Aislin Oriel


AN: Slight lime warning. It's mostly just the mentioning of such acts. Nothing discriptive, but must cover my rear. I only wish I could've made it a little more descript... Don't know if I could pull that off while still keeping it classy. Well, on with it! And thanks so much for reading! R/R!


I dashed to the well house, driven by sheer desire, and slid the door half-open, only to be yanked in aggressively and met with a impatient kiss full of pent up want. I returned it fully.

"I don't think it's a good idea to do this here-" my voice was cut off by a foreign moan that escaped my mouth as Inuyasha's hand crept under my shirt grasping my breast through the material of my bra, and silenced me with another kiss.

I stumbled backward blindly and almost fell down the stairs before I was steadied by a strong arm.

"Let's go," I insisted, and pried him off me long enough to take his hand and drag him down the stairs towards the well.

It didn't take him long to have me back in a lip-lock and his hands charting unfamiliar territory, which is when we both lost the sense of reality, and tripped around on each other in the moment, before the back of my legs hit the well, causing us both to topple unceremoniously down it.

"Don't do that…" Inuyasha growled as he climbed up the well with me on his back, "Or we'll never get to the top,"

I stopped my hands from roaming around his chest and clung to him as we neared the top.

"We there yet?" I grumbled eagerly.

"Calm down woman, I want out more than you do!" he insisted.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that," I said lowly and his ears flicked in surprise at my brazenness.

After what seemed like far too long considering who Inuyasha was, we hopped out of the well.

The second my feet touched the ground, I was swept up again, bridal style and met with soft grass on my back.

"Inuyasha, we're out in the open! Someone might see us here," I contested. It was barely after mid-day, and the zenith sun was unveiling.

"No one will. I told the others I'd meet them in the village after I talked to you. They don't know we're here," he explained, admonishing my reasoning, but not my worries.

I was swiftly pushed back by my hanyou, as he resumed where we had left in my room.

I felt an overwhelming sense of conflict, as the part of me that was modest and aware screamed out, "He's taking you on the grass! You are barely even out of the well!" in an alarmed tone, while the part of me that was utterly and hopelessly in love with the creep insisted, "Just lay back and let him do what he wants, you'll like it."

"Hm, you smell good Kagome," he mumbled, his hand stealing underneath my skirt to grasp my bottom.

"You smell like the woods," I replied offhandedly, in a pleasant voice.

He grunted in amusement and pressed his lips against my neck and began growling softly as he nuzzled against it and his hands palmed me from behind.

I vaguely knew what to expect, though I didn't think often of it. It hadn't seemed like something that would have any relevance to me until well, obviously when I was lying on the grass with him hovering over me. And in a flash, at least it seemed to me, we were prone and naked before one another.

One thing I could say for sure, was that Inuyasha was very thorough and only slightly hesitant.

This reassurance of his certainty helped to calm me and affirm and justify my yearnings. This was right, even if it need no definition, it was beyond right.

He would move with an exploration and confidence that soothed my nerves a little, stopping after every few movements to get my feedback on them. I tried to be receptive and helpful, but I was practically unreachable after some time, just enrobed in a euphoria of sensations. It was then that Inuyasha turned out to be a very adept lover; he tuned into my body's reactions and seemed to have a heightened sense of awareness about him. The fact that I didn't do much consciously didn't hinder him from aiding to my needs.

Well, it was no shock considering he was after all, Inuyasha.

He made me his in a way that made everything else seem miniscule in comparison. He moved like it was his chosen duty to satisfy me, and he didn't seem, contrary to how I had thought he would, to be doing it to stoke his ego. If anything, he'd placed pride on the backburner in a successful, as far as I was concerned, attempt to make our first time right beyond description.

Afterwards, there was no uncertainty left, as we lay curved against one another on the now flattened area of grass. However, we didn't stay long as he knotted his hakama and I was bundled into his haori (my secret favourite thing to wear, especially now when it wasn't out of necessity, rather affection,) and whisked into his arms again with only the simple words he voiced while doing it.

"I may be selfish, but until you return, I'd like to think you'd have this with you… I like you in what's mine," he placed a kiss to my temple.

I nodded and grasped my bundle of unneeded clothes and then he leapt down the Bone-Eater's well and we were bathed in the proverbial blue light of the time slip.

After checking if the coast was clear, we emerged from the well house into the modern sunlight of the shrine grounds.

He carried me into my room via window (surprise) and gently placed me on the bed and tucked me in.

"Happy studying, Kagome…" he kissed me on the lips lightly, before soundly exiting through the window and closing it.

I fell asleep lastly, seeing the yellow banana on my bedside table and smelling the faint note of pine air freshener.


AN: I was inspired to write this from a freak dream I had in Kagome's pov. However, it had a lot less dialog and just began with the rolling and turned into the hot and heavy. I don't know why I dreamt that, but I'm sure a lot of us would like to be able to channel that sort of creative energy! –wink, wink– The whole banana thing and other random humorous bits were added for my own perverse needs.

Can you say sequel? Hmmm, it smells like another enjoyable fruit… like, say, Cran-Cran? I dunno… just another random insertion of a fruit to puzzle everyone's favourite Brash Badass. I guess I'll wait to see what people think first… ha… Yeah, so you may have noticed my need to subtly make fun of popular fic clichés in this… if not, then you must be slightly brainwashed by the stuff that makes your mind turn to mush… and there's lot's of it. Of courseconstructive criticism is readily accepted, and in my mind, needed. Please review and tell me what I should improve on, and I welcome any suggestions and comments towards this and possibly another fic of this nature! Thank you, I hope you're not confused…