Ranma 1/2


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Chapter 1

The entrance to the warehouse was locked, as it should have been as he had not entered through the front. That would have been a stupid thing to do in these situations, he was supposed to be silent. He was not here to start a fight, he was here to gain access to information that could possibly help him find some answers. That was all he had left right now was answers, he needed to rid himself from the nagging guilt that was constantly in his head. There was no way he could do that if he had no way to find answers. In this dark warehouse he had been promised answers and that was why he was here. If anyone found him here he would lose any reason for being here, and in turn he would have to live with the guilt for a long time.

He was wearing a gray colored jump suit with pockets all over to hold whatever he needed. Usually they were unused but this time he had a very important disk in one of the pockets. It was not so much that it was important right now but after he accomplished his objective that would change drastically. All he needed to do was get to the computer that held the information he needed.

The place he needed to look was in the upper portion of the factory. That meant he needed to get from the front to the top of the warehouse without being seen by anyone. As he approached the stairs leading up he could hear people walking slowly on patrol. He would have to be extremely careful in order to get by these guards. If he even touched the metal grating it would give his position away. That meant that he had to find an alternate way up to the upper platform and then make his way across the warehouse. Climbing up a nearby rope he got in position above catwalk and used the free hanging rope to swing over to the catwalk and grab onto it. He did not get on top of the catwalk though, instead he grabbed onto the bottom of it and started to move hand over hand using the grated catwalk as a handhold. This was difficult not only because of the strength it needed but also because the catwalk was serrated for traction. This meant that every time he wrapped his hand around it the serrated part of the catwalk would dig into his hand. By the time he reached the other side there was blood running down his hands from being punctured.

That was of little concern to him right now, what was important was that he got what he was looking for. It should be in the office near here, on a computer somewhere inside the room. Silently opening the door he slipped inside and ducked behind a desk just as a guard passed by with his light. He watched as the light scanned the room and then faded away before he stood up from behind the desk and drew the blinds in the room. It was the only thing he could do to not immediately give away that he was in the room. Quickly he booted up the computer and waited for what seemed like the longest time before the program booted up.

He had to do this quickly so that nobody would discover the blinds had been drawn. Slipping the disk out of his pocket and putting it into the computers floppy drive slot he found the file and started to download the file. Now it was just a waiting game.

The file was about halfway done copying when they found the office with the blinds drawn. Cursing he quickly made his way to a place behind the door and waited for it to open. As the first guard entered he grabbed the man around the neck and twisted quickly. There was a sick cracking sound as the man's neck broke and he fell limply to the ground. Quickly, he grabbed the floppy disk out of the drive and ran out the door. He knew that the file on the disk was not complete, he only hope he had enough to get the answers he required. He did not have time to climb back under the catwalk and make his way back the same way he came, so he jumped up on the railing and ran quickly along it so as not to make blatant noise. Unfortunately the lights came on right as he got to the stairs of the catwalk. Then his eyes widened as he saw one of the guards hit a button on the wall and klaxons started to sound. He decided jumping would be better than taking the stairs so he did just that.

Right as he jumped however there was a giant explosion and his world went white with pain. He had heard that the warehouse was rigged with explosives for emergencies but he did not think they would blow the whole thing up. That had been a mistake on his part, the last thing he thought before he blacked out was that he at least got the file he was looking for. His body fell limply in the nearby river as debris rained down around him.

"Sir, the job is done," a voice on a speaker crackled in the darkness, "Agent RS1 is dead."

"Did you see a body?" an old gravelly voice in the darkness asked, slow in the way of an old person who did not have enough circulation.

"No, Sir, but he has to be dead. Nobody could survive that!"

"Fool, you are useless," the old voice said as there was gunfire over the line and then the line went dead, "Just can't get good help these days."

It was some time before his body surfaced and eventually caught on the land about two miles down the river. He washed on the beach unconscious. Later he was found by a young couple passing by on the beach and admitted to a hospital. It was a full year before he was checked out of the hospital after recovering. Still he did not have any memories of who he was or where he had been. The explosion had given him amnesia, though he did not let the doctors know that. They thought he was just some bum that had no family left. They had provided him with a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or rather he had stolen them from a dead person figuring they would not need them, and sent him on his way. He had stopped to pick up the belongings they could recover from his torn up suit, destroyed from the explosion. He had no ID to identify himself, all that he had was a disk and a small white card with a magnetic strip on it.

