Author's note: Written for 15minuteficlets over at Live Journal, the word was freeze, the time it took to write this was 12 minutes. I saw the word and just got whacked over the head with inspiration from my muse. I've always been a big fan of Victor Fries, but until now I have never written him, and hopefully I did a good job. This was written more for Batman: The Animated series, but it could probably work for some of the other Batman fandoms. Please review, and hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own, I'm pretty sure it all belongs to Bob Kane and whoever has the rights to Batman: The Animated series. I mean no copyright infringement. Please do not sue me.



Victor stared at the picture in his hand. He stared down at the woman, little more than a girl, in the picture. He stared down at the beautiful smile, the pale and perfect skin that was reddened on cheeks and nose from the cold, the shimmering eyes blue as the sky, the glittering hair of gold that framed her face in a wild mess from a frigid wind.

Fingers caressed the picture as though it was the actual person in it, and icy blue eyes closed as wetness began to sting them. But tears wouldn't fall, they couldn't make it without freezing on contact with his skin. His frozen skin. His frozen body, his frozen heart.

His frozen love.

He wiped at his eyes, forcing the tears back. He opened his eyes again, staring down at Nora.

Beautiful Nora, her happiness not shattered by disease, but frozen in the picture he held. It was as if the moment had been captured, a frozen moment in time. Her happiness was pure and unlimited, untainted as she clung to him in the picture.

Even he looked happy in it, but how could he not have been? He didn't mind his picture being taken, as long as it made her happy, and she was happy with him, how could he not be happy as well? They had been happy.

He didn't know how to feel happy anymore. Happiness required warmth. He was frozen through. He couldn't produce any warmth.

Victor Fries, Mr. Freeze, stared down at the picture in his hand, ignoring the yells and shouts and screams and shrieks of his fellow inmates. He ignored the guards muttering outside his cell as they passed by, complaining about their job and the noise. He ignored everything.

But her.

One day, she would be cured. One day, she would live again, free and pure and happy. And he could finally smile again, even if she couldn't melt him now. He could be happy, and die from the heat of it and her.

He refused to let them both die frozen.