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Everyone was quiet when they had reached home. Sarah was sentanced to her bed, to build up her strength. She mostly slept, and didn't speak to anyone. Our adventure was over. There would be other ones, but this one would play over and over in the children's minds. Maria, Steel, and Micheal helped Anna, Van Helsing, and Carl clean up the Valerious Manor. The mess the brides had made was still there when they came back. A week from the eclipse, Sarah was still in bed, but well enough to sit up. She was looking out her window, early that morning. Snow was falling like stars, which made her relaxed and smile for the first time. A knock sounded on her door, and before she could allow entrance, Maria skipped in and jumped on Sarah's bed.

"You feeling better?" she asked.

Sarah smiled at the girl.

"Much," she said.

"Then why are you still in bed?" Maria frowned. "Come on! It's snowing outside! Micheal and Steel are getting ready to go. We're gonna build forts, snowmen, have snowball fights, make snow angels, catch snowflakes..."

"She's still bed ridden for a few more days Maria," Anna said as she brought in some soup. "Hi sweetheart,"

"Hi mom," Sarah said. "Maria, go on outside. Tell the others I'm sorry I can't make it today,"

Maria still had a pout on her face, but left the room anyway. Anna shook her head.

"She told me over the week she wants to fight like you," she said. "Carl caught her last night trying to learn to swordfight by herself,"

"I promised her I'd teach her," Sarah said as she sipped her soup. "But she's only ten. I'm gonna wait a few more years,"

"...Van Helsing wants to talk to you,"

Sarah stopped eating her soup and looked up at her mom, in a curious way. Then it hit her.

"Are you mad about that deal I made with Dracula?" she asked.

Anna shook her head.

"I'm not," she said.

"But Van Helsing is," Sarah confirmed.

"He's not. He just wants to ask you about it. That's all...I'm gonna send him in,"


"Sarah Anne..."

"All right,"

Anna went outside the room and closed the door behind her. Sarah sighed as she looked around her room. She wanted to open the window to feel the snowflakes. But if she did, she'd have to get out of bed. And despite her energy being fulfilled, she still had wobbly legs. She heard a knock, and whipped her head around to find Van Helsing with his hand on the door.

"Feeling any better?" he asked as he pulled up a chair.

"Emotional or Physical?" Sarah asked him.

"You tell me,"

Sarah sighed, and closed her eyes.

"Carl spent the week researching your family history," Van Helsing said. "In the 1400's, 3 witches prophesied that a young women would destroy the man who took lives by sucking their blood. They made sure the necklace was well hidden. Anne found it...and soon it came to you...Turns out that you were the one to destroy him,"

"I did it while I was dead," Sarah whispered. "...That's the part that freaks me out"

"...Something else is, isn't it?"

Sarah did nothing to answer this question

"...You don't have to say anything Sarah," Van Helsing said softly. "Just listen...I heard what happened at Castle Dracula last week. I want to hear your story though. Dracula said you begged for death, but I don't believe that...Tell me what happened,"

"...After you told me to hide at Vilkova Palace, I hid in a room," Sarah said, her voice choking. "This was in Budapest when we went to rescue mom. And Aleera was coming through the door, and so I escaped through the window. It was raining. And I heard your voice, and you were in the river below me. I had to jump, and then Dracula caught me and took me away. I heard you make a promise to me,"

"I'll find you!" she could still hear his voice echo in her mind. "I'll get you back and set you free! I promise you!"

"And Dracula pushed me through this portal and I was in Castle Dracula. I tried to get back out but it was a one way ticket to being frozen to death. Dracula told me that if the plan to bring his children back to life didn't work with the Frankenstein Monster, he said he would suck my blood and make me into one of the children of the night," Sarah was now crying. "I couldn't let him do that. I knew you would be there. So I made that deal with him. And I spent the rest of the night thinking 'What have I done?' because you didn't know where I was, and I knew pretty soon that I was going to die. So go ahead. Tell me that I gambled with my life. Tell me that I made a horrible mistake. Because you know what? I would've gladly given myself away to make sure that the world didn't become a vampire buffet. I swore an oath! An oath! To protect this world from Dracula, and I did all that I could!"

