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Default chapter

(Present era)

It had been two years since she left the feudal era, no, she didn't leave. She was pushed down the well by Kikyo. Kikyo also took her jewel shards so she couldn't go back. She couldn't change her life back to how it was.

Her Grandfather had died about a month after she had come back. Then about a year and a half ago her mother married a man named Jason, even though Kagome didn't him like at all. Then about a year ago, her mother and two brothers, Evan and Sota, all died in a car crash on the way home from school. Therefore, she was left to live with Jason at the shrine.

Over the past year, Jason had been beating her. Everyday when he got home, he would beat her. She would go to school in the morning with her school uniform on because there weren't a lot of bruises and cuts on her legs but her upper body was covered in them. She had given up hope that Inuyasha would come to get her, and save her from her life of misery. Everything was the same for her little sister, Vanessa. Vanessa was exactly five years younger than Kagome. She went down the well with Kagome. They were closer than any other sisters because they were the only thing that that each of them had left. Also because they had been through all of this together.

Kagome usually sat by the well when she got home from school. She would just sit there and remember old memories. Sometimes she would cry, sometimes she would smile and sometimes she would be angry. Most of all, she would have mixed emotions. She wasn't sure what to feel. One day Vanessa came in and saw Kagome crying. She sat with her to comfort her older sister. "Kagome, please don't cry. I know that you have every reason to cry, but you have to get over it. You can't let him get to you so much." Said Vanessa in a sad voice. "I just hate my life, maybe I should just take desperate measures and remove my pitiful existence from this world" Said Kagome in a serious tone. "Please don't talk that way! Please, live for me…" Said Vanessa in a desperate tone. "I…" Kagome was cut off as Jason entered the well house. "Of all the places you could be, you choose this damned well house." He said in a low tone as he kicked Vanessa in the stomach, causing her to fall backwards into the well. "If it weren't for my catlike reflexes, I'd probably be dead right now." Vanessa thought.

"As for you" Jason said pointing at Kagome. "I catch you here way to many times to let you escape with just a bruise" He said taking out a bat. The he stepped on Vanessa's fingers that were on the side of the well holding her up, causing her to fall down the well for real this time. Then he walked over to Kagome and slamed the metal bat at her arms that would surly leave nasty bruises. "I'm going to the bar with some friends, don't either of you think you're off the hook just yet" He said shutting the well door behind him.

"I truly think that he is as bad as Naraku, you ok? Vanessa said in a voice barely above a whisper. "Okay I guess, you?" Said Kagome in a concerned voice. "Everything hurts, but I'm okay." Replied Vanessa climbing out of the well. "Let's go into the house" Said Kagome.

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