This was the smallest of his problems however, he now had to find a way to earn some money and then try to find out who he was. He had been told that he had been found on the beach unconscious but that was all they knew. The told him he was severely burned when he first came in but that told him little about who he was. They said they had provided the latest in healing surgery, it turned out that the white card they found was a credit card with quite a bit of money on it. However, they had told him that the surgery had been expensive and all he had left was a thousand dollars. He could tell from his looks that he was

Japanese and they had remade his face and the other burnt parts of his body to look exactly as they had before. That meant that Japanese was his nationality and he also knew how to speak the language. Of course he found that he also knew how to speak American at the same time. He did not know what was going on here, but he had a feeling that as soon as he found out who he was the answer would all fall into place.

As he thought these thoughts, he turned a corner to see a girl fighting in front of a school. Bunches of boys were trying to beat her but they were all getting destroyed by the girl. As he studied her he could see that she had certain flaws to her form but nothing that would be devastating to the level of fighters in this crowed. If he were fighting her she would have been down on the ground in seconds flat. Of course how he knew this he had no idea, all he knew was that he could fight damn well, it was mostly intuition.

The girl broke down the mob and proceeded inside the gates of the school in front of which she had been fighting. He was about to walk on until he felt something at the edge of his mind tug. Realizing that it was a danger sense that was coming from the direction the girl was headed, he ran towards the gates of the school, jumped over the wall and landed just in time to see a man with a wooden sword standing in front of the girl. He was talking some gibberish that was Japanese and yet it was archaic. He had trouble understanding the words as this man was putting them together. Then the man seemed to be through with talking and made to raise his wooden sword. He did not want to get directly involved so he picked up a random rock from the ground and threw it at the man's head. There was a sickening crack as the rock connected and the man went cross eyed and fell to the ground.

Quickly he retreated back over the wall, unaware that he was being watched from above by more eyes than he intended. A young woman with short brown hair excused herself and ran off, telling one of the other girls to cover for her while she was gone. The girl nodded and the young woman with short brown hair ran off, destination unknown.

Back on the ground he was walking away from the school, he would need to find another job soon if he wanted to find out who he was. He was about a mile away from the school when he noticed that someone was following him. Ducking behind a tree he waited for the person to make their was past him before he jumped out and grabbed them, jumping into an alley with the person in his arms, hand covering their mouth. It happened within seconds and the street was vacant without a sound.

He stopped in the alley and waited to see if anyone had seen what he had done. It was not his smoothest grab ever but it had needed to be done to find out why this person was following him. Looking down he could see that it was a young woman in his arms, kicking and struggling against his strength. Lowering his head to her ears, he slightly lightened the pressure on the girl.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he said quietly, "but if you so much as look like you're going to scream I'll knock you out. I'm going to let you go now, stay calm please."

The girl nodded slightly and he let her go, dropping her to the ground as he was a bit taller than her, "You better not be some pervert."

He smiled slightly at that, a flash of... something went across his mind, "No, I just want to know why you were following me."

"I was wondering who you were," the girl said, "you helped out my cousin back there and the way you hit that pervert was amazing."

Smiling he patted her head in a patronizing way, "Heh, you're a funny kid.

You're cousins style did seem familiar though, would you mind if I talked to you're parents."

The girl smiled slyly, "Well that depends on the amount of money you have, my usual price is about a thousand yen, but I'm going to double that just because you were being patronizing."

His eyes widened slightly at her remark, this kid was sharp, "Well that's fine, just give me until you're done with school to get it. I have no cash on me right now, only have a card on me right now."

"Fine, I'll give you the information then," the girl said, "in fact you can follow me home so you don't get lost that way."

"Sounds like a deal, I get you the money and you take me to see you're parents," he said.

"Sure, but be sure to have the two-thousand yen or no deal," the girl said.

It was some time later before he got the money and returned to the school. His timing turned out to be perfect, the girl exited her school just as he arrived.

He handed her the money without a word and she counted it before leading him down the street to where her parents were. It took them a while of walking, he made jokes about the girl and she match his jokes blow for blow. This girl was definitely a sharp one, it reminded him of someone he knew a long time ago.

Since he had lost his memory all he could see was a flash of a face, nothing concrete, but there was definitely something there.

