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Melissa Jackson



Chapter Four: Jellyfish Fields: Part Two-Melissa's Orgins

-Flashback from previous Part One-

"You know. I haven't had this much fun for a long time. Even in my time above the waves, can't remember a time I had such a good time. It's Ironic. A year ago, I wouldn't be able to do any of this, let alone travel throughout the ocean," Melissa said, looking at Spongebob and Patrick.

"Would you like to hear the story?" Melissa asked.

"Sure," Spongebob and Patrick said in unison.

-End Flashback-

"Okay then. It was about a year ago that I went to a scuba diving trip in Cancun, Mexico. Boy, that's a trip I'll never forget," Melissa started to explain.


Melissa was deep inside the ocean with her scuba gear on. She wore a black wet suit with two tanks of air strapped to her back. Her feet was covered with a pair of fins. Melissa had a helmet on with a an air hose attached to the helmet, allowing her to breath and talk underwater at the same time. She was swimming along the ocean floor, taking some underwater snapshots of coral reefs that were colored in beautifully underneath the waves. Suddenly, Melissa starts to hear screaming and cries for help. She put her camera away in her belt that was around her waist and quickly started to swim at the direction that the cries were coming from. Melissa swam to a clear opening and was shocked at what she saw. Out in front of her was two figures caught in a fishing net, but the two figures were clearly mermaids. One of the mermaids was a tall older male, dressed in a red robe with a white spotted trimming along the sides of the robe. He was wearing a gold medallion around his neck that had an inscribed picture of Atlantis. He had red hair on the top of his head which was slightly visible due to the red crown that he had on. Red, fiery eyes looked about in fear for being trapped deep within the fishing net and diverting his attention to another mermaid that was standing next to him.

The other mermaid was shorter than him and was a female. She had short blue, wavy hair and sharp blue eyes that were constantly focused on the taller mermaid. She wore a pink t-shirt with a small pink circle picture of a whale on her shirt. Small, slender arms comfortly wrapped around the taller mermaid's arm, trying her best to calm him down.

"Calm down, dad. You're not helping the situation. You're just making this worst!" Mindy softly spoke to her father.

"Calm down!?! CALM DOWN!?! I have no reason to calm down! I, King Neptune, great King of the Sea am caught in this fishing net that those........surface dwellers cast down here and you're caught in it as well. I know that as soon as that net starts moving upward, are fates our sealed. You perfectly well know that going up and out of the waves is certain death, since we can't breathe the air up there and who knows what kinds of things those surface dwellers have in store for us. So, I think that I have every right for worrying about us dying in the hands of people who would skin us alive and that I have every right to PANIC!!!!!!" King Neptune replied, panicking hysterically. "Oh, Daddy! You can't lose hope. You must believe that we will get out of this safely and that someone can help us and come to our rescue," Mindy said, shaking her head. "Dear child," King Neptune replied ,glaring at Mindy, "Do you see anyone out here in the ocean that can help us? I was the only one who could get us out of this mess but, when I was caught, I dropped my trident on those rocks and that was the only way I've could have saved us from this predicament. But, now, there's no way we can get out of this mess. NO WAY!!!!!"

Mindy sighed at her father's stubborn attitude and continual panic attack. Mindy looked out at the ocean before her. Suddenly, she saw a young scuba diver quickly swimming up towards her and her father, King Neptune. "Dad! Look!" Mindy said, pointing to the scuba diver, "Someone is coming to help us." "Oh, Please Child! I don't want to here anymore nonsense. J-Just drop it!" King Neptune sulkily said. "Well, If you're not going to be any help, then, I'll have to get her attention," Mindy said, with her hands on her hips. "Her!?!" King Neptune responded, puzzled. "Hello..........Can you help us!?!, Mindy called out to the scuba diver, ignoring her father. Melissa heard Mindy calling her. She tried to quicken the pace of her swim as fast as she could be her scuba gear was holding her down.

Finally, Melissa was able to reach the net, in which Mindy was smiling.

