Delicamer: Put a lawsuit on me.. I will come and Bakyuuha the hell outta you.

Summary: Lu Bu and Diao chan love one another so much but the evil Dong Zhou ( the foster father of Lu Bu)
is still trying to take away Diao Chan. This is a poem about their situations
My happy cloud.
I always love you
Be with me, my love.
You make me laugh and be who I really am
I try to make you happy and joyful
Battling beside one another always
Please don't go.
The day you betray me is the day I kill you
My happy cloud, My love,
My heart is always with you,

but yours mind is mine to kill

You are the wind that blows my heart away
I'm the warrior you really care about
Be together forever; If you'll have me
My love.

Well that the end of the poem. The real fun is going to take off. Bye