After walking for a while they finally arrived at the girl's home and she knocked on the door. After a while of waiting she took out a key and opened the door. She told him that her mother was not home yet but he was welcome to make himself at home. He thanked her and asked if it was okay to use the shower, she said that it was fine as long as he made it quick. She pointed him upstairs and he nodded and climbed the stairs to the shower room. The house was not set up like the normal Japanese Dojo he knew, it was more westernized. He opened the door and the shower room was right there, no room to take off his close before entering. Shrugging he took off his clothes and turned on the shower, waiting for the water to get hot before getting in.

Downstairs he was not aware of the girl's mom coming home, nor was he aware that the girl did not tell her mom that he was in the shower room. It was not unusual for her mom to take a shower after a long day at work. She always did it to relax and rid herself of the memories of the "stupid people" she had to deal with at work. From the times she had gone with her mom to work, the girl knew she could put on a pretty good mask as an ice queen, but she always lost it when she came home. The girl had learned to copy the look her mom put on for her own business dealings at school. Still, she knew that home was a place where you could let that mask down. It was a kind of safe haven to come home to.

The girl listened idly as her mom started to complain about the same thing she complained about every day. Finally she sighed and said she was going to take a shower and relax. Had the girl been paying more attention she would have realize what the implications of such a statement were before it was too late.

Desperately the girl scrambled upstairs though she had a feeling that she was already too late, this feeling was only amplified by the scream that came as she made it to the top of the stairs.

The woman watched as her daughter put on the normal look that said she was not really listening to her. She did not care, she knew her tirades were boring after a while of listening to them. Sighing, she stormed upstairs to take a shower as she usually did after work. In truth she usually took about three showers a day, on average. She made her way upstairs and was so intent on the bad day she had that she did not notice that sound of the shower shutting off.

The woman did not even realize that anyone was in the shower until she opened the door and saw him standing with a towel wrapped around his waist. Water ran from his hair and down his well muscled body, pooling on the floor beneath the area he stood. It was his face that really got to her, a familiar crooked and sheepish smile. His face seemed to say, "Hey, sorry about this".

The fact that he was there at all did not make her scream, it was the fact that she knew who he was that made her scream. That should not be though, she had thought he was dead, all information she had gotten about him after he left said he wad died mysteriously. The fact was that this man should not be standing in front of her right now. So she screamed and fainted, because she thought she had seen a ghost.

She did not see the man's surprised look as the woman screamed and fainted. He quickly rushed over and caught her in his arms, forgetting that all he had on was a towel. He made his way downstairs, past the girl he had met earlier that met amazingly like her mother, and laid her down on the couch. Once that was done, he remembered that he was dressed only in a towel and made his way back upstairs to put on his pants and t-shirt. When he went back downstairs the woman had already woken up and was staring at him shakily.

"Ranma?" the woman asked with a disbelieving tone.

He raised an eyebrow slightly at the question, "Who do you think I am, and I'm only asking because I have no idea."

The woman stood and walked up to him, inspecting him closely, "Are you Ranma Saotome? You look exactly like this kid I knew eleven years ago."

"Even if I was this person you're asking about, I could not tell you," he said apologetically, "I only have a floppy disk and a blank credit card to my name. Whatever that is."

"The resemblance is uncanny," the woman said as she inspected him closer, "My name is Nabiki, do you recognize that name at all?"

Again there was that flash across his mind, something seeping to the surface but nothing he could grasp, "That sounds familiar, but I still can't really say for sure if I know you."

"So you say you have amnesia," Nabiki asked, "you don't even know how you got it?"

He shook his head, "Nope."

"You said you have a floppy disk, can I see it?" the woman asked.

He reached in his pocked and tossed it casually to her, she reached up and plucked it out of the air with little effort, "Thanks."

"Not a problem, that was a nice catch by the way," he commented, recognizing some skill hidden beneath the surface of her business facade, "You don't look like a martial artist."

The woman sat down at the computer she had in the living room and inserted the disk after booting it up, "After you disappeared mysteriously daddy, excuse me, father, started to teach us again. He said that since you were gone we needed to be able to take care of ourselves. That attitude died down after it became apparent that all the chaos followed you out of Nerima when you left... This is interesting."

He walked forward and looked at the contents of the disk she had brought up on the screen, "It looks like an experiment to make a super solder, it uses a strain called RS1, whatever that is. Whoever was making this was close to succeeding when you got this information. Unfortunately the file gets cut off near the end, I think that this file never finished downloading."

Looking at the screen, he read what they had of the file, "So you think that this was from a company that was trying to make super soldiers. What reason would they be doing this for?"