"Are the both of you okay?" Melissa said to Mindy. King Neptune was shocked at seeing a scuba diver in the ocean for he clearly he hadn't noticed her before. "S-S-S-She..........She's human," King Neptune replied, shocked. Mindy started to go toward Melissa but was abruptly stopped by her father, King Neptune. "What are you doing, Mindy? That girl is a human. She can't be trusted," King Neptune said, holding Mindy back. "Dad! That girl is harmless! She came to help us. Please let her help us," Mindy replied. "B-But Mindy........!?!" King Neptune said, but his words fell upon deaf ears as Mindy ignored him and went towards Melissa, stretching her arm out to hold her hand.

"Please help us! Me and my father were traveling down the ocean when we were caught in this net. We've tried to get out of this mess but we're unable to escape. Can you please help us?" Mindy spoke softly. "Don't worry. I'll get you and you're father out of this net," Melissa responded, squeezing Mindy's hand. Melissa released her hand and started to search around her belt for a pocket knife. She pulled out the knife from one of her pocket compartments on her belt. With a quick turn, she exposed the blade and started to cut the rope. The rope was tough and Melissa was having a hard time getting one string cut from the rope. Mindy saw the frustrated work that Melissa was doing. So, Mindy started to look around for another object that could cut the rope more easily for Melissa. Soon, Mindy noticed her father's trident stuck on a rock. "Miss," Mindy called out to Melissa, pointing to the trident, "Maybe you can cut the rope using my father's trident."

Melissa exhausted over trying to cut the rope with the pocket knife, looked down to where Mindy was pointing and saw the trident. Melissa put away her pocket knife back inside her belt compartment and swam down towards the trident.

The trident glowed in a beautiful gold color with jewels on the handle. Melissa saw that the trident was stuck on a rock. Rubbing her hands together, Melissa grasped the handle of the trident and pulled with all her might, trying to get the trident out. Slowly, the trident pulled out inch by inch while Melissa kept pulling the trident. Finally, after pulling so hard, the trident was released form the rock. Melissa held the trident firmly as it glowed even brighter with her grasp. "That's odd," King Neptune pondered, looking at Melissa, "My trident is reacting to that girl." "That's not possible, daddy," Mindy responded, "Only you and I can handle the trident." Mindy looked at Melissa. "And yet, that girl seems to have reacted the trident, somehow," Mindy pondered, turning her attention to King Neptune, "Do you suppose that girl might have some hidden.........power?" "I don't know, my child. I just don't know!" King Neptune responded.

Both King Neptune and Mindy continued to look at Melissa, astounded at the courage she displayed. Melissa was looking at the trident, puzzled that it had reacted to her touch. "Hmmm.......that's strange," Melissa thought, "This trident is glowing brighter than before I even pulled it out of the rock. But why is it doing that?" Melissa kept on looking at the trident, confused as to why it had reacted to her.

Meanwhile up above the waves, a fishing boat was hovering in the ocean. A crewmate was overlooking the net that was cast down in the ocean, seeing that it had caught something. The crewmate immediately ran up to the captain, who was overlooking the ocean. "Crewmate reporting, sir," the crewmate said, saluting to the captain. "Aye, lad! Go on," replied the Captain, facing the crewmate. "We hit a snag on the net. I think we caught something and from the looks of it, seems to be pretty big," the crewmate reported. "Well, what are ye waiting for, lad? Hoist it up! Perhaps it's that swordfish I've been searching for,"the Captain said. "Aye, Aye, Captain," the crewmate saluted. The crewmate ran back to the side of the ship and started to slowly reel the net in. In the ocean, King Neptune and Mindy noticed that the net started to pull upwards. "T-The net is moving!" King Neptune nervously said. "Oh, no! They're pulling us up!" Mindy replied. She focused her attention to Melissa. "Miss! Please hurry and help us!" Mindy cried. "Help!" King Neptune shouted. Both Mindy and King Neptune started crying for help to Melissa. Melissa was looking at the trident in her hands, but immediately diverted her attention to King Neptune and Mindy, who were yelling for her help. Melissa tighten her grip on the trident and started to swim towards the net but was abruptly stopped. Melissa looked behind her and saw that the scuba tank string was stuck between a rock. Melissa feverently tried to get the string unhooked but it was to no avail. Melissa looked up and saw that the net was moving higher and higher up toward the surface.

