Disclaimer: This disclaimer is about a disclaimist who disclaims all things that should be claimed but is only disclaimed because it has to be disclaimed because it wasn't the disclaimist's right to claim so that's why the disclaimer is called a disclaimer and not a claimer because the disclaimist disclaims but exclaims because the disclaimist has to disclaim when the disclaimist wants to claim but the disclaimist is forced to claim disclaiming instead of claiming claim.

A/N: Writer's block with the story 'Snippets'…hoping it would become popular, maybe THIS fanfic will…



This Fred and George Weasley, reporting for our magazine, The Jokester. It's nearing February and love is in the air…so we'd thought it'll be good to put some mushy romantic stuff in here and put aside all the jokes in place of a good ol' interview with our mate, the Boy Who Lived…we'll ask him about his recent marriage with Luna Lovegood and pretty much nose around in his love life!

Oi, Fred, let me dictate to the quill now!

Just let me-

You said we'll take turns!!

So? I'm not finished.


Sod off, I'm almost done here, just-



Ugh, have your stupid input in the magazine then. Everyone knows I'M the one who founded it anyway-

Bugger off, poser. Look, I don't even have anything to say for the introduction.

You know-the Legilimency-

Oh, yeah! Heh heh, we knew Harry wouldn't exactly give us word-by-word details about the good stuff, so we broke into his and Luna's mind and put in a little bit of what we saw…interesting stuff there was…

Not to worry, we so eloquently put it all in PG-rated form…or PG-11, really.

Isn't it PG-12?

Dunno. Well, we had this very long and exhausting interview yesterday…lasted three hours, I think-but we do it for the fans, of course.

Right, mate. So yesterday Harry and Luna arrived at our office early afternoon-

-we said one thirty sharp-

-but they came at one thirty TWO-

-so disappointed in them-

-how could they do that to us-

-but on with the introduction-

-boy, it's pretty long, isn't it?

Just get on with it, will you? THIS is why it's taking so long-

Okay, okay-no need to get all arse-hurt…so anyway, we got over the diappointment in a flash-told them courteously we were going to have the interview at Three Broomsticks and that we were going to pay. So we Apparated over there and-

Aren't we supposed to describe what they were wearing and stuff?

Well-they were wearing Muggle clothes-

Harry had on a green sweater-

-and khaki pants, I think-

Okay, what about Luna?

I dunno, weird stuff…

She had on a sundress and jeans-

The dress was purple-

-she said she charmed on the feathers and eggshells and that they belonged to the rare species of Glogokian Pirgles, load of rubbish-

-the jeans were splattered with inkblots and she had written stuff all over it-


But you have to admit-

-yeah, she looked kinda cute.


Just a little bit.

::awkward silence::



Why don't we just show post up these embarrassing photos of you and Angelina last Christmas when they had just one drink too many? After all, you said romance and comedy go hand-in-hand, eh, Fred?

You wouldn't-

Oh, I would


Ha! I got 'em now. Let me just stick them in the fireplace and we'll forget this ever


Hmph…I have copies…

What was that, George?

Why nothing, Fred. Let's just end this-

You said you had copies.

Must've been hallucinating-