"I don't know but I think you have more of a link to this than you know," Nabiki said seriously, "It says her 'patient has responded well to the sample of altered DNA, agent RS1 is ready for a test' sounds like the agent was a test. It also says that they were planning on destroying the soldier if test was successful. This would prevent any information leakage, a picture file was downloaded."

Nabiki opened the file and the picture appeared on the screen as a stern man with long black hair and blue eyes. They both stared with awe at the picture that was on the screen, unnoticing of Nabiki's daughter coming up behind them.

"Hey, that's you mister," the girl said, "Why are you so serious there?"

Unable to stand anymore, he backed up, stumbling on a piece of furniture and landing on the couch heavily, "I'm a copy? Damn, no wonder I have no memories, well this sucks."

Nabiki shook her head and read a little more, "No, you may be the original but you are not a copy. It says here that the host was not a clone, in fact they took DNA from the original more than they altered him. The last part I can read makes it sounds like the other trials were utter failures."

"If I am the original and I'm not a clone," he said looking at her slowly, "that means that they still altered me in some way. For all I know it could be something that turns me into a murderer."

"That may be a little over dramatic," Nabiki said levelly, "I don't think it's that bad."

"Either way, this only hinders us," he threw his hands up, "there is no way to know for sure about this."

Nabiki nodded, "I agree, you have that card on you don't you? Let's take a trip to the bank."


Nabiki shrugged at the question, "Maybe I can take a look at the card you have and see where it's from. It's worth a try."

The two of them stood up and made for the door before it occurred to Ranma that they were forgetting about something, "What about you're daughter?"

"Oh, well she can come with us," Nabiki said with a shrug, "there shouldn't be any problems with that. Come on Hitomi"

The girl nodded and followed the two of them out the door, this was a long shot on Nabiki's part. If that card did hold information about the user then it would be useful in finding out where Ranma had been for the last ten years. If they could not find anything there would be no choice but to accept that there was no clue as to whom this man was. The disk she had looked at had held a lot of information that she had withheld from Ranma. Most of this was due to the fact that she did not want to drop too much on him at once. Such as the fact that most of the soldiers had been used to eliminate anyone that went against the group that created them. To get down to the dirt, he had killed people that could be considered completely innocent. Whatever had become of the Ranma she once knew, if this was in fact him, it was gone once he joined the company.

Though she theorized that most of this was due to the fact that they altered parts of his brain so that he would not think twice about killing people. Such alterations had apparently been temporary as his reaction to possibly being a killer had attested to.

One of the biggest mysteries was the reason for created such super soldiers. She could understand wanting protection, but having an army of super soldiers seemed like overkill. There had to be some other reason for creating these genetic beings other than protection. That very reason could be on the part of the file that had not been downloaded. If only she could get the rest of that file she could find out what was going on here. It seemed that she would have to settle for what she had right now, she would worry about it later. Besides, they were at the bank now, she had to focus on building up from the smaller leads. Nabiki was confident everything would fall into place.

Walking into the building, she went up to the teller and handed them the card. Nabiki explained what she wanted and the teller nodded in understand. Swiping the card, the teller waited, frowned at the machine, and swiped the card again. After a couple more swipes the information on the card finally came up. Not only was there information about how much money Ranma had in the account, there was also a picture of him with his code name underneath it, RS1. There was a note that said that he could also work as a double agent somehow. It did not go into detail but it did say that it involved a simple change. Nabiki had her suspicions about what that change was but that theory could wait until later. Nabiki thanked the teller once she had gotten all the relevant information off the card, and she walked outside where him and Hitomi where waiting.

Nabiki smiled as she saw Ranma and Hitomi playing, Ranma sitting on the steps while Hitomi stood in front of him, "I tell you that was not how it happened!"

Ranma laughed and placed his hand behind his head nervously, "I only call it how I see it. All I know is you were acting awfully nice to that boy."

"You're incorrigible," Hitomi yelled at him.

"Maybe," Ranma put his hand to his chin in mock thought, "I think your denying this a little too much though."

Hitomi saw her mom and stormed up to her, "Mother, you're friend is making fun of me!"

Nabiki chuckled and looked at Ranma, who stared back at her expectantly, "Oh, listen to you. You sound like a pampered little princess."

The girl blushed in embarrassment, "Mom!"

"Sorry, hun," Nabiki said, "I'll get him to apologize to you."

Ranma stood as she walked near and folded his arms over his chest, "So what did you learn?"

