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Chapter 16 – the Choice is Made

Music and waving banners filled the air of the castle gardens as people flocked to join their new King for food and drink. After the celebration, Yugi's first duty as King was going to be to send Weevil and Rex to the dungeon for a month. Though they had willingly pledged their loyalty to serve the British Empire and its king, the fact that they had been traitorous Rose Crusaders through out the War still remained. Yugi would have thrown them in the dungeon for longer, but he was in a very good mood right now.

Diana was enjoying herself through the festivities. She had to be taught a few dance steps before she was fully able to dance without stepping on anybody's foot. Before the big banquet ceremony, Yugi asked took Diana to dance and commanded that the musicians play something relaxing and soothing so that he and Diana could dance close together. Yami and Tea and Rex and Serena joined them. Soon other couples followed suit until almost everyone was slow-dancing.

"Do you like this, Diana?" Yugi whispered to her.

"This has been the best day of my life. I'm so happy, Henry."

Yugi smiled. "I am glad that you are happy."

"I was told you're going to give a speech at the beginning of the banquet. Hopefully it'll be a modest speech, your Highness." Diana teased.

The King chuckled. "Yes…and it is 'your Majesty' now." he nuzzled his nose against hers and she giggled, blushing furiously.


Everyone sat down at an enormous table that had been brought outside and was surrounded by huge torches twice the size of Diana's head. The sun was setting and everyone sat down to have their feast. Yugi, being the King, sat at the head of the table. Diana sat at his left with Lady Margaret, Diamond Dust and Simon. Yami, Tea, Joseph, Tristan, Rex and Serena, and Weevil all sat on the King's right.

After everyone else had been seated, the entire table was washed with silence. Yugi stood and cleared his throat. All who sat at the table looked to him and Diana thought she saw the King blush. The torches flickered and reflected beautifully off the gems in Yugi's crown.

"My friends, I hope to follow in my father's footsteps and become as good of a king to you and all of Britain as he once was. My brother once told me that my father would be proud of me and it was his wish that I inherit the throne. Well, I stand before you now as your king in completion of my father's dream. It is a great honor and I will serve you as justly as I can. But I feel as though I must confess something. Between the times of my brother's supposed death and the beginning of the War, there were rumors spread that Lady Tea and I were to be married. In fact, when my brother was supposedly dead, Tea was promised to become my wife."

Tea fidgeted and held Yami's hand. Diana licked her lips, nervous about what Yugi would say next. Yugi glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. "But…as you can all plainly see. My brother, Alexander, is alive and well, praise God. So he and Tea shall remain together for all eternity. I realize that a king needs a queen and still I have cancelled my marriage to Lady Tea. The reason is that I have found someone else."

Those who already knew of Yugi's romance with Diana stared at her. Diana felt her cheeks grow hot from all the embarrassment. Yugi chuckled lightly to himself. "I am not ashamed to say that I love Diana Sapphire with all my heart and soul. I declare to the entire kingdom! I love her so very much and will do everything in my power to make her happy." Now he looked directly at Diana. "No…I don't love her. I adore her and no other young lady will ever mean as much to me as she does."

Diana just stared at him. She felt like she was going to cry happy tears. She jumped up and hugged him. Everyone stared shockingly at them. Not because of what Yugi had said, but because Diana jumped up and hugged him. No one was allowed to lay a hand on the King without his permission. But they let the matter drop as the food was brought out and Yugi and Diana sat down. Food of all sizes and ranges were brought out on trays of silver and wine was poured from huge pitchers and jugs.

There was excited talk among the people about whether Diana was going to stay in their time period and become their queen or not. Some thought that it was a sure thing that she would stay, but others were worried that by staying, she might hurt history itself. About halfway through the meal, Simon motioned to Diamond Dust who nodded as the old Druid left the table. The pooka tapped Diana on the arm and whispered, "Diana, follow me please."

Diana nodded and got up to leave. Yugi touched her arm. "What is wrong, my Angel?"

"Diamond Dust wants me to follow her. I'll be back, don't worry." Diana told him. She hurried to catch up with Diamond Dust. The pooka led her to the stable area of the castle, out of hearing range of the banquet.

Simon was there with a few sprites being used to light up the area. Liam was with them and hovered around Diana's head as she stood in front of Simon. "What's wrong, Simon?"

The old Druid held up the Red and White Rose cards that Diana had given him. "Diana, these cards are extremely powerful. It could take me most of the day tomorrow to conjure the spell that will take you home. I hate to bother you with this, especially after the coronation and dancing and such, but I would like an answer."

Diana sighed heavily. It was now or never. She had to pick whether to stay or not. "My family is in the future, Simon. My father would certainly miss me, but I doubt my mother would. I have no friends back home, because everyone has basically pushed me out of society. But here…I have so many good friends like Tea and you and Diamond Dust. And I found someone who loves me for who I am."

Simon nodded. "This is true, Diana. I will not influence your decision. It has been an honor to be at your side throughout this time."

Diana smiled. "Thanks, Simon. But I'd like you to continue to be at my side. I'm not going anywhere."

The Druid was speechless. "You are…staying?"

