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I ran along the rooftops, destroying anything that got in my way and moving so fast that I was only seen as a blur. My mind was so enraged I only knew that I was heading in the direction of the man who had killed my family. I tried to let myself forget to lose all consciousness and be in a place where I couldn't think, but all I could see was my dead family; their guts painted across the walls of their home. It's all of my fault! I'm such a fool! Why did I even hope I could ever be free? As I continued to run I could feel my sanity leaving me.

Eventually I arrived at a tall black skyscraper. This was it, or so my sub-consciousness was telling me. I smiled ferally as my claws extended too two feet in length, all sanity gone, no rationale. All hell would break loose here tonight.


"Don't you think we should slow down a bit?" Shigure asked nervously as Hatori made a sharp right turn.

"No." Hatori said. "If we don't get there soon, she'll probably die."

"What do you mean die?" Kyo bursted from the back seat. "Why the hell would you think she's going to die!" Why the hell do they have to say she could die?

The car remained silent for a moment before Yuki said, "She's going for revenge. She'll most likely be severely outnumbered and out-weaponed."

"On top of that her mind is in a chaotic state. Right about now I'm willing to bet she doesn't care whether she lives or dies. All she wants is that man's blood."

Tohru looked nervously from side to side, obviously uncomfortable in this predicament. I doubt she won't be able to fear Fury now...

Kyo's thoughts came to a sudden halt as hatori slammed on the brakes in front of a tall black skyscraper. Without a word everyone piled out of the car. "How will we know where she is in this building?" Tohru asked, voicing the question that had been on everyone's minds. She's right… How can we possibly find her in time!

Right after Tohru spoke a dog-howled loudly and immediately Shigure's ears pricked up. "This way." He said and began leading them to the back of the building where there was a lot of shrubbery. Just where the hell is he taking us? We don't have time for this!

Shigure stopped at a wall where a dog sat whimpering. "Good boy." Shigure said, crouching down to scratch the dog's ear. He then stood up and examined the black door that had been so carefully made to camouflage with the building.

"How did the dog know that this was where Fury went?" Tohru asked.

"He…smelled blood." Shigure said solemnly. No one spoke for a moment. "Do you think the door is open?" Hatori pushed on it and immediately the door swung open, as if someone had already knocked the door off its hinges.


Once the door was opened, everyone was once again met with a familiar smell from before. Death. Hatori and Shigure stepped into the hallway first, followed by the rest. Everyone gasped, including Hatori.

Everywhere in the hall, bodies littered the ground. Some held guns and others were probably too surprised by the attack to even pull out their weapons. Blood was splattered everywhere; including the walls ceiling and the lamps that lit the hallway, casting an eerie illumination.

"Oh my." Tohru said and proceeded to feint. Yuki, with his quick reflexes, caught her and tended to her, while Hatori bent down to examine what was left of the dead. In most, there were long gashes, while some others had had their necks snapped in two. Fury must have cut them down with her claws. I've never seen such carnage… How could a girl her age possibly do such a thing? Perhaps it might be best if she died... Immediately Hatori shook his head. No. She cannot die yet. We need her.

Hatori stood up and said, "Comeo on we have to find her." Shigure, Hatori, and Kyo jogged down the hallway. All the while each prepared themselves for what lay ahead.

Hatori stood up and said, "Comeo on we have to find her." Shigure, Hatori, and Kyo jogged down the hallway. All the while each prepared themselves for what lay ahead.


Yuki carefully laid Miss Honda down on the grass. Her face had gone deathly pale and he was grateful for the fact that she was breathing normally. I'm such an idiot! I should have never let her in there to begin with…

Yuki failed in trying to suppress the shudder that ran through him. Every man in that room had been killed brutally in all types of different positions. Yet there was one thing they all had in common; each wore a look of horror on their face as if they had seen evil incarnate itself. There was one other thing they had in common: None were alive.

Never in all of his life had Yuki thought a person was capable of killing so many people, especially at the same time. How could a human do this? Is she human? Yuki tried to quell his thoughts yet failed. She's a monster.

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