"Damn! That net is moving higher and I'm caught on this rock," Melissa thought, "I have to do something and fast before that net reaches the surface. I can't let them down." Melissa looks down at the trident. "And I won't let them down," thought Melissa, "This is probably going to be the most stupidest thing I've ever done, but I have no choice. I have to save them."

Melissa takes a deep breath, inhaling as much air as she can. Melissa then shuts off her scuba tank, takes off the scuba gear from her back, unlatches her helmet and takes it completely off. Melissa quickly started to swim up to the net as fast as she could, holding her breath in, with the trident gripped at her hand.(A/N: Scuba divers are trained to hold their breath underwater for long periods of time in case of an emergency, but, don't ever try this!) King Neptune and Mindy were shocked that Melissa had taken off her scuba gear. "My goodness! T-That girl took off her scuba gear. She can't breathe without it," Mindy said, shocked. "T-That brave girl. She took off her gear because it got on her way from swimming up to us. I have never seen so much courage an spirit from this young woman. It's amazing. She truly is genuine," King Neptune shockingly replied.

Mindy and King Neptune looked on in amazement as Melissa swam faster up toward them. Finally, Melissa reached up to King Neptune and Mindy, who focused their attention to her. Gripping the trident with both hands, she pointed the trident towards the net a few inches above King Neptune and Mindy's head, focusing energy from the trident, which was strange to her for she did not know how or why she was doing this. The trident glowed even brighter than before with King Neptune and Mindy staring at her with wide eyes, unable to utter a sound. With one swift move, Melissa released a huge energy beam from the trident, thus cutting the net.

Above the waves, the crewmate reeled in the net and was shocked to see that the net was ripped. "Captain!"the crewmate said. "What is it, lad?" Captain responded, walking towards the crewmate. "It seems the creature cut itself loose, sir." The crewmate reported, pointing to the net. "Blast! And that was a fine net too. Well, me boy. There's nothing more than we can do here! We'll have to go to shore and get another net for the sea. Let's sail off!"Captain ordered. "Aye, Aye, Captain," Crewmate responded. The boat slowly starts to sail off towards the shore.

Back in the ocean, Melissa sees the boat slowly sailing off to the shore but her attention diverts to King Neptune and Mindy, screaming while plunging down to the ocean due to their weight. Melissa sees a bunch of sharp coral edges just below them. "Both of them will be seriously hurt if they crash down to the coral," Melissa thought, while looking below her, "I've got to pull them up before that happens. Don't worry guys! I'm coming!" With one hand gripped to the trident, Melissa pointed the trident behind her, focused the energy and released an energy beam from the trident, propelling herself toward King Neptune and Mindy while holding her breath. As Melissa reached closer to King Neptune and Mindy, she stretched out her hand to catch the net. Finally, Melissa caught up with King Neptune and Mindy. She tucked the trident underneath her arms and caught the net with both hands, stopping abruptly before they touched the coral. Both King Neptune and Mindy looked up at Melissa, astounded at the bravery that she displayed. Melissa slowly swam away from the coral, carrying the net with her. She saw a soft spot of sand and plopped the net down. Melissa, with the trident in her hand, started to cut the net in shreds thus untangling King Neptune and Mindy, releasing them. Both Mindy and King Neptune swam up away from the now shredded net, stunned at Melissa's actions. Melissa swam up to King Neptune and handed his trident back to him. King Neptune stood there, staring blankly at Melissa, who was smiling to him. Overwhelmed by his emotions, King Neptune swam up to Melissa and hugged her tightly while Mindy watched, smiling at her father.

Melissa lightly tapped King Neptune's shoulder. King Neptune looks down at her. "AIR!!!!!" Melissa gasped. Quickly, King Neptune realized Melissa from his grip, slightly blushing. "Sorry, miss. I-I was just overwhelmed at the bravery you displayed........," King Neptune replied, but stopped for a moment, realizing that Melissa was breathing, "You can breathe normally?" "I can.......breathe normally!?! What do you mean?" Melissa inquired. "Well! You're talking to me, right now. Normally no surface dweller can speak and breathe underwater at the same time without a type of scuba gear that allows you to do that, but........here you are, talking freely to me, as if you were on land," King Neptune explained.

