VII - Happiness

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"Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length."

Robert Frost


Malfoy was just sitting in the snow, contemplating about what Dumbledore had said when a young, sweet voice asked, "Here again?"

Malfoy looked up from where he was for the second time this week. Harry was above him, just like before, a wan smile over his features as he carried a small, porcelain plate. His scarf wrapped around his neck several times, and his shoes were wet with snow. Malfoy nodded at him, acknowledging, and gazed over at the frozen lake. The still water reflected the scenery perfectly.


"Yes me." Replied Harry curtly, "Cheesecake?"

Malfoy closed his eyes and smirked. Potter seemed to love cheesecake.

"Sure," he drawled out.

A small silence greeted him, and when he glanced up again, Harry's emerald eyes were saucers wide. The question blared, unasked.

You said yes to the cheesecake!

Malfoy snorted. "What are you ogling at? Sit down."

Potter did as he was told. They stared at each other wordlessly as another cold breeze flirted through their hair. The calm Malfoy took the fork from Harry and tasted a piece of the cake. It tasted sweet and cold and delicious. He savored the creamy, soft texture, rolling it in his tongue before swallowing. He handed the fork back to Harry with a smile, and received a dubious look. The blonde shrugged nonchalantly, but inside he also wondered about his strange, friendly actions.

Malfoy opened his mouth when he had finished his bite, again unsure of what he was about to say.

"Potter, I'm…"

"…Yes?" Harry quirked.

Malfoy stared at the green-eyed lad, wondering truly what he was going to say.

Potter, I'm an asshole.

Potter, I'm sorry.

Potter, I'm afraid of what's going to happen.

Potter, I'm regretting everything I've done to hurt you.

Potter, I'm in love with you.

Malfoy sighed it out, in a quick, huffy sigh.


He looked away, back to the lake, watching it with a mournful expression. The cold was getting to him. Maybe it was time to go back inside.

"Why do you torture yourself like this?"

Harry's question pierced seamlessly through his thoughts. Malfoy scrunched his nose and adjusted his robe.

"You think I like it?"

"Then why do you do it?"

Malfoy turned back to Harry, glaring, "Why do you ask so many questions?"

"Because you avoid the first ones." Harry pointed out, looking as stubborn as before. They stared for a long moment, again back to sparking the battle of wills. Finally, Malfoy released his gaze and instead faced back to the body of water before them.

"It's unfair." He said, quietly, "Why can't I know about you, Potter?"

Harry too glanced at the lagoon, absentmindedly stroking his scar with a finger. The lake looked grey and dead. The sun was gone, and the sky seemed darker, looming into night. The clouds looked heavy.

"Everyone knows about The-Boy-Who-Lived," piped Harry, sarcastically.

Malfoy rolled his eyes, and sardonically replied, "But not everyone knows Harry."

They looked at each other, before Harry smiled.

"…Okay, Draco," he said, sportingly, "Ask me a question."

Malfoy did not even hesitate, "Why do you ask me so many things?"

Harry blinked up at him, and Malfoy looked well into the green orbs, eyes that held so much emotion. Harry's tousled black hair caught a few dewdrops of snow. The Gryffindor was staring, but kept light-lipped. In a distance, a streak of lightning and thunder echoed with a resounding clap.

"See?" Malfoy muttered, unnoticing the storm brewing, instead watching Harry with a fixed gaze.

"Well, it's a tough one…" Squirmed Harry quietly. It took a while before he answered.

"Well… I ask you these questions because… because I care about you."

Immediately Malfoy's eyes flickered and other questions popped into his head, "Why do you care about me? What am I to you?"

Harry shook his head, his cheeks suddenly flushing.

"I… I don't know."

Malfoy threw his hands in the air, triumphant but annoyed.

"You see? You can't even answer properly. And here you are darting me with inquiries." (Malfoy made a mimic of someone stupid throwing darts to the lake.)

"Well mine are relatively easier!" Shot Harry.

"For you it is, because you're the one that asks them!"

They looked at each other again, both glaring unhappily, both unwavering. The night sky began to fall over them, but neither noticed. The wind began to grow more forceful, but they merely shivered. Finally, Harry looked down and shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Draco."

Malfoy blinked.

He said sorry.

You don't have the guts to do that, Draco.

Malfoy took a long sigh, something he had never done in Harry's presence, and closed his eyes. What was he afraid of? Why can't he take Dumbledore's advice? After all, what else could go wrong? He couldn't ever get into a decent conversation without breaking into a fight, anyway. Why not let him hear the truth?

Why not trust him?

"Do you know why I'm such a bastard, Harry?" Said Malfoy so suddenly that Harry looked up, surprised. If the circumstances were less serious, Malfoy would have burst out laughing at Harry's cautious expression.

Harry eyed him warily, wondering if this was another trick to smite an insult.


Malfoy looked up at him, and showed him his eyes, now less distant, less firm, less mysterious. His guard was gone; his ruse has finally been stripped of. He was not Malfoy anymore, he was Draco. He knew Harry could see his emotions fully, he knew Harry had seem him at last. His eyes made a silent declaration, almost like, 'Here I am, Harry Potter, unclothed of my Malfoy name. Here I am, Harry Potter, your Draco.'

Harry seemed to have seen the change in Malfoy's demeanor, for he sat up straight and furrowed his brows. Malfoy looked at him helplessly, the truth spilling out of his mouth like the morning sunrays at the break of dawn.

"I'm a bastard because my family carved me into one... Because all my life I had never learned to be anything but a chauvinistic prat."

"—You can change." Said Harry immediately, looking concerned and worried.

"Well… it does not happen overnight."

A nod. Snowflakes began touching their faces. Another growl of thunder echoed from far away. The two students continued to stare at each other, everything from the cold to the cheesecake beside them were forgotten.

Malfoy took a long, deep breath.

I'm going to tell him.

I'm going to tell him before the storm beats me to it. Before the ribbons of courage unfurl…

He stared at Harry, the words forming into his mouth, curling at his tongue, and brought out by a voice that almost seemed too soft to hear.

"Potter… Harry…" he said, leaning forward, "do you know why I chose your side? Do you know why I did it?"


Malfoy paused for a quick moment.

Because I knew you were right.

Because you are so kind.

Because you are so beautiful.

Because I cannot get my mind off you.

Because I care about you.

Because I love you.

No. Words aren't enough

Malfoy leaned in towards Harry, their eyes staring deep, his breath warming. Lips touched, feather-lightly, and Malfoy noted that Harry was sweet and tender and wonderful. And he pushed, until his kiss was deep, until his tongue was inside and meeting Harry's, until Malfoy was kissing the other boy intensely.

Because I love you.

Harry came in closer, a hand touching Malfoy's cheek. They kissed for a long moment, before Malfoy slowly pulled away. Harry sat stunned, and for a while the blonde was afraid. But the Gryffindor broke into a smile. Malfoy smirked back.

"Merry Christmas, Harry."

Harry laughed.

"Merry Christmas, Draco."



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