--Rizu is here with a slightly different fanfic. I shall update Lustful Cravings on Mediaminer. Until then, I thought I'd entertain my readers with a different sort of Yugi story. Have any of you ever played Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of Roses? I prefer that Capsule Coliseum game for PS2. Anyways, this fanfic has much the same characters as the Duelist of Roses video game.

Video Game Characters in Fanfic:

Yugi (a.k.a. Henry Tudor)

Seto (a.k.a. Christian Rosenburg) -I think that's his game character name, but please correct me if I'm wrong-

Simon (High Druid)

Lord Pegasus Crawford (founder of the Rose Crusaders) -correct me if I'm wrong about that, but I think I'm right—I'm making some fictional changes, ok?-

Bakura (a Rose Crusader and druid working for Seto)

Other Characters:

Diamond Dust (a pooka) her picture is on Mediaminer . -what the hell is a pooka? Read and find out-

Diana (a.k.a. "the Rose Duelist" and "Angel") -she's called "Angel" by Yugi and no she's not part of the game or the YGO series…."Diane" is the name I use to play the game-

--Okay, that's about all the characters from the game that are in my fanfic. And also, this fanfic has no yaoi in it. Sorry all my fellow yaoi fans! This fanfic is, however, rated R for cussing, future bloodshed, and future sexual scenes. So on to Chapter 1 of Red Rose Angel!

Chapter One – Call to the Future

2004 - "No! Not again…" Diana slumped in her chair. A big red D gazed angrily at her from her book report. "I needed a B or higher. Damn my grammar errors."

"Excuse me!" snapped the grizzled, bitchy English teacher. "Ms. Sapphire, we do not talk like that in this class. That's a week of detention!"

Diana grumbled under her breath. Damn bitch, she thought. Dad's not going to be pleased with this. I hope the warden let's me talk to him today.

"Look, the jailbird's kid is gonna follow in her father's footsteps." teased one of Diana's classmates.

Diana clenched the hem of her dark blue skirt that was part of her school uniform. She couldn't wait until she hunted down that kid and bloodied his nose. He'll regret making fun of my father, she thought bitterly.

1485 - "This is madness." said Henry Tudor. "Does Richard III really hope to gain the throne?"

"My son," said Margaret Beaufort. "You must not fret. I have summoned Simon the High Druid to help us."

"Yes…" Henry looked out of the window next to him. His eyes went to the barn for some reason. "The Yorkists are increasing in strength. Can the High Druid truly help us?"

Margaret nodded quietly. "He will use the power of the Red Rose Cards to find a champion through time."

"Through time?" Henry repeated. "Is that possible?"

"For a druid, my son, it is possible. We shall defeat the Yorkists and Rosenburg."

Henry frowned at mention of his rival, Christian Rosenburg. He looked outside at the barn and shifted from foot-to-foot. "I'm going to my room for a while, Mother."

2004 - Diana kicked a pebble on the sidewalk as she trudged home. "I wish my father was here." she said to herself. Her father was serving time in the slammer because he was found guilty of assaulting the janitor at the local movie theater. Ever since then, Diana's mother had been reserved and refused to even speak to her daughter as if Mr. Sapphire's jail time was all Diana's fault.

A breeze picked up, playing with her skirt. Diana growled, pushing it down again. "I hate this uniform." The horrid thing consisted of a dark brown skirt, a green shirt, and black loafers. Girls were required to wear a dark green bow in their hair and boys were required to wear a dark green cap. Both bow and cap displayed the school logo of a rabbit jumped through a ring of fire.

"I just want to be somewhere that can appreciate me." Diana said to herself as she trudged home along the dirty sidewalk.

1485 - "It won't work…" said Diamond Dust.

"Be quiet! It has to! Lady Margaret is counting on me."

"And the exiled Prince? Does he know?"

"Not yet, but Lady Margaret assured me that she would explain everything to him."

"Oh Simon…" Diamond Dust sighed. "Good luck and I shall protect you should everything back-fire…like always."