Melissa looked around here and realized that she wasn't holding her breath anymore. She quickly inhaled some water, waiting to see if she would choke on the water. Melissa slowly exhaled, surprised that she was able to breathe the water so easily and without choking from the water. "That's strange.........," Melissa thought, "I-I'm not sure how I'm breathing underwater. But I am." Melissa looked at King Neptune and Mindy. "Well, that doesn't matter, right now," Melissa thought, "I'm glad those two are safe." Melissa started to speak to King Neptune. "Thank you for your kind words, sir. I just wanted to make sure that the both of you were okay," Melissa explained, clearing her throat and extending her hand, "Ahem! My name is Melissa Jackson and I'm from Austin, Texas." Melissa shook King Neptune's hand. "Nice to meet you, Melissa," King Neptune greeted, shaking her hand, "I am King Neptune, King of Atlantis and right next to me is my daughter, Princess Mindy of Atlantis." Mindy swam up to Melissa and shook her hand. "It's an honor to meet you, Melissa," Mindy greeted. "Oh no, princess. The honor is mine. I feel privileged meeting you and your father. I've never met anyone who was royalty before, so I consider it an honor meeting the both of you and that I was able to help you out," Melissa replied.

"Oh, think nothing of it. Oh, and just call me Mindy. Everyone else does," Mindy said.

"Okay!" Melissa replied, smiling.

"Well. It looks like the two of you are already friends," King Neptune commented. Both Mindy and Melissa blushed. King Neptune diverted his attention to Melissa. " My dear child. I wouldn't dwell too much on how or why you have the ability to breathe underwater. Think of it as an opportunity to explore the regions of the ocean floor and sea life," King Neptune suggested. "Yeah! You can even go on adventures, go and explore the many secrets that the ocean hides. You can even visit us in Atlantis. We can hang out, go exploring and have tons of fun," Mindy said. "Yes, that is a grand idea. Since you and Mindy are almost the same age, you can both hang around in Atlantis and do things that girls your ages does," King Neptune said.

"That sounds great!" Melissa replied.

King Neptune reached inside his pocket on his robe and pulled out a card. "This is our phone number. Whenever you decide to visit Atlantis or when you just want to talk to Mindy, call us at anytime. If you have any problems getting through to us, then just leave a message addressed to me and I'll take care of it, personally," King Neptune said. He handed the card to Mindy, in which she gave the card to Melissa. Melissa looked at the card. Suddenly, Melissa's eyes started to swell up as she looked at King Neptune. "I-I don't know what to say......," Melissa emotional replied. Before Melissa could continue on, King Neptune placed a finger delicately on her lips, silencing her. "You don't have to say anything. You've earned our respect and gratitude. You are an extordinary, young lady and you deserve our thanks!" King Neptune spoke softly to Melissa, placing a kiss gently on her hand. Melissa blushed at the comment that King Neptune gave her.

Melissa then puts away her card in one of the pocket compartments on her belt. "Well, we must be going off. I have to get back to Atlantis. Mindy has her studies as well. You know, Mindy has always been telling me that not all humans are bad and today, you've proven that point," King Neptune said, "I-I also apologize for some of my actions that I had displayed earlier today. I can be stubborn." "Not to mention, a drama King!" Mindy pointed out. King Neptune slightly glared at his daughter. "Anyways.........It was nice seeing you and I hope that I'll be able to see you again. Don't be shy. Stop by Atlantis, whenever you can. Goodbye, Melissa. Have a nice time exploring the ocean." King Neptune hugged Melissa. "Thank you, your majesty," Melissa said, hugging him back. King Neptune broke off from Melissa and started to swim away. "Goodbye, Melissa. Don't be a stranger, alright?" Mindy said, hugging Melissa. "Okay, Mindy. Maybe we can hang out, sometimes," Melissa replied, hugging her back. Melissa broke off from Mindy. "I would like that!" Mindy exclaimed.