Van Helsing's eyes were now wide by this sudden outburst. Everything that had been locked up inside Sarah was now out.

"Sarah," he said. "...I just want you to know, that if I was in your position...I would've done the same thing,"

"What?" Sarah whispered.

"You knew Dracula couldn't pass up a bet. You bought me more time. He would've bitten you right then and there. If you didn't make that deal, Sarah, you'd be dead. I would've had to kill you to set you free...I'm glad you did it,"

Tears streamed down Sarah's face. She threw her arms around Van Helsing's neck and hugged him tightly. All this time, she was afraid for nothing. Once she was done, she wiped her eyes, as Van Helsing stood up, and lifted her in his arms.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Taking you outside," he said, walking out her bedroom door with her. "It's good to get some fresh air once in a while,"

Van Helsing met with Anna and Carl downstairs. Anna covered Sarah with a blanket so she wouldn't get cold, and they opened the front door, to see Micheal, Maria and Steel having snow ball fights. They watched with amusement.

"You'll never take me alive!" shouted Micheal.

"That's what you said last time!" Steel remarked.

"And we still caught you!" Maria stuck her tongue out

Maria was on Steel's side, while Micheal had a fort to himself.

"Aw, go make snow angels Maria!" exclaimed Micheal. "This is a man's game,"

Sarah shook her head.

"You're not a man!" she said laughing. "You're a teenager!"

Everyone stopped what they were doing, and found Sarah watching in Van Helsing's arms.

"Sarah!" Micheal and Maria both cried and ran up to her.

"Hey," Sarah said.

"Aren't you supposed to be in bed?" Micheal inquired.

"We wanted her to get outside," Anna said.

Suddenly, Steel rode up on Sarah's horse, Moonlight.

"You wanna go take a ride with me?" he asked.

"Mom," Sarah said. "Can I?"

Anna just smiled.

"...All right," she said as Van Helsing placed her in front of Steel.

"Steel," Van Helsing said. "Keep her warm. Keep her safe. If she get's cold, bring her back here. We don't want her getting sick. And..."

But Steel and Sarah were already off, riding into the snow, galloping as gast as Moonlight would take them.

"STEEL!" shouted Van Helsing.

Anna laughed.

"Let them go," she said leading him back into the house.

"Excuse me," Van Helsing followed her. "But your daughter is galloping off, when she should be rested,"

"Then you," Anna poked him playfully. "Should never have taken her out the first place.

Steel and Sarah rode by Castle Frankenstein and stopped, overlooking the place. There were so many memories in that place that Sarah had buried in there. Never again would they haunt her mind. Never again would she be hunted down by blood suckers.

"We've been through a lot lately," Steel said. "...How are you liking your powers?"

Sarah just smiled a bit.

"I don't have them," she said.

Steel's eyes went wide.

"What?" he asked.

"When I was up in the air at Castle Dracula," Sarah explained. "I made a different wish. It wasn't to detroy evil or to make the world vampires...but to not have the powers that I was destined to have, but I would just enough to destroy Dracula,"


"...Because I want to write my own destiny...I'm sorry I dragged you into this,"

"I would've followed you if you didn't anyway. I was assigned to protect you,"

Sarah smirked.

"I know," she said. "...But you weren't assigned to love me,"

"That's not an assignment," Steel made her face him. "...That's fate,"

The two smiled at each other, and kissed one another softly.


"You may kiss the bride," said Carl.

Van Helsing smiled, and pulled the veil off of Anna's face, and kissed her passionately. It had been six months since the incident with Dracula, but it was all forgotten. Sarah's smile couldn't any bigger. She had a family intact. A family. The white dress her mother had was created in her vision, just like the dress Sarah saw in her dream. They had the wedding by the sea, which Anna enjoyed so much. During the reception, Maria and Micheal played in the shore, not minding if they got their formal wear wet. Steel had been the best man since Carl was conducting the ceremony, and Sarah was presented as maid of honor. Maria was the flower girl, while Micheal had been the ringbearer...although he did almost lose it when it was time to put the rings on. There never was a happier family than that of the Van Helsings.

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