"Your faith in my abilities is touching, Diamond Dust." Simon mumbled and cast his spell.

Suddenly, the sky grew dark and lightning flashed. Diana sighed sadly. "Great, now it's gonna rain. Dammit…" She stopped to put down her backpack and dig out her portable umbrella, but before she could, the spot where Diana was standing began to glow. She dropped her backpack and the glow encircled her.

A scream froze in her throat as she felt herself falling. When she finally stopped, she stumbled and nearly passed out. Diana opened her eyes and blinked twice. She was standing in the very center of Stonehenge. The sky was dark and the clouds were gray. The ancient stones surrounded in mystery towered over her like ghostly visions against the darkened green of the grass and the blackening sky.

"Eek!" Diana squealed as something furry brushed against her leg. The creature was the size of a small house cat with a thick, spiky tail, big blue eyes and long, bunny-like ears. Its fur was a light gray color except for the darker gray on its tail and ears. It was so darn cute that Diana just wanted to pick it up and cuddle it.

But then she spotted a figure wearing strange robes and a hood over his head. He appeared to be a monk of some kind, but Diana couldn't properly guess. He was muttering delightedly to himself.

"Uh, hello there?" Diana said out loud.

The man gave a start and turned to face Diana. "Oh! My apologies, I didn't realize I was in the presence of the Rose Duelist."

"Oh good Heaven!" said a tiny voice at Diana's feet. It had come from the creature.

"Not now, Diamond Dust…" the man snapped.

"Whoa! Okay, that thing just talked?!" Diana said. "And w-where am I? How did I get here?"

"That is Diamond Dust, my pooka. You are in Stonehenge, near Salisbury, England. The year is 1485 and—"

"1485?! I was brought back almost 520 years into the past? What kind of dream is this?" Diana muttered to herself.

"Simon, really! Don't confuse the poor girl!" the creature growled. She jumped onto Diana's shoulder and purred like a cat. "A pooka, if you didn't already know, is a mischievous spirit that takes the form of an animal. Of course I am not that mischievous." Diamond Dust laughed lightly. "We need your help."

"M-my help? With what?" Diana asked.

"I'll answer that, Diamond Dust." said the man. "But first, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Simon Mcmooran, High Druid and servant of Lancaster. May I be so bold to ask what your name is?"

"My name is Diana Sapphire." she replied. Diamond Dust slipped into her arms and Diana was amazed at how warm and soft the pooka's fur was.

"Diana? What a fine name! Anyway, as Diamond Dust said, we are in need of help. Here's our situation, the British Empire is in turmoil! The House of Lancaster's rightful claim to the throne is being challenged by the Yorkists pigs. The power struggle has become known as the War of the Roses. The name is based on the badges used by both sides, a Red Rose for the Lancastrians and a White Rose for the Yorkists. Right now our kingdom is threatened by the Yorkists and their damned claim to the throne! The Lancastrians would be a match for the Yorkists, but unfortunately the Yorkists are getting support a group of duelists called the Rose Crusaders and their magical White Rose cards. Using our Red Rose cards we summoned you, Diana, to this day and age. We hoped that your dueling experience would defeat the Rose Crusaders and lead us to victory! You will help us right?" asked Simon.

"Wait a minute…you work for Lancastrians. They're the good guys, right?"

"Of course, my dear." Diamond Dust replied. "Our Lancastrian prince is in exile and if the Yorkists succeed in planting Richard's fat ass on the throne, then it could mean disaster for not only the Empire, but for my species too. My fellow pooka and sprites have always lived peacefully with the House of Lancaster."

"Will you help, Diana?" Simon asked, nervously.

"Of course I will. If it'll get me home, then sure."

"It will, I promise. Once we've retrieved the Rose Cards, Simon and I will do our best to transport you home." Diamond Dust replied.

Diana looked at Simon and asked, "Did you call me the Rose Duelist?"

"Yes, because you are! Rumor says that only the Legendary Rose Duelist stands a chance against the power of Rosenburg. We appreciate any help you can provide against them." said Simon.