King Neptune called out to Mindy. "Come on, Mindy! We have to get going!" King Neptune shouted. "Coming dad!" Mindy called out to her father. Mindy swam next to King Neptune and looked back at Melissa. Both of them started to swim away, toward Atlantis, waving at Melissa. "Goodbye, Melissa. May all your adventures prove to be joyous!" King Neptune yelled out to Melissa. "Goodbye, King Neptune and Mindy. Have a pleasant swim and arrive safely at Atlantis," Melissa yelled out to both of them. "We will!" Both King Neptune and Mindy cried out. Melissa continued to wave at them until they were out of sight. She than swam down nearby the rocks, picked up her gear and continued swimming along the coral reef.

-End Flashback-

Spongebob and Patrick just sat there with their eyes wide opened, swelling up with tears. "T-That.....that was the most beautiful story that I have ever heard," Spongebob said, sniffingly, "Tissue, Patrick." Patrick handed Spongebob a tissue in which he blew his nose in it. "T-That's so beautiful," Patrick replied, sniffingly also, "I'm so proud..........of you, Melissa!" Both Spongebob and Patrick cried, hugging each other.

"Guys! Why are you crying?" Melissa asked. Spongebob broke off from Patrick, still sniffingly. "Because........y-you showed so much bravery in rescuing King Neptune and Mindy. You're a true hero!" Spongebob answered. "You put y-your own life in danger to save their's and you earned their respect. You perhaps saved the entire ocean," Patrick commented, sniffingly. "Awwww............you guys! I didn't do anything special. I just wanted to help someone who was in trouble and make a friend in the process," Melissa replied, blushing, "I was concerned for their safety."

Spongebob stared at Melissa, awed at the sincerity of her words. "Melissa, I don't think you realize what an impact your actions made for everyone. Because of your kindness and concern, King Neptune, our Great Sea King is back in Atlantis with Mindy, who will one day be Queen," Spongebob started to explain, "King Neptune rules the entire ocean regions with a firm hand. He also protects the ocean from any threats from above the waves. We depend on him for making sure that no one comes and destroys our beloved city. Even though his powers are not compared with yours, he still is a formable opponent to anyone who challenges him. So, that's why we're so touched by your story. By saving King Neptune, you saved us from annilation. You truly are a heroine!"

"T-Thank you, Spongebob. I never thought that my actions would have an effect with everyone. I was just doing what I can to help somebody in need," Melissa replied, blushing. "I know you were," Spongebob said, smiling.

"But it was strange. For some reason, when I handled King Neptune's trident, it reacted toward me. I know the trident is just an object, but still, I was able to use it effectively, as if I was using it for years. Also, when I was swimming freely out in the open next to King Neptune, talking to him, it shocked me that I was able to breathe underwater and that I could withstand the water pressure. It was like something inside of me, deep inside of me, was dormant all this time and suddenly it had awaken. I don't know. It just seems strange to me," Melissa explained. Melissa looked at Spongebob and Patrick. "If you boys don't mind, I'm going to walk little bit and stretch. I won't go far," Melissa said.

"Take your time. We'll be here!" Spongebob replied.

Melissa stood up and walked towards the jellyfish, stretching out her arms. "She truly is Aquarius," Spongebob said, looking at Melissa, "I have no doubts in my mind. Her powers awakened right in front of King Neptune. He probably knows her true identity." "Yeah! And think about this, she's more powerful than King Neptune and Mindy! After all, she is a sea Goddess," Patrick pointed out. "We're pretty lucky to have her as our friend but remember, she must be respected for she is a sea Goddess," Spongebob said. Patrick nodded in response to Spongebob.

Melissa walked back towards Spongebob and Patrick, stretching her back. "That was quick!" Patrick exclaimed. "I just wanted to get up a little bit and stretch myself," Melissa replied, sitting between Patrick and Spongebob, "Sigh..........It's so peaceful out here. I just feel like taking a nap." Patrick pulled Melissa next to his body, with his arm around her waist. "You're warm, Patrick!" Melissa said, cuddling next to Patrick. Patrick smiled and blushed slightly. Melissa leaned her head towards Patrick's shoulder. Spongebob cuddled next to Melissa, slipping his arm around her waist. Melissa put her arm around Patrick's shoulder while she threw the other one around Spongebob's waist.

The trio of friends looked out at Jellyfish Fields, watching the jellyfish buzz around while cuddling each other.

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