' said Ron a bit angry. He looked around and saw almost the entire Great Hall had heard him. He lowered his voice then, 'What do you mean?! I thought you were "crazy" about her!'

'I am!' said Harry, feeling a bit insulted. 'I am crazy about her! It's her that's not crazy about me!'

'What?! Not again Harry. She likes you, ok? She really, deeply, head over heels likes you! So stop wasting your time, mate! And do something about it!'

'But she… we hardly talked last night, you know? It was like she didn't want to be there with me. After an hour, she started asking me if I wanted to leave already. At the end I agreed 'cause I didn't want her to feel even worse than she already was feeling. And then, when we were standing on the girl's room entrance, she just looked at me, sighed, turned around, and left without even saying "good night", or "thank you" or whatever.'

'Wow, I never thought you were as clueless as I am,' Ron said.


'Did you even kiss her?'

'What?! I don't really think this is something I should be talking about with her brother!'

'So you didn't kiss her.'

Harry sighed. 'No. She could barely stand being around me.'

'You idiot! She wanted you to kiss her! Why do you think she was so desperately to leave the dance?! Did you saw the couples outside the castle? Well, she wanted that, mate! And you completely blew it! And she wanted you to kiss her when you were standing on her entrance!'

'Wha-? Really?'

'Yeah. So, if I were you I would take her out side and snog her senseless! Ok, I have to shut up now, it's my sister we're talking about.'

Harry laughed. Then he sighed. 'Thanks.'

'Sure, mate. No problem.'

Harry looked at his friend for a moment as he resumed eating his breakfast. 'So… how're you doing?'

'Fine,' Ron simply answered.

Harry frowned. 'You mean nothing happened last night? Nothing exciting?'

That was when Ron realized his friend knew something. He could not have heard them last night! No, Hermione had put that Imperturb spell on his four post bed… unless he saw her leaving their room that morning. Either way, Ron played the dumb card. Harry did not sound angry, so he was probably just trying to get some information out of him, so he decided to torture him.

'Nope. Got dump by Parvati and went to bed.'

Harry was still frowning. 'But, you and Hermione are talking again.'

'Yeah, I guess so,' Ron answered, putting some food in his mouth, which annoyed Harry to no end.

Just when he was about to say something else, he was interrupted by Hermione. 'We're going out side, to the lake. Come when you guys are finished.'

'Ok,' they both answered. Ron saw Ginny smile sadly at Harry, who was staring at her completely hypnotized by her eyes; not that she noticed it, anyway. Was he going to snog his sister any time soon?

'Come on,' Harry began again, once the girls were out of ear shot. 'You're telling me nothing out of the ordinary, nothing exciting, nothing you've wanted for like forever happened last night?'

Ron sighed, thinking. 'No.'


'Harry, I've no idea what you're talking about. I--' said Ron, but he was cut off by Hermione's voice on the other side of the Great Hall.

'Let me go, you prat!'

'Let her go!' Ginny yelled.

Ron and Harry turned around and saw Dewey "the Perv" McDillon grabbing Hermione's arm as she was trying to get free and Ginny dug her nails into his hand so he would let her friend go.

Ron stood up immediately and rushed over there, followed by Harry.

'I just need to talk to you!' Dewey said.


'Hey!' said Ron as his temper rose. 'I think the lady said to let her go,' he said with faked calm as he crossed his arms and looked menacing at the pervert git.

'Weasley, this is none of your business, so why don't you go back to your sit and eat; that seems to be your best subject.'

'No, my best subject is to beat guys up, so why don't you let her go… NOW, McDillon,' said Ron.

Hermione had never seen Ron that way. He was beyond angry, beyond mad. The only time she had ever seen him like this was when Malfoy insulted his family. He was furious and she knew he would jump over Dewey and beat the hell out of him in any minute.

'Fine, you want to talk, let's talk,' said Hermione.

They were now surrounded by most of the Gryffindor students. All looking like they were about to jump on Dewey like a pride of Lions over their prey. Dewey looked around at them.

'Here. Now talk,' she said again, knowing he would ask her to go to a more privet place.



'Ok, ok. I… I'm sorry for-- what I did. I might have… gone to far. But I thought you--'

'Well, you thought wrong, buddy, so beat it!' said Ron, coming between Hermione and Dewey, freeing her from the git's grip.

'I thought I told you to go eat or something, Weasley,' said Dewey.

'Mione,' said Ron turning to Hermione. 'Can I beat his arse now?' he pleaded.