The woman waggled a finger in front of his face, "Uh, uh, you have an apology to make first."

"What?" Ranma asked before looking at the pouting Hitomi standing next to her mom, "Oh, sorry, I guess I did push it a little to far. Don't be angry Hitomi."

He smiled at the girl and she seemed to soften a little before nodding, "Okay, but don't do it again."


Clearing her throat, Nabiki drew his attention once again, "From what I learned from that card you are apparently who I thought you were. All the evidence points to you being Ranma, there is just one last test I would like to conduct. For this we need to go somewhere private."

Grinning toothily and half joking, Ranma said, "Is this something that Hitomi should see."

Nabiki shrugged, "Well it's nothing sexual if that's what you mean, I believe it would be best if she saw it just so she knew in case it turns up later."

He nodded, "Alright, well let's go then."

With those words the three of them walked back towards Nabiki's house. Most of the walk was spent making small talk, with Nabiki throwing in things from the past that she hopped Ranma would remember. There were a few things that did seem to stick, if only for a second or two, but it was only a second. After a few more tries, Nabiki became quiet and the rest of the walk was made in silence. Finally they got home and the woman told Ranma to take a seat and wait. Ranma complied with a nod and took a seat on the sofa in front of the television.

Nabiki disappeared into the kitchen for a while and there was the sound of running water. When the woman came back she had two glasses in her hands. One was steaming and the other was normal cold tap water. She set the steaming one down in front of Ranma and slowly poured the other glass over a surprised

Ranma's head. The result was a very pissed off red haired, and now female,


"What'd you do that for?" the red haired woman yelled, "and why does my voice sound different?"

Calmly, Nabiki guided the girl over to a mirror so she could take a look, "This is why you're voice sounds different."

Ranma took one look and screamed, stumbling backwards and falling to the floor, "What the hell happened?"

"Wow, that is some deep amnesia," Nabiki said in astonishment, "you mean to say that even the curse that has been the bane of your existence brings back no memories?"

The red haired woman climbed to her feet and blinked, "You mean I've been like this since I was eighteen."

"Try fifteen, Ranma." Nabiki said, "You had it when you first met me and that was when you just turned sixteen. You had it a year before that."

Ranma held her head as she shook it slowly back and forth, "Man, this is too much to deal with right now. I need to go for a walk, I need to think."

With those words the man walked out the door, closing it lightly behind him, and started in a random direction down the street. There was so much that he was forced to come to terms with right now, not the least of which was the fact that he had a curse that changed his gender. Speaking of which, she realized that she had been too angry to have the mind to change back into a male. Now all she had to do was remember what Nabiki said changed her back into a male. It was something like hot water, that had to be it, that must have been the reason for the steaming glass of water. She had just stormed out before Nabiki had a chance to use that water on her. Now she just had to find someone who was willing to part with some hot water. Might as well try a random door.

Going up to one of the next closest doors, she knocked and waited for an answer. There was a few seconds of waiting and she knocked again, making sure that if there was someone inside they heard her knock. There were a few seconds of pause before heavy footsteps sounded on the other side of the door. The door opened and there was an old lady in the entryway giving him a suspicious eye.

"Excuse me, ma'am," Ranma said while trying to sound as polite as possible, "I was just wondering if you would have some warm water I could borrow."

The old lady looked her up and down for a second before closing the door. Ranma sighed and looked at the door for a second before starting to turn away. She made it to the end of the walkway before he heard the door open again. Looking back he saw the old lady standing in the doorway with a steaming kettle of water in her hands. Ranma walked back to her and took the steaming kettle, bowing in thanks as he did so.

"Thank you much, ma'am," she said.

The old lady smiled, "No problem, if you have time you should go visit the Tendo Dojo you left so long ago. They have missed you a lot, Ranma Saotome."

The girl gasped in surprise as she poured the hot water over herself, the old woman's words surprising him, "Thanks, could you tell me where it is? I don't have the best memory after all this time."

"Sure, it's very easy to get there from here, just go strait down the street," the woman said.

Ranma bowed again, "Thank you, and take care."

"You're welcome young man, and watch out for people cleaning their driveways with ladles," the old woman said with a smile.

Smiling, Ranma nodded as he walked away, "I will."

