Marine Madness

Cardcaptor Sakura is courtesy of Clamp. This is set years later all the characters are 15/16.

"SAKURA!" shouted Kero, causing him to leap into the air like a rocket, with immediate.

"WHY ARE YOU DRESSED LIKE A PROSTITUTE?!" Sakura was standing in the middle of the room, wearing a black mini-skirt with a red top and black nets on her feet and arms, with dark purple boots and curly hair.

"Don't worry Kero-chan" giggled Sakura. It's only for my Devised piece in Theatre Studies. This is just my costume for one of my characters. She is a real bitch, though you shouldn't judge her by the clothes she wears!"

"That's just the way it looked...I thought for a minute you has used the sweet card..."

"WHAT'S THAT!" Sakura stamped with rage, her face had gone bright red (but in a devilish way).

"Um, it's my nap time now!" Kero floated like a sheep into his custom made bed. Before Sakura could say anything, the phone ran. Her rage suddenly disappeared and she answered it without hesitation.

"Hello, Kinomoto Residence." Sakura spoke in her polite tone of voice, as she always did when answering the phone. "Oh, hi Tomoyo-chan!"..........." A Marine show? Heh, that sounds great!"

"MARINE SHOW!" Suddenly Kero lifted off into the air again right in Sakura's face.

"WAHHHH!" Sakura leapt with shock. "KERO-CHAN I WISH YOU WOULDN'T...Oh, don't worry Tomoyo, only Kero......So we'll meet tomorrow at the Shrine? Okay!....See you soon! Bye!" Sakura hung up and jumped with joy and grabbed Kero's hands. "EEEEEEE, I love all the animals at the marine show" She spun Kero round like an eccentric roundabout. Kero too went along with it.

"They have Hot Dogs, Candy Floss, Soda Pop's" Kero's eyes lit up. "I want it all." He then floated back into his cosy bed. Sakura smiled with joy. There was a knock on the door.

"Yes?" Sakura shouted. Her father opened the door, who had just looked like he came back from work. "Hi Dad!" The sight of her dad always brought a happy feeling to her heart. Her father smiled back, in his usual kind way.

"Good evening Sakura-chan. I will be attending a business trip all day tomorrow. There are some vegtables and sushi, so help yourself to them for dinner."

"Ok dad" She smiled, then gave a glum look. "You always seem so busy lately. I worry about you a lot, I don't want you to get over-stressed" Sakura's father smiled deeply.

"I will be fine, I appreciate your feelings. How did play rehearsels go by the way?"

"Great thanks! It's almost finished, we just need to sort a few things out. You are coming to see it, right?"

"Of course. I look forward to seeing you in it. I'll be downstairs if you need me." Her father closed the door.

"Okay!" Sakura leapt onto her bed, looking really tired.

"Now you look even more dodgy than before..."


Okay, that's the prologue done, I'd appreciate RR plz, I'll probs continue then, even though not much has happened so far. Thanks for reading so far