Rita and Chris took a deep breath and entered the shop.
They didn't want to tell cap, but they had too. They were waiting for the perfect time.
They hoped that would be today. They wanted to get it over with A.S.AP.
No such luck. At that precise moment: "Lance! Lorenzo! Office NOW!"
Rita got an idea. "Follow my lead." she whispered to Chris. He nodded.
The entered the caps office and sat down. Cap looked at them.
"We got a DB." he said. Rita, hidding a smile stood up and said.
"we can't cap." chris looks at her. shocked. Cap stares at her like she's crazy.
"What?" he askes. " we're turning in our badges." she took of her badge and put
it on the dest, as she did so, she kicked Chris with her foot and he got it. He too
took off his badge. the cap stares at them. "What? why?" Rita burst out laughing.
"Puh-lease! Like you could get rid of us that quikly!" she said.
Chris laughed too. Cap glares at them. "For that I should take you badges.
Now, what's that news you had to tell me?" Chris and rita immedeatly stopped
laughing and grew very serious. They looked at eachother. Chris took a deep breath
and said. "Well, um you see, we um well, we'regettingmarried."he said quikly running
his wors together. Rita said. "andiampregnatwearehavingababy." they sat in aprhensive
silence. then cap blew up like a ballon.