The old lady had been right when she had said that the house was just a little down the street from her. Even if he did have his full memories, he was not sure he would remember the place. Not that it was not important looking, just the opposite actually, it was just that he could tell the house had been consumed by age. The giant wooden gates hung open, crawling with vines and rot. The lawn was covered in weeds that grew over a foot high. The house itself looked to be condemned and the dojo in the yard was missing a few walls. Though he was sure that this place once held a life for him, the promise of getting that back was as impossible as the house ever looking like it used to.

Walking through the yard he spotted something in the grass, something that did not seem to belong. Bending down, Ranma picked the object up and studied it for a few minutes. It looked like the remnants of a camera, most of the body was missing though, along with the case. Ranma studied the object and saw that the broken camera has been cut by something sharp, the severing too strait and smooth for a simple breaking. Something had happened at this house, a fight of some sort had driven these people out. Maybe exploring the house a little more would reveal something more about what had happened here.

Standing, Ranma headed towards the house and opened the door with a creak like a falling oak. Carefully he stepped in and beheld a view that looked like something out of a horror movie. Cobwebs covered everything and furniture was covered with sheets as if it was about to be moved. He walked around the first floor a little more but he could find nothing to help him find out who he was.

Ranma decided that looking upstairs might be a better bet.

As he made his way up the stairs they creaked in a foreboding symphony. He felt as if he would fall through the stairs with every new step he took. It was a few minutes before he got to the top of the stairs and made his way down the hall to look at the rooms. One door had a wooden duck with the words "Akane" on it. Deciding to start there he opened the door and took a look inside. Most of the room was bare, except for a bed and a single picture left standing. Walking over to the picture he blew the dust off and took a look at the picture.

It in there was a picture of him next to six other women looking nervous. The faces of the girls in the picture around him looked to range from happy to mad, even to neutral. He recognized one of the girls as Nabiki and the others vaguely drew something out of the back of his mind. Still he could barely hold on to the feeling, it almost seemed like a memory but he could not really say for sure. This picture proved what he had been suspecting when he had entered this place.

This was Nabiki's old house, which meant that something had happened after he left to make this place like this. Maybe something like a fire, or it could be something as major as a fight that had taken this house. Either way the fact was that something had happened that he had not been there to prevent. The fire part seemed pretty illogical just because of the fact that the house did not show signs of burning in any places.

Studying the picture, it looked like he was somehow unhappy with what the picture showed. He put it back down as he had found it and turned to walk out of the room to investigate the house further. Most of the things he found were inconsequential to what he was trying to figure out. Figuring he probably could not find anything else to give him clues Ranma decided to make his way back to

Nabiki's house. It was getting late and he was sure she would start to wonder if he was okay. It was on his way out that he saw a man in a backpack standing in the broken down gate of the house looking as if he had just seen a ghost.

Wondering what the look was about, Ranma walked over to the man and cocked his head to the side, "What's with the look, buddy?"

The man blinked and without warning threw a punch at Ranma, who casually leaned to the side to avoid it, "So it's true."

"I don't know what you're babbling about, but throwing a punch at someone you don't know is not a good start to a relationship," Ranma said with an awkward look on his face.

"First off, I'm not exactly trying to ask you out, Ranma, and second I do know you," The man raised an eyebrow, "though you don't remember me apparently."

Ranma shrugged, "Should I know you? You don't seem too important. Pretty average looking in fact."

The man grinned, "Well it seems that you never change, you forgot me the last time I found you at school, eleven years ago. I shouldn't really blame you, it has been quite some time since you last saw me."

"Well then you will forgive me if I'm on my way," Ranma said as he tried to brush by the other man.

"No, I won't, I never did have a good track record with my temper," The man said as he reached out and grabbed Ranma's shoulder.

With a sudden narrowing of the eyes, the man with the braided ponytail narrowed his eyes and in a flash grabbed the other man by the hand. There was a sickening lurch and then the man found that he was lifted into the air. Thinking quickly, he twisted his body in the air and landed easily on his feet before he hit the ground hard. The surprise was evident on Ranma's face as he witnessed his opponent pull this off. The man he faced just smiled as he saw the look on the face of his rival.

"Don't think I'm some amateur you can just throw around, Ranma," The man grinned, "You must have gotten soft in your old age."

Ranma frowned and before his opponent could react he lunged forward and elbowed the man in the throat. While the man stumbled back, Ranma pressed his advantage by grabbing the man's head and letting it say hello to his knee. His opponent recoiled and stumbled back to get his bearings before he grinned at Ranma with an almost feral look. Confused, the pigtailed man blinked and stood strait before turning his back.

"Hey, don't turn you're back on me," the man screamed at Ranma's back.

