Why Me?

OK this is the first chapter to Child of Hell. So if it sucks try telling me nicely. If you flame I'll just keep writing. I have a talent for pissing people off.

Normal POV:

Hilary walked into the throne room to where her father was. She bowed down and said "You summoned me father?" Her father looked down on her and said "Stand child. I requested your presents because we have our annual ball coming up and it is time that you choose a suitor. Your date shall be Tyson." She thought "Oh my God. He is not serious about this is he? I hate Tyson and he will probably try and rape me. Oh fuck no." Her father looked at her at her questionably since she had a look of complete horror on her face. He asked "Is something the matter daughter?" She answered "No father. Everything is fine." He nodded and said "Alright then you may go." She bowed again and left.

As she entered her room she threw her self on the bed and shouted "Grr stupid moronic father. He knows how much I hate Tyson and going to balls." A dark voice chuckled and said "If your father heard that he would be very disappointed in you." She snapped back "Shut up Tala. I don't need to deal with your big mouth to." She threw a pillow at his head and got him. He said "You don't have to throw a pillow at me. As your body guard I demand respect." That made the both of them bust up laughing. "The day you get respect from me will be the day I won't be the princess or next inline ruler or ruler of hell." Hilary said and Tala shook his head at this and replied "Listen I know how much you hate being royalty and everything else like that but it isn't for much longer." Hilary sighed getting up and walked out to the balcony and said "Yes the day I'm not the princess will be the day I get crowned queen of Hell. I wonder what it is like out there. To be free and not have a worry." Tala walked up beside her and said "You know many people want your life and want your father dead." "I know but can't a princess dream of being free and not worrying about taking over hell?" Was the response from Hilary. "I guess just don't go telling everyone about them ok?" Tala asked worriedly. She smiled and said "I know because then it will get back to my father and he will have a royal fit." Tala chuckled at that thought and said "I know that is why I don't want you telling anyone else."

She said "Tala go away so I can get a shower." He nodded and sarcastically said "Yes, mistress." She growled at him which made him speed out of the room. As soon as he was gone she turned on the water to her bath. While she was letting that run she grabbed all of her sheets and tied them together at the end and threw the long sheet rope down. It was a few feet from the ground but she could handle it. She lowered herself down and climbed to the end. When she was at the end she let her self drop ten feet. She then ran and hid in the bushes that flamed anytime anyone bad went near them. She waited until the guards passed think 'Morons.' As soon as they passed she jumped up landing on the palace wall. (20ft.) then jumped off and landed gracefully on her feet. In a dead sprint she ran far into the city and reached the borderline before needing to stop. She walked into the forest looking around.

At the palace

Tala walked into the room and saw the sheets hanging from the balcony and shouted "The Princess has escaped." While thinking 'The king is going to kill me for this. I am suppose to keep an eye on her and she gets out of my sight for a few minutes and she escapes. When she gets back I'm going to kill her.' The king walked into the room his eyes narrowing at Tala and shouted "HOW COULD YOU LET HER ESCAPE?! SHE IS A PRINCESS. YOU ARE OLDER, FASTER AND STRONGER THAN HER AND SHE STILL GOT PAST YOU." Tala looked at the ground with a clenched jaw and fist. "100 lashes each day for letting her escape and until she comes back." Tala looked up surprised. But was smart enough not to say anything and followed him thinking 'And you wonder why your daughter hates you, Boris.'

In the forest

Hilary was lost and wondering if anyone noticed her absence yet. She heard a muffled scream and walked toward it. When she reached a small clearing she saw a bunch of demons picking on a little girl. She got mad and shouted "LEAVE THE CHILD ALONE." She mentally cursed herself for not thinking first. The demon with short lavender hair said "Oh what makes you think we will listen to you?" She said "Because I can blast your ass." That made all the demons laugh. The little girl managed to get out of the grip of the raven haired demon. She ran for all she was worth and the two-toned blue hair demon said "Get her." Hilary jumped in front of the path of the little girl and said "First you have to get through me." All the demons tried attacking her at once but she used her telekinetic powers to throw them into a tree and hold them there. The raven haired demon, two-toned blue haired demon, and the lavender haired demon were the only ones who managed to break her hold. But she quickly took them about 50 ft. in the air and said "Now do you want to break my hold?" They growled at her slightly so she raised them up even higher. The two-toned blue hair demon whispered "All we have to do is make her mad enough to lose focus." The other two demons nodded their heads and asked "What do we have to do?" He quickly whispered the plan to the other two. Hilary looked up and asked "What the fuck are you jackasses talking about." The lavender demon smirked and said "We were saying that you are a pathetic demon." Hilary smiled and sarcastically replied "No shit sherlock ever would have guessed that I'm not a demon." The three demons in the air were shocked at this. The two-toned blue haired demon said "Then if you are not a demon you must be a devil and that means that you are the princess of hell." She nodded her head and said "You are very perceptive, what is your name?" He looked at her shocked. This wasn't something most people would admit to. "I'm Kai, the lavender hair demon is Bryan and the raven hair demon is Ray." The two-toned blue hair demon said. She nodded and said "Well Kai, Bryan, and Ray I'm Hilary the princess of hell and next in line for the throne." Ray said "That is not something you should tell people you know. A lot of people want you dead." Hilary cocked her head to the side and said "Well thank you very much for your concern but as you can tell I can take care of my self." Kai smirked and said "Yeah until demons a lot worse than us come around and decided to rape and kill you." Hilary shrugged her shoulders as if she didn't care and asked "If I set you guys down on the ground are any of you going to try and attack me?" Kai said "No one will try and attack you." She nodded carefully putting everyone down on the ground. They were all shocked at the fact that she trusted them not to hurt her.