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RATING: PG, for drinking, blood, and a reasonably mature tone

CATEGORY: Humor, Drama

SUMMARY: Three tiny tales of Christmas at Number 12, Grimmauld Place. Set during the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. For more information, read on.

The Run-Up: A Christmas Triptych

The following three pieces all take place within three sentences of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The text can be found on pg. 501 of the American edition (pg. 443 of the British adult edition) and reads –

How could Harry have dreamed of returning to Privet Drive for Christmas? Sirius's delight at having the house full again, and especially at having Harry back, was infectious. He was no longer their sullen host of the summer; now he seemed determined that everyone should enjoy themselves as much, if not more than they would have done at Hogwarts, and he worked tirelessly in the run-upto Christmas Day, cleaning and decorating with everyone's help...


Like a visual triptych, each of these stories has connecting points that string it together with the others to make a "set." They are in chronological order, so the "hinges" should be pretty easy to see.

Here's where it gets a little nuts.

For a personal challenge (and to repeat the "three" theme), I limited each story to three pages in length. "Three pages," in case you're curious, means single-spaced, non-indented paragraphs with a double space between them, top and bottom margins of 1 inch, left and right margins of 1.25 inches, and a Times New Roman 12 font. The pages include the title of the story, but for the sake of my sanity (which I admit is tenuous at best) not the word "Finis."

Yay! I can work in miniature! Woo-hoo!

The triptych also changes points of view. Changing viewpoints was fun … and hell. Allow me to illustrate:

Sirius is in charge of the first story (Fun.)

Sirius and Harry split the second, and by that I mean they switch off at least twice … in three pages. (HELL! Please let me know how I did with this.)

Harry is in charge of the last story (Fun.)

A final word: I love Sirius Black dearly, but this is my first time writing him. With any luck, I have not mangled his character beyond all recognition. Let me know how I did, would you?

God Rest Ye Merry, dear, and enjoy.


Kiki 8-)