Ranma turned and smiled lightly at him, "You are good, I'll admit that, but you are not good enough. You lack the ability to take it to the level that you must to defeat me. To defeat me you much kill and that… is the one thing you can't do."

"You may be right," The man said as he stood strait also, "I was not wanting to fight to the death. I was hoping that you would remember me… I talked to Nabiki, Ranma…"

The man sighed and looked as if he was irritated by that news, "That woman is insufferable. She sticks her nose where it doesn't belong."

"She cares about you," the man said, "When you disappeared she tried to find out where you went. At first we thought it was just for her sister, Akane, my wife."

Ranma turned to him sharply, "This makes me mad, and I have no idea who you are or who your wife is to me but for some reason those words make me angry."

"I'm Ryouga Hibiki," the said in a flat tone, "my wife is Akane Tendo, you used to be engaged to her."

"Ryouga, huh?" Ranma looked up to the sky as if searching for an answer from a higher power, "And the questions keep piling. Of course whether it would be up or across is the question I want to know."

Ryouga walked up to him, picking up his backpack as he did so, and placed a hand on his shoulder in a friendly gesture, "Nobody knows what happened to you, not even Nabiki found out and she has connections to that kind of information."

Ranma looked back at the picture that he had saw earlier, he had not realized that he was in the same room as before. Everyone looked happy except for him, and for all intensive purposes nothing had changed. He could have left to find happiness, maybe he was forced to, and maybe he should try to find a way to get his memory back. Something occurred to him and he looked at Ryouga with eyes that held no room for his question to be unanswered.

"You said that Nabiki cared for me, what did you mean?" Ranma asked the question harshly.

Ryouga's green eyes met his blue eyes and there was a long pause before he answered, "It's not my place to say, suffice it to say, she did not want you to marry her sister."

With that the man walked away and as he did, Ranma was left with even more questions that before and no answers. Sighing, he turned and walked out of the room and eventually out of the ruins of the house. It had gotten so late that the night breeze was out and a light wind blew through the streets. It was warm this night and Ranma enjoyed the feeling of it, the wind on his face and his close fluttering. Everything was dark except for where the street lights shone down in a distorted circle of brightness. Stopping at a vending machine he put in some money he had found digging in his pocket. There was a click and some beeping as he made his selection then a wiring sound as the machine released his selection from its grasp. Ranma reached down and took the package from the machine, it was a pack of cigarettes. The man went to put one in his mouth before he realized that he did not have a lighter. With a silent curse he put the package in his back pocket to save for later.

It took him a while before he actually got back to the house, not because it was far away, but because it was hard for him to find. He had not been around this area a lot and so he had found the place difficult to locate. Eventually he did get back to the house and he found the front door unlocked and a meal waiting for him when he got back. Really it was just an instant meal but he expected no different from her, she did not seem to be living the "charmed life" so to speak. Truth to tell, he was not really hungry and so decided to eat it later.

It had been sitting out this long so it probably wouldn't hurt it to stay out a little longer. Making his way to the couch, Ranma was surprised to see someone already occupying the place in which he intended to sleep. It was a little cliché on her part but he felt the need to see it through so he picked her up and gently did his duty by putting the woman in her proper bed before retiring himself. As he walked out he could swear he heard a snicker come from somewhere but dismissed it as his imagination. Had he known that Nabiki was actually awake as he took her to be he would have been a little angry. As he was he decided to just go to bed, or to his couch as the case may be.

Laying down he thought about the ways in which he would be able to get his memory back. It may have helped had he been able to figure out how it happened in the first place. With a sigh he went to sleep and decided to figure it out in the morning. After all he was tired and in this state of mind he would barely be able to figure out how to open a box, let alone figure out the mysteries of his life.

It was the television that woke him, someone had been watching it for a while he supposed. As he opened his eyes and looked at the entertainment device which worked by way of a vacuum tube, he could see a news reporter. She was standing in front of what probably used to be a warehouse but it was so wrecked he could barely tell that it had been a building. Sitting up he listened idly as she talked about someone possibly planting a bomb and blowing the warehouse up. He sniffed his arms as he listened and found that he really needed to wash up before his smell knocked out a yak. Getting up he found Hitomi staring intently at the television in a chair next to the couch he was laying on. Blinking, he decided it did not really matter and decided to go ahead and take a shower. Walking upstairs he knocked on the door to the bathroom and getting no answer he opened the door and proceeded to undress and bathe.