'I don't think that's such a great idea, I mean, not hours from the graduation ceremony anyway,' she answered with a smile.

Ron considered it a moment. 'Yeah, you're right. I guess the nose it's enough,' he said pointing at Dewey's nose which was completely purple, and just kissed Hermione, not really thinking what he was doing. It had just been a reflex reaction.

'What a smooth way to tell our friends,' she whispered into his lips, with a smile, still with her eyes closed.

Ron smiled as well. 'Well, it's faster.'

'WHAT?!' said Dewey outraged.

Both Ron and Hermione stared at him. 'What?' they said completely innocently.

All of their friends were staring at them, with a mixture of shock and relief. A few 'finaly's were heard among the crowd.

'Wha-- You and… Wesley?!' said Dewey in an insulting tone.

'What's that supposed to mean?' said Ron.

'I… you prefer him…' Dewey said to Hermione.

'Listen, Dewey,' she answered, 'unless you want your eyes to match your nose, turn around and leave without a word.'

'Yeah!' said Ron.

And he did. He was much too afraid of Hermione. I mean, after what she did to his nose, how could he not be afraid of her?

Ron entwined his fingers with Hermione's. 'Let's go.'

'Aren't you going to finish your breakfast?' she asked.

'Nah, I'm not hungry.'

'Well, that's a shocker!' she teased him.

'Oh, really?' he said as they all made their way outside, and put his hands on her waist, in the exact spots he knew it would tickle her.

'No, stop! Ok, I'm sorry!'

He kissed her.

'Please tell me you're not gonna do that the whole bloody time,' said Harry, walking behind them, with a fake disgusted face. Ginny was walking next to Harry and Ron saw how she looked from him and Hermione to Harry. Ginny wanted Harry. She wanted him badly. And even though she was his little sister, he knew he had to do something about it. They liked each other after all. And it was not like he did not know the bloke; the bloke was his bloody best friend!

'Why?' Ron answered. 'You're jealous 'cause I picked Hermione?' he teased Harry as he walked next to him.

Harry laughed. 'Well, yes! What can he give you that I can't?!' he said in a soap-opera-like voice.

'Well…' Ron answered, smiling at the memory of last nights events. Hermione rolled her eyes, and pinched his arm. 'Ouch!'

Hermione laughed. 'Let's go outside already!' she said holding his hand and dragging him out side.

'Ok, hold on,' he said and let go of her hand to say something into Harry's ear. 'Mate. Seize the moment!' said Ron, and then, out of the blue, pushed Harry to his other side. To Ginny. And run out side along with Hermione. They hid a moment and saw what happened next.

Harry stumbled over Ginny, falling to the floor and over the ginger-haired girl, who was looking rather shocked. Firstly, because her brother had thrown the boy of her dreams, literarily, over her; and secondly, because Harry was on top of her, looking at her, just as shocked, with those big green eyes behind his glasses.

'Sorry-' he managed to say, 'I.. Ron-- he--'

'It's ok.'

'I'm… sorry about last night. I know you had a horrible time--'

'I didn't have a horrible time. I thought you had a horrible time… with me.'

'I didn't! I could never…'

They both sighed.

'Shall we… go out side?' said Ginny, who looked a bit more cheerful.

Harry nodded but he was not getting up. Instead, he leaned down and--

'Come on, Ron! Give them some privacy,' said Hermione, as she dragged him out the doors.


The graduation ceremony was long, specially for Ron, whose last name was Weasley.

The whole Weasley bunch made it to Ron's graduation. And he was happy for it. They were a big family, which most the times was a pain in the butt. Too many people in a tiny house, sharing only one bathroom was insane, but all in all, he just loved his brothers. And sister.

Harry and Ron were closing their trunks when Hermione entered their room. 'Are you ready?'

'Yeah. I think that's it,' said Harry, looking around, just like Ron, checking whether they were forgetting anything.

They took their trunks outside the room. Ron entwined his fingers with Hermione's and took a final look at the room.

'Hey, Harry?' said Ron.

'Yeah,' his friend answered, staring at the room also.

'Who do you think will sleep in this room?'

Harry was silent for a moment, thinking. 'I don't know.'

'Do you think they'll have the same adventured we had?'

'I don't think anybody will ever have the adventures we had.'

Ron smiled. 'Poor kids.' Harry and Hermione laughed. Ron kissed his girlfriend and they made their way out the castle.

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