Chapter 17 Unspoken Secrets

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I love you more than anything,
Than anything, I do.
And I'd give anything and everything
I have just to be with you

December 24, 1998. Along with being Christmas Eve, this date marked Draco and Hermione's second anniversary of being a couple. Even though they were young-he and 18 and her 19-he knew he felt that he wanted to spend his life with her. Instead of buying an engagement ring for her for their 2 year anniversary, he had purchased a different kind of ring-a promise ring. He wanted to prove to her that he was serious about their relationship-that he wanted to marry her someday soon. He would actually ask her to marry him sometime in the future. But for right then, he felt right about getting her a promise ring. The ring that he had bought for Hermione was white gold, had two heart shapes in the center with small diamonds included.

Draco and Hermione had made dinner together-roast beef, roasted potatoes, chestnut stuffing, glazed carrots, brussel sprouts, and Yorkshire pudding. Some of their friends came over to eat with them-Harry, Ron, Ginny, Blaise, and Pansy specifically.

Harry and Ginny were currently dating, while Blaise and Pansy were dating currently then too. For awhile when Draco and Hermione started dating, Pansy didn't like the idea that he was with Granger. She still believed that Hermione was unworthy of Draco's attention because she was a "Mudblood". She was extremely jealous since she still wanted to be with Draco, even if he didn't seem interested in her in that way. Eventually though, she realized nothing was going to change, and her feelings for him started to lessen. Finally, around a year later she and Blaise started dating when they realized they had the same type of romantic feelings for each other. Since graduating from Hogwarts, Ron had had an on and off again relationship with Lavender Brown. Currently they weren't dating though, so she wasn't there at the dinner at Draco and Hermione's flat with everyone else.

After dinner was served, everything was cleaned up. Then the group of friends opened up their presents from each other since they weren't planning on seeing each other the next day on Christmas. Shortly after, everyone left to floo back to their separate flats. Once everyone else was gone, Draco and Hermione went to cuddle up on the couch in their living room as a fire burned in the fireplace. They lay in each other's arms on the couch for awhile, as they cuddled in comfortable silence.

These feelings I hold inside are emotions,
I can not hide.
These feelings will not subside
I'd give anything when I look into your eyes,
I see something special about you,
And when I hold your hand,
You seem to understand that
I love you more than anything,
Than anything, I do.

"Happy two-year anniversary, Hermione," Draco eventually said before leaning down to kiss her on the lips.

"Happy two-year anniversary, Draco," Hermione said. Hermione then pulled Draco slightly closer to her than he already was and kissed him again. "I love you so much, babe."

"I love you too," Draco replied. "Are you ready to exchange anniversary presents? I have my anniversary present for you in our bedroom. I would like to give it to you now."

"That sounds good to me, Draco. My present for you is in our bedroom too."

Draco and Hermione untangled themselves from each other where they lay on the couch and walked, hand in hand, to their bedroom. Hermione sat on their bed on her side. When Draco told her to close her eyes, she did. With her eyes closed, she waited for Draco to retrieve his present for her. A few moments later, she felt him sit down on the bed. "You can open up your eyes now, Hermione." Hermione opened up her eyes to find Draco holding a small jewelry box in the palm of his right hand. She glanced up to look into his eyes, with a hint of surprise evident in her facial features. Draco just smiled. "Open it."

When I think of life without you,
It brings me right down to my knees, yeah

Cause I can't enjoy life without you,
You're my strength the thing that keeps me holding on.

I love you more than anything,
Than anything, I do.
And I'd give anything and everything
I have just to be with you.

Hermione took the box out of Draco's hand and opened it up to find a ring. She let out a small gasp. It was really pretty. The ring's band was white gold with a slight twisted design, two hearts in the center with small diamonds within the two hearts. "It's so beautiful, Draco," Hermione said, as she looked into Draco's eyes again, smiling. "Thank you."

Draco still had a smile on his face. But then he looked slightly nervous as he spoke his next words. "I bought you this ring to show you that I am truly serious about us, so much that I believe that I want to marry you someday in the future. The ring isn't an engagement ring, but more of a promise ring. I know that we are young. But I really do feel that you are the perfect person for me, and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I'm hoping that you feel the same way."

Oh, I'd do things that can't be done.
I'd fly to the moon and around the sun, oohh
If you just say that I'm the one
I'd do anything, anything, well, well

At her boyfriend's words, Hermione felt an immense happiness within herself. She was relieved to find out that Draco felt the same exact way as she did about him-he wanted to eventually get married to her like she wanted with him. She knew they were slightly young to get married, let alone get engaged right then. But she still felt in her heart that she wanted to get married to him someday.

"I do feel the same way, Draco." Hermione took the ring out of the box and slid it on her right middle finger. She glanced down at the ring that was now on her finger, and suddenly started to giggle.

"Why are you suddenly finding this all so funny, babe?" Draco asked Hermione.

Hermione didn't say anything in response right away. Instead she opened up the drawer of her nightstand, took out a small jewelry box from it and handed the box over to Draco. Draco opened the box to find a ring inside. It was a simple titanium band. "I'm giggling because I obviously bought you a ring also. I was hoping that you felt the same way as me, that you're also willing to try to commit to me and only me. I now know that you do feel the same way as I do."

"I do," Draco replied as he slid the ring onto his right middle finger. He then pulled Hermione closer to him, before kissing her on the lips again. Hermione deepened the kiss as she sat up slightly to bring her legs to the sides of Draco's body. Then she went back to leaning close to Draco as they continued snogging. A few minutes later she brought her lips to his ear and whispered, "Make love to me." Draco and Hermione had slept together many times over the last two years. But now she felt like anytime they were going to sleep together was going to be more special.

I love you more than anything,
Than anything, I do.
And I'd give anything and everything
I have just to be with you.
I'd give anything, you know I'd do anything for you.
I love you more than anything, more than anything