Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters or Sunset Blvd. They belong to Andrew Lloyd Weber and Billy Wilder

A/N: So I don't know how many people know about the musical version of Sunset Boulevard, but I recently found my copy of the cast album and this idea just kind of popped into my head. Betty Schaefer is one of my dream roles so I thought I'd make this fic

I walked out the door of my apartment and looked out at LA. It looked so peaceful in the day light. I couldn't get Joe out of my mind. I knew I had to though. He had chosen, he didn't want me, he wanted that life. Suddenly I looked down at the paper:

Silent Film Killer

There was a picture of her, of Norma Desmond. It couldn't be! It wasn't possible. I picked up the paper and began to read the story.

Silent Film Queen Norma Desmond was apprehended at 5 o'clock this morning. She is in an altered mental state, but it is believed that she shot and killed a young man. The man has been identified as Joseph Gillis, an up and coming screen writer.

I couldn't keep reading. I couldn't do it. He was dead, actually dead. A real Hollywood murder and all I could do was cry. I rushed back into the apartment, and saw it sitting on the desk, next to the typewriter. Blind Windows. My screenplay, our screenplay, mine and Joe. Looking at it I realized I had options now. I could just go to Tennessee, marry Artie, I do still love him. It would be simple. But there's the other option, I could call Artie, today like I planned, tell him I didn't want to get married, that I wanted to stay in Hollywood and be a writer, with Joe. Except now there was no Joe, and without Joe there was no writing. I couldn't do it alone. But then an idea hit me. I would pitch Blind Windows to Sheldrake. I would, I owed it to him, I owed it to Joe!

"Mr. Sheldrake!" I burst into his office, "I have something for you!"

"Miss Kramer, this is not a good time, the studio is doing all kinds of damage control with this Desmond Gillis situation!"

"It's Schaefer and this might help!" I held up the copy of Blind Windows "It's a screenplay. Joe and I wrote it. We finished it last night. The last work of the murdered Joseph Gillis, it would make more money than anything the studio ever did. A Hollywood murder is the best publicity." My face was strong, but my insides were shaking, I needed it to work.

"I'll read it, I can't guarantee anything, but like you said, the murder is good publicity."

Two months later I stood looking at his tomb stone. I said out loud, the only way I knew how to speak to him, "Well Joe, I did it. After only a little bit of consideration, Sheldrake took it. They're going to make Blind Windows. I kept our beginning of course, Boy meets Girl. But I changed the ending a little. Boy tries to get Girl to leave, but she won't. I did that because it's what I should have done. Maybe if I had then…" I started to cry, "I read somewhere that she shot you because you tried to leave her. I don't know if that's true or not, but it makes me think, why? I tried to understand, why would you push me away and leave her? It doesn't make sense. Anyway, I'm going to leave now, because once they make the movie, it'll be over. And I'm going to leave you behind, because I have to."

So I left some flowers on the grave and walked away. I, Betty Schaefer, at the age of 22 walked away from the grave of the man I loved, because it was the only thing left to do.