Unspoken Secrets

Ch 1

Another year at Hogwarts was about to begin. It was finally 7th year for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and everyone else in their year.

In the past year , two tremendous events had happened. One, Lucius Malfoy had eventually died in Azkaban. Two, Harry Potter had finally defeated Voldomort once and for all. He had killed him for good! Harry had felt relieved, but he still felt the whole thing wasn't real. He knew the duel had been really close.

With Voldomort gone forever, there was no need to worry. All the Death Eaters were still locked up in Azkaban and were all slowly dying.

Hermione was excited when she found out she had received the Head Girl prefect position. But she cringed when she thought about how she knew Malfoy had received the Head Boy prefect position. She couldn't stand the thought of sharing their own common room/dormitory together.

When Draco found out he was Head Boy, he really wasn't surprised . And when he found out that Granger was Head Girl from what the letter said, he hadn't expected anyone else.

I mean Granger and I are the two top students in our year. There's no doubt about that.

Draco knew that Granger would be ecstatic for receiving the Head Girl prefect position, knowing the kind of person she was. He thought about how he would have to share a dormitory/common room with her. He did not like the idea one bit.

Finally the first day of term finally came. Everyone arrived on the train and went into their compartments.

Hermione knew that she had to go to the Heads' compartment and she didn't like the idea,, because she wanted to hang out with Harry and Ron. When Hermione got to the Heads' compartment, she saw Malfoy already there. But he was just leaning back his head and looked like his eyes were shut.

So she just grabbed out a book from her bag, and sat down to read in a seat across from Malfoy.

Finally about ten minutes later, he woke up but didn't say anything to Hermione at all. She didn't even notice that he had opened his eyes because she was so interested in her book.

Then about twenty later she looked at her watch to find that it was time to have her and Malfoy patrol the compartments.

"Malfoy, we need to go patrol the hallways now," she said as she looked up glaring at him.

"Ok Granger," he said with one of his smirks.

So they went to opposite sides of the train to patrol. When Hermione came to Harry's and Ron's compartment, she talked to them for like a minute, then finished her part of the patrolling and went back to the Heads' compartment.

Both Hermione and Draco arrived at the compartment at the same time, and went into it to take turns changing into their school robes, with one person going out of the compartment and the other person staying in it to get changed.

By the time they finished, it was only a few minutes time until they would be getting back to Hogwarts.

Hermione was excited about going back to Hogwarts. It was like a second home to her.

As they were nearing to Hogwarts Draco and Hermione looked up to look at the other person, thinking, "Why do I have to share a common room with him/her?"

But then Draco realized once again, they are the top students in their year. Plus, Dumbledore probably wanted to try to prove something to everyone and try to spread unity between the houses.

He didn't like the idea only for certain reasons. He also had a secret that dealt with Hermione. But he didn't dare tell it to her yet.