Diamond Dust's ears perked straight up. The pooka jumped into her arms and Diana cuddled her tightly. "I want to stay here." Diana said.

Simon nodded vigorously, smiling. "That is wonderful news, Diana!"

Diamond Dust looked at Diana and asked, "May I bond my soul with yours?"

Diana was shocked. "But you're bonded to Simon…"

"Simon and I have talked about this and I want to be bonded to you, Diana. Please?"

"Of course you can, Diamond Dust."

Simon tucked the cards away into his robes and Diamond Dust jumped into his arms and purred as he stroked her fur. He put her down and began to chant something in the Celtic language. Diana watched as the Druid's body began to glow a mystical blue light. Diamond Dust was enveloped in the same light and mewed softly as a misty ball of yellow light came from the Druid and floated over to Diana.

Diana gasped as the ball sank into her chest. Her whole body started to glow the same blue light as Diamond Dust. Simon had stopped glowing, but he continued to chant. Diana squeezed her eyes shut as the ball of light became one with her. She cried out, but covered her mouth in case people at the party heard her and came to investigate. Finally it was over and Diana fell to her knees in exhaustion. Diamond Dust seemed perfectly fine as did Simon.

"Is it supposed to hurt that much?" Diana asked.

Simon nodded. "It did when Diamond Dust and I first bonded. Don't worry; the pain will end after a little bit longer."

Diana's whole body felt like its strength was completely gone and all she wanted to do was fall over and sleep. Gradually, however, her energy and strength returned and she stood and followed Simon and Diamond Dust back to the banquet. Nothing felt different, but occasionally she did feel a slight prick of unease or happiness at the back of her heart. Maybe that was Diamond Dust.

Yugi watched as Diana sat back down and smiled at him. "So what happened?"

"I'll tell you later." was all Diana said to him.


After the feast, everyone started to mingle and talk in loud voices. Some were drunk from all the wine and rum they had consumed. Joseph and Tristan wandered around the crowds and cliques of people to pick up any interesting gossip. Most of what they heard was about if Diana and Yugi should get married or not. Rex and Serena left the party shortly after the banquet and Weevil flirted with a few young castle servants.

Simon left for his studies and Lady Margaret stayed to talk with some of the nobility. Yami and Tea retired to their room. Diana didn't know what to do at the moment. Everyone seemed to have wandered off to do their own thing. Diamond Dust sat on Diana's shoulder as her new human walked back into the castle.

"Where are you going, Diana?" Diamond Dust asked as they entered the throne room. The pooka's small, but stern voice echoed throughout the room. It was huge with red banners hanging from the ceiling and a red carpet that led up to a throne identical to the one Yugi sat in earlier today in the Cathedral.

Diana walked up to the throne and stood next to it. Diamond Dust jumped to the floor and gasped as Diana sat in the throne. "What are you doing! Get off that!"

"Ow!" Diana rubbed the back of her head. "The hell was that?"

"If you mean that sharp prick in the back of your mind, then that was me. Now that I'm bonded to you, I can do that sort of thing." Diamond Dust said in a rather proud voice.

Diana frowned a little. "Great…well, don't worry. I'll get up in a second." She saw the pooka straighten and was about to ask why then Yugi grabbed her from the side and hugged her tight. "And what are we doing?" he asked against her neck.

His breath tickled her skin, making Diana giggle. "Don't do that, Henry."

"Come to bed, Diana. Please…I had a servant bring in one of my mother's old nightgowns for you." Yugi said and kissed her neck and jaw line.

Diana blushed. "Okay, okay."

Diamond Dust snorted and said, "I'm going to spend the night in Lady Margaret's chambers if you kids are going to bed together." She trotted off and Diana could feel the pooka's disgust in her mind.

Yugi took Diana's hand and led her down one corridor and then another before they reached his bedroom. He opened the door and Diana saw a beautiful white gown with long sleeves lying on the bed. She blushed at the thought of wearing it, since it was slightly see-through. Yugi was already proceeding to undress and Diana turned around so she wouldn't be too embarrassed for him. She grabbed the nightgown and looked over her shoulder for a split second.

A split second gave her enough time to see Yugi's naked ass. Diana turned back around and quickly changed into her nightgown before Yugi—now dressed in his nightshirt—could turn to see her. Diana then snuggled deep into the covers, already tired from all the events of today. Yugi pulled her to him and kissed her forehead.

"So beautiful…" he whispered with his mouth still against her forehead.

Diana ran a hand over his arm muscles and callused hands. She felt safe with him and special too. That was something no one could deprive her of now. Yugi ran his hand through her hair and lavished her face and neck with passionate, burning kisses. Diana let the kisses come until she pulled away and said, "Henry, I need to tell you something important."

Yugi felt his heart grow numb. "What is it, Angel?"

"I have thought about whether I should stay or go and I have made my decision." Diana said.

He pulled her closer and said, "Go on then. Whatever you decide, I won't care. I just want your happiness, Diana my Angel."

"You are my happiness, Henry. I love you as much as you love me. I want to stay with you." she whispered.

