A few days later, it was New Year's Eve. The Rocket Gang gathered in the large ballroom of the lodge to attend a VIP New Year's Eve party. The tickets had been a gift from Val's parents. The event was also formal, so Twister and Sam wore three-piece suits. Twister had taken off his baseball cap, but his hair still stuck up in the front.
Otto wore only a shirt and tie. He was grumpy because Ray had insisted he take his dreadlocks out for the evening.
Reggie wore a light-lavender dress; the color nicely matched her hair. She wore Sam's snowflake pendant, which he was flattered about. Val was wearing a sleeveless, ankle-length red dress and a pair of low-heeled shoes. A gold bracelet twinkled at her wrist; her freshly washed hair was delicately curled. She had also spritzed on some Hawaiian Ginger perfume...

"You clean up nice," she said to Twister.

"Val, you look absolutely beautiful," he said slowly.

"Thanks." she grinned. She jabbed her thumb at some vague location over her shoulder. "I'm gonna go mingle."

Twister had to laugh at that. "Mingle?" Why, she'd sounded just like his mother.

"Where'd Sammy go?" asked Otto, trying to loosen his tie.

"I saw him go that way with Reg." Twister replied. "He probably wants to check out the buffet. You know Squid."

Val wandered through the room, in search of the punch bowl. She found none, only a bar. Tentatively, she approached it.

"Yes?" said the bartender.

"Could I get a frappuccino, shaken, not on the rocks?" she said politely.

"Okay, little lady." laughed the bartender.

"This is some party," said a voice behind Val.

"Sure is," she agreed, taking her drink and turning around. Her eyes got as big as saucers. Grinning a few inches above her was the unmistakable face of Michael J. Fox.Val fought an overwhelming urge to giggle; she'd always found him highly attractive.

"Um...hello," Val said in a higher voice than normal.

"Hey. How you doin'?" He stuck out a hand to shake Val's. "Name's Mike."

Val offered her right hand. "I'm Valencia."

"Valencia? That's a pretty name." said Mike. "Say, you look a little like Donnie Lightning."

"Yeah, I get that a lot." said Val, trying to sound offhand. She attempted to keep an edge of bitterness out of her voice when she added, "We're related, first cousins."

A tall purple-haired girl squeezed through the crowd of people, nearly tripping over her dress.Val introduced Mike to Reggie, who didn't seem to recognize him.

"Well," said Mike, rubbing his hands together. "Now that we all know each other, would either of you ladies care for a short dance?"

"Let's kick it," said Val, linking her arm with his.

They walked onto the dance floor, where "The Macarena" was playing at top volume. Val laughed and began to go through the dance steps. The Spanish chanting in the song grew faster; Mike had a hard time keeping up with the song. Out of the corner of her eye, Val saw Twister approaching, looking royally upset.

"Why'd you run off on me?" he asked loudly.

"Sorry, Twister," said Val. "Just let me finish dancing with Mike and I promise I'll dance with you."

A few moments later, the song died with a final scream of "Hey, Macarena!" Val said politely, "I have to go now, Mike, but it was great dancing with you."

"Ah, the pleasure was mine," said Mike with a shrug. "Bye, Valencia."

Val and Twister shuffled away from Mike a short distance. The music had temporarily stopped, but Sam and Reggie were slow-dancing together."Kiss Me At Midnight" by NSYNC began to play. Val looped an arm around Twister's waist and held one of his hands. Twister pulled her close to him.

Gosh, he smells good, she thought as they revolved slowly on the spot. Twister leaned in. He and Val kissed softly for a moment, then continued dancing.

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