"I can try." Diana replied.

"Hmm. So that's the effect of the Celtic Red Rose cards." said a sly voice. Diamond Dust growled as the voice continued, "It looks like there's some truth to the rumor that Red Rose cards are capable of some time transformation."

"Who's there!?" said Simon. A young man of probably nineteen years stepped out of the shadows, dressed in a silky silvery white suit with a long bluish white cape with the head of the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon on one shoulder. His brown hair was sleek and shaped his head nicely. His cold blue eyes sent a chill down Diana's spine. "Rosenburg!" exclaimed Simon. "What brings you here?"

"That's the leader of the Rose Crusaders, Rosenburg." Diamond Dust whispered to Diana.

"Only a member of the Rose Crusaders may call me that, stupid old fart! And as I recall you may only address me as Seto, or does your memory fail you?" the young man addressed Simon.

Diamond Dust hissed loudly as the young man looked at Diana. "And you must be the infamous Rose Duelist. I must admit you are quite beautiful for a Lancastrian and there is a certain aura of power emitting from you. I believe an introduction is in order. I am Seto, leader of the Rose Crusaders. There are members of our little group who prefer to call me by the name of Christian Rosenburg." said Seto.

"A pleasure…I think. So why are you here, if you're on the other side?"

"Bastard…" coughed Diamond Dust.

"You wouldn't understand Rose Duelist, but the old Druid will. I'm here for the Red Rose cards. After all it was you, Simon, who showed me how the summoning capabilities would evolve when the Red Rose cards are combined with the transport powers of the White Rose cards." said Seto.

"You aren't thinking of attempting the forbidden 'Rose Summoning'. If so the Red Rose cards must never fall into your evil hands!" Diamond Dust shouted. "Card sorcery taps into the power of the Ancient Ones. By their very nature each card is a double-edged sword that can cut both ways. The Rose cards alone harness tremendous power. There's no telling what horrors one might bring into the world by combining both Red and White!"

"What happens when he does that?" Diana asked the pooka.

Seto was the one to answer. "Don't listen to their frightened babble, Rose Duelist. The sixteen Red and White Rose cards grant power over all. Druid legend has merely twisted their true meaning. We, the Rose Crusaders, have sworn to create a utopia free from war. We intend to accomplish this with the power of these cards. And we shall do so by extending the rule of Richard III throughout the known world! By the way it was clever of you, Simon, to draw a circle of roses around our barrier to summon the duelist. But you and your damned pet were foolish to come alone, this area is surrounded and if you wish to leave with your life you will only do so by handing over the Red Rose cards."

Diamond Dust laughed. "You're the fool, Seto! You actually believed the Red Rose cards would stay in our possession? Right after the summoning I had some sprite friends of mine dispersed among our best duelists to keep them from your tainted hands!"

Seto grunted and looked at Diana. There a greedy, lustful gleam in his eyes. "Heed my words, Duelist if you wish to return to your proper time period you will require the sixteen Red and White Rose cards. The cards must be laid in reverse of the summoning in order to send you home—" said Seto.

"So what! I'm staying with Simon and Diamond Dust. They certainly seem a lot more trustworthy than you do!"

"Ouch, that hurts." Seto sneered. He turned and called over his shoulder. "You will regret this, Duelist, I promise."

Simon snorted as Seto left. Diana hugged the pooka close to her. "Now what?" she asked.

"Come along, Diana. The sooner we get to Brest, the better we shall be." said the old Druid.

"Where's Brest?"

"Brest is a harbor on the Isle of Bretagne. That's in France, my dear. We are to meet the Prince there." Diamond Dust replied.


Simon sighed, obviously wanting to move along. Diana followed him, still carrying Diamond Dust. The Druid said after a few minutes, "If we win the War of the Roses, then our Lancastrian Prince shall be crowned ruler."

Diana stroked Diamond Dust's head. I can't wait to meet this Prince, she thought.

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