Harry Potter and The Power Within

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Chapter One: Back Home At Privet Drive

Harry was on the trip home, everyone in the car seemed to be strangely quiet. Harry Potter was feeling very depressed because earlier this year the closest thing he had to a farther figure had just died and he felt it was all his fault.

Harry Potter was no normal person though, he was a wizard and one that was destined to be the one to conquer the Dark Lord called Voldemort. This by itself would be enough to depressed any normal person but this wasn't what was depressing Harry, it was the fact that he had lead his convicted godfather, Sirius Black, to his death at the Department of Mysteries.

Harry's thoughts went back to the Dursleys, the people he has lived with all his life and that hated everything about him, and wondered why they were being so quiet, he wondered if it was the threat that Moody and Remus had made, but that couldn't be it because the Durleys hated anything to do with magic so why would they listen to other wizards? But then Harry's memories betrayed him again and he started remembering Sirius falling through the veil after being hit by a spell sent at him by his cousin, Bellatrix, and being thrown into the Veil.

'If only I hadn't gone to the ministry and none of this would have happened and Sirius would still be alive' Harry thought gloomily to himself. As the pulled into the drive of 4 Privet Drive, his Uncle Vernon climbed out of the car and snarled at Harry,

"Get all your crap out of my car and put it in the cupboard under the stairs, Harry did as he was told without making a noise or standing up to his uncle, so he heaved the trunk out of the boot of the car and hauled it into the house closely followed by his uncle.

As Harry was turning around his uncle grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled Harry to his face and snarled,

"Is that everything, you better not be hiding anything from my boy or you will regret it and none of your freak friends are going to help you this time!"

Harry only nodded shocked at how harsh his uncle was acting so soon after having a silent trip back from the train station.

"Good, now get to your room and stay there, I don't want to have to see, hear, or smell you all summer, is that understood" his uncle shouted while shaking him roughly by the shoulders. Harry just stayed silent living through the memory of Sirius falling though the Veil again and now he wouldn't be taking him away from the Dursleys once he got proven innocent.

"I SAID IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!" His uncle screamed into his face then raised his hand and slapped Harry around the side of the head with the back of his hand hard enough to knock him over and make his eyes lose focus.

Harry nodded, in complete shock that his uncle had just hit him then started thinking that he deserved it because he had killed Sirius.

"Good, now go and keep out of my way or so help me god!"

Harry pulled himself off the floor and dragged himself up to his room where he took out his want, his father's invisibility cloak and the pocket knife he got from Sirius. He climbed under his bed and pulled up the loose floorboard and put everything into it. He then went and laid on his bed going deep into depression thinking about how he would no longer see Sirius or even have a grave to morn at. Life was looking hopeless for Harry James Potter, he had to kill the darkest wizard of the centuary before he got killed himself and just when he thought he could depend on his godfather he went and killed him.

Harry climbed back under the bed and pulled out the pocket knife that Sirius had given him and looked at the blade and how easily it would cut through his flesh, how easy it could be to be away from all the pain and disappointment. Harry brought the blade in close to his wrist and pressed down just hard enough to break the skin and make it ooze blood out of the small cut.

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