Yugi couldn't control himself any longer. He pressed her into a passionate kiss and pulled at her nightgown as if to take it off. He hugged her so tightly, Diana thought she'd explode. His hands flew all over her back, rear, legs and stomach. His lips suckled at her skin as Diana felt his body tense and shiver with joy.

Finally, Yugi seemed to calm down a little and held her close. "Diana…oh, Angel…I feel as though I could fly right now. You have made me so happy."

Diana hugged him with all her strength. "I'm happy too, Henry." She was quiet for a while and felt Yugi settle in to sleep, but she pinched him gently to wake him again. "Henry…I…"

"Yes, Angel?"

"I have one request of my King." Diana said shyly.

Yugi kissed the tip of her nose. "What does my Angel desire? Her King is here to please." he said with a sly smile, hoping that what she wanted was what he was thinking about.

"I…" Diana felt very nervous and shivered a little. He wrapped her in his strong arms and she didn't feel quite as nervous anymore. "I…I want you to take me."

With lust surging through his veins, Yugi knew that nothing else in the world mattered in that moment except his Angel. Yugi ran his hands around on her hips and asked, "Are you sure?"

Diana knew her face was as red as the bedsheets, but she nodded. "Yes. I'm sure."

Yugi shifted her gently and slowly underneath him and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. He felt her relax and move her hands around his back. He moaned into the kiss and reached down to the bottom of her nightgown and pulled it out in one swift motion. Diana squeaked and suddenly felt extreme self conscious. She crossed her arms over her breasts and tried to curl into a ball, but Yugi gently eased her back into a lying position. "It's all right, Diana. I want to see you."

"I...I look horrible." she replied with her arms still covering her breasts.

Yugi only laughed and stripped himself bare. "You are beautiful. He kissed her again and slowly moved her arms from her chest. He kissed the hollow of her neck and sat back, straddling her hips. He almost lost his self control as he stared at her flawless nudity. Her body was small, but so beautiful. Her breasts were big enough to be cupped in each hand, so they weren't very big. He hated the wounds on her arms and wished he had to power to make them go away forever. Rosenburg paid for what he did, Yugi thought. He was almost the one to do this. But I will be the first.

Diana's breathing sped up a little as he looked at her. She tried to cover her chest again, but Yugi leaned down and put her hands on his hips. "I do not want you cover any part of your beauty. We don't have to do this now. I sense you are still afraid."

"I'm…I'm not afraid anymore. I'm just nervous."

Yugi smiled and kissed her softly. "We're doing this out of love, Angel. Just remember that no matter what."

She nodded and whispered, "Can you go slowly, please?"

Yugi chuckled. "I'm still a virgin too, my dear. I only know a little about what to do. But I promise to go slowly." He engulfed her into another passionate kiss and massaged her hips roughly. She ran her own hands up and down his hips and thighs. He moaned into their kiss and released her so she could get her breath back. Yugi began kissing down her neck and moving slowly onto one of her breasts. Diana gasped as he ran his tongue over her chest very, very slowly. A strangled groan came from her mouth as if she was trying very hard not to enjoy this.

Yugi puthis face back to hers and kissed it tenderly. He began to whisper soothing words in her ear. These words were in Irish Gaelic, Diana remembered the accent from the videos her history teacher showed, but she understood nothing of what the King was saying. She shivered a little when she felt his manhood against her.

Once she was relaxed again, Yugi went back to her breasts and massaged them gently with his hands. Diana moaned and arched her back a little. He smiled and dragged his tongue in meaningless patterns around her chest and stomach. Diana's body tensed as Yugi put himself close to her opening. "It's all right, Diana. Just let me know when you wish to stop and I promise I will."

Gently Yugi licked his first three fingers until they were completely wet and then slipped one finger inside her. Diana groaned and would have screamed had she not bitten down on her own fingers. Yugi waited until she gave a gesture to continue, then inserted another finger and then a third finger.

Diana bit down harder on her hand until she drew blood. Yugi removed his fingers and took her bleeding hand and kissed the blood away. "My poor Angel…do you wish to continue?"

"May as well…" Diana whispered.

"Is that what you want?"

Diana nodded. "I honestly do. It may hurt, but I know it's not on purpose."

Yugi smiled at her and suckled at her fingers before gently sheathing his manhood into her warmth. She clenched the sheets and let out a loud moan. It felt like she was being ripped open from the inside outside. Yugi gasped and grunted. His manly instincts were going wild and demanding that he pound into her like there was no tomorrow. But Yugi ignored his instincts, though it was so hard considering how tight Diana felt. They made love at a slow pace at first so both of them could get used to the feeling. It felt like an eternity before Diana screamed bloody murder and Yugi followed suit.

They lay separated from each other, but still clinging in each other's arms. "I love you so much, Diana." Yugi said. "I'm so glad you'll stay with me."

"Whether I've changed the future or not, I just want to be with you, Henry. For the rest of my life." Diana yawned slightly and buried her face in his chest.

"Go to sleep, my love. I will never leave your side…" Yugi's voice trailed away as he drifted into a deep sleep, contented to be with the one he loved. Nothing would break him away from her. And now that she was at his side, he would be the happiest and luckiest king Britain would ever have.


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