As he turned on the shower and waited for the water to warm up he thought about the warehouse on the news. Something in the back of his mind told him that he was going to have to go there to find out his identity. The question to why this came to him did occur to him and that was a question he dismissed because he could not answer it. Getting out of the shower he dried himself off and wrapped a towel around his waist. As he walked to where he had laid his close he was surprised to see them gone and in their place were a different set, a red shirt with yellow shirt ties and a pair of black pants. There was also a pair of black Chinese peasant shoes provided for him, he did not put them on because he had no need of shoes while he was inside. Instead he picked them up and carried them downstairs to the door.

As he turned around he saw Nabiki standing in front of him with her arms crossed, "Hey, I'm glad you came back."

Ranma raised an eyebrow and grinned, "I couldn't let you worry about me. After all, with my charming good looks I'm sure you would miss me."

Nabiki gave him a mock frown, "Ah yes, even if you lost your memory you still act the same. So, did you find anything?"

The man shook his head, "Nah, the only thing I found was a picture of a bunch of people that I guess used to know me. I went to your old house."

The woman seemed to become sad at this, "So you saw what happened then, after you left, one of your fiancés, Shampoo, attacked us."

"Wait, ONE, of my fiancés?"

"You had three and one that was crazy as a bat and thought you two were married. Anyways," Nabiki started to look uncomfortable, "She attacked the whole family in a rage and threatened to kill everyone. If it weren't for Ryouga being there a lot of people would have gotten hurt. Still, she was skilled enough to give him a good run and in the end her great-grandmother had to subdue her, having arrived just a little too late to save your father from being killed. To his credit he did try to protect us, he wasn't that bad in the end."

Ranma sighed, "Yes, well, that explains the house, but why did you not rebuild it. The damage did not look that bad."

At these words the woman seemed to become furious and marched up to him, "I'll tell you why, you idiot, it's because you felt it was okay to just take off and leave everyone behind. We thought you would come back at first, for a year we were convinced that you would come back. When a year past everyone started to think you had really gone, and seeing as you had become one of the family it was devastating to us. We had to leave because if we didn't there would be the constant reminder of someone missing from our lives, someone important. Damn it, Ranma, you fool."

The man was taken back as the woman collapsed against him and started to sob. This was definitely not the same woman he had known before, so calm and collected, this woman was different. It seemed as if the guard she used to protect herself from life had totally slipped away and in its place a very hurt woman was left. Of course, Ranma was never one to just let a girl cry, it always tugged at him when they did. For all his machismo and bravado he was really a softy and that was what all the girls liked about him. It was not his good looks, though those helped, it was the fact that underneath it all he was a nice guy. The only problem was that he had changed from before, he was not the Ranma that this woman knew. He had been through many things and it was hard for him to put into words what he could say. There was a point where he would stumble clumsily around his words to figure out the right thing to say. Now he quietly tried to figure out the right thing to say.

"I'm sorry," the man said as he put his arms around the woman gently, it seemed the right thing to do, "I think that I had to go, I wish I could remember why, I can't remember anything, Nabiki. It scares me, I don't think I've been this scared of anything. You got to realize that I don't even remember you... I wish I could say something comforting but I don't know what would comfort you. I guess saying I'm sorry is not enough."

The woman just continued to sob in his chest, he supposed that it was good to just let out the emotions. She had probably been holding them in for a while and he knew that holding your feelings back for a long time was not healthy. It was about a half an hour later that she stopped and freed herself from his embrace, wiping her eyes as she did so.

"You feel a little better," the man asked.

Nabiki nodded and looked down at the ground, "You know, you are the only one who's made me break down like that. Well except for my mother when she passed away, damn you, why'd you have to leave."

Ranma shrugged, "I wish I knew, go off to work, you're late. I'm going to look for more clues but I promise that I'll be back in time for dinner."

"You had better," the woman said, walking out the door, "Oh, and make sure

Hitomi gets to school without a problem, okay?"

Ranma agreed to this and then he realized that said little girl was going to be late if he did not get going, "Come on, Hitomi, it's time for school."

"Alright," the girl said as she picked up her things and the two of them headed out the door.


That's all you get for Chapter One, a measly 12 pages. I'm being sarcastic in case you could not tell. Anyways, I hope you like this first chapter. It is a little different from the show, I realize that. Basically the idea just came into my head one night when I was tired and grew from there... I'll try to figure out where all this is going after the next chapter.