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Interlude II: Answers.

The sunlight filtered through the windows in long strokes, illuminating the floating dust before sprawling around the polished wooden floor.

Kakashi sat in the corner, below the high windows in a cozy shade. His fingers were lazily wrapped around the bottom of his book, and for all appearances he looked to be casually reading it.

Haku was on a cushion, her legs tucked under her while she waited patiently. Her eyes betrayed no emotions, holding only a blank stare that hid the anxious turmoil boiling in her mind. Beside her, Sakura sighed, absently twirling a stray lock in her finger.

Sasuke stood near the door, leaning back against it. Impatience rolled from him in large, irritated waves. His arms crossed before his chest, and his wide-collared shirt fluttered in the passing breeze.

"I guess this I held this off too long, eh?" A light chuckle was heard. Naruto scratched his head, his mouth half-curled in a grin as the blonde tried to dispel heavy air.

A non-too-subtle cough came from the corner, and the book Kakashi was holding lowered slightly.

The sombre mood soon set in again. Naruto exhaled noisily, and his eyes darkened considerably.

"It. . .it started when I was four. Kin, along with two others, tried to. . .kill me. Painfully of course." A pause. "I was left for the dead. As I said before, my brother found me. He nursed me back to health, and started me on some training exercises.

"It was then when we found out that my chakra had problems. When I first tried to draw it out, a sudden pain overwhelmed me, and I passed out. Only after much observations that my brother realized I had chaos."

A small, yet sincere smile flitted across the genin's face.

"On that day, he promised to help me twist my curse into my favour. He saw me meditation techniques, guided me how to block out the pain. I probably would have died without him."

Sakura gave a stifled gasp, and a hint of a tear quivered at the edge of her eye.

"I guess its because of my chakra chaos that I have such an advantage. Honestly, skill-wise, I know very little jutsus. Most, I invented. My brother never looked much into jutsus, only chakra techniques, so I don't know much. Knowing that and combining it with my limited field experience, I'm not really much of a ninja.

"However, as far as I know, if I used my chakra chaos to my fullest, nobody can shake it off. Of course, technically, if I do that, I'll probably die along with my opponent.

"But, since chakra chaos is tangible and easier to manipulate, as compared to ordinary chakra, its easier to mold it. Of course, I had to experiments with seals to see the effects, but I can do a lot more things with it! Its easier to build a genjutsu with it, for example, since the chakra already has shape, so it'll be harder to break. Chakra chaos is like water to air, with ordinary chakra being air."

"I heard. . .I heard that Mizuka had every bone in his body shattered," started Haku hesitantly, before suddenly ending with a firm stare at the surprised blonde. "By you. And you gave the credit to Iruka-san."

"Heh. . .um," stuttered Naruto, his eyes worried as he stumbled across his words while trying to explain. "I, err, um---"

A smirk broke Haku's stern facade when she noticed the obvious discomfort the flustered boy was in. "Was just wondering. I heard Tsunade-sensei speaking about it, and was thinking why you didn't use it against Kin. . ."

Naruto calmed down slightly when he realized Haku wasn't really angry. "Well, doing that kinda takes a lot of concentration which I doubt I can have in an actual battle. I haven't mastered mediation till that level," the blonde said sheepishly. "Besides, the thing with Mizuka was like an experiment."

"What about your ability to heal?" Sasuke walked towards his sitting friend, true curiosity lacing his question.

"Um. . .its like a Bloodline Limit, I guess. I never really thought much about it," Naruto smoothly lied, closing his eyes in a reassuring grin. "I had that ability since birth, so, it should be a bloodline, eh?"

"Does your chakra chaos pose a danger to the team?"

The genins turned in surprise at Kakashi's blunt question. The jounin was tucking his book into his vest and his eye never left Naruto. His shoulders sagged; a faint slump of his body that conveyed reluctance.

"Although you, Narashi, are no doubt trustworthy, I still need to confirm that your condition won't be a hindrance to the team," he sighed.

Naruto blinked, before shaking his head furiously. "No, I understand." Tiredness seeped into his eyes, and his features were twisted into a weary, despondent expression.

"Chakra Chaos is usually due to a huge trauma happening, on top of an unstable chakra system. Sometimes, the chakra mimics the dark atmosphere of the trauma, and builds on it, manifesting as a separate entity."

Kakashi looked on, a tinge of sympathy lining the edge of his eye as he listened.

Sakura stared on in disbelief, unable to process the information. The Uchila and sat down in the forced, monotonous speech and gripped Sakura's shoulders tightly, knuckles white and pasty.

"The thing inside me. . .it has no purpose, really. It just wants to exact revenge. To kill, to cause pain and suffering and find delight in this black art." Naruto broke off, his eyes squeezed shut as he jerked his head away. The messy locks of his blonde hair fell forward, glimmering dully in the brightening sunlight.

"It just wants to hear screams. To taste blood, savouring the liquid's sweet, rich texture. . ."

A warm touch clasped Naruto's shaking, clammy fingers. He ripped his eyes open, and revelled in Haku's soothing touch. A small smile curled about his pale lips with his muscles loosing their rigid tenseness.

Behind him was Kakashi, the jounin's hand resting casually on the blonde's quivering frame.

"You can control it." It was a soft whisper in his ear, but it rang loudly in the silent room.

"Yes," replied Naruto evenly.

His sensei's grip tightened, and gave a light pat to Naruto's shoulder.. "Then it'd be alright, Narashi-kun," he chuckled. "It'll be alright."

"You guys. . .don't mind?"

Sasuke snorted, a light "Baka, of course not," coming from his lips while a sniffing Sakura bend forward and hugged the stunned boy tightly. Haku beamed.

A boisterous laughter filled the air, and a drifting, breezy peace fell into place.

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