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Ash had finally became the Pokemon Master of the world. He had beaten all of the top trainers including his rival Gary. Ash along with his friends Misty and Brock were heading back to pallet for a nice vacation.

They were walking along peacefully until the ground started to shake slightly. Pikachu turns around and his face gets a look of scared. "Guys I don't want to alarm you but….The Fans are coming!" Misty yelled in a horrified voice. Ash turned around and saw around two dozen people racing after him. "Wait up Ash! I have to ask you some questions!" one of them yelled. "Ok guys lets do this. Plan 713 go!" Misty commanded. Ash, Misty, and Brock all split up. The fans finally caught up and didn't know which way to go. They split up into groups and followed them.

Ash and Brock are running as fast as they can. The fans aren't far behind them and they are getting tired. "Ash I love you! Please marry me!" a girl yelled. "Why does he get all the girls?" Brock thought in despair. They ran and ran until they reached a dead-end. The fans surrounded them and moved in close. Brock stepped forward. "Ladies, you don't want him. He has so many flaws. He wets the bed and his mom still reminds him to change his under-wear. Imagine how many accidents he must have to need to be reminded to change his underwear. Come with me instead." The fans grabbed Brock and pushed him out of the way. They moved in close towards Ash. Suddenly a flash of light occurred and a pink blob appeared where Ash was. "Ditto" It said. "This isn't Ash!" one of them yelled.

On a cliff far away Ash and Misty were watching the scene through binoculars. "Good thing Duplica leant her Ditto to me." Ash said catching his breath from all the running. "Yeah, who knew they were that stupid." Misty said agreeing with him. "Not so fast mister." a voice said. They turned around. It was worse than fan-girls. It was the press! "Make a new statement please!" one of them begged slamming a microphone in front of his face. Ash looked at Pikachu and grinned and Pikachu nodded. "Pikachu Thunder!" he yelled. Pikachu shocked the microphone and everyone around it. The news crew collapsed on the ground char-broiled and crisp. Ash picked up the microphone and spoke into it. "If any kids are listening to this listen up. The press sucks! If you become a Pokemon Master like me make sure you have a psychic type Pokemon or something to defend yourself. This is Ash Ketchum signing off."

Misty and Ash caught up with Brock. He had red hand marks all over his face. "Rough day Brock?" Misty asked. "They couldn't keep their hands off me." he replied rubbing his face. Misty walked over to Ash and sat down next to him. "So Ash what are your plans now that you're a Pokemon Master?" she asked leaning in slightly. "Well….I'll probably eat a lot and sleep." he stated. Misty pushed him off the rock he was sitting on and got up disgusted. "He couldn't pick up a hint if it was in the form of a Pokemon." she muttered. They continued walking. Suddenly a bright light appeared in the sky and sucked them in.

They appeared in to be in the same place they were in before except it looked like a hurricane had just hit it. Buildings were destroyed and bodies of people were everywhere. "Where are we?" Misty asked horrified at the sight. "It looks like Viridian City only destroyed." Brock replied. "But how? We were here only a second ago and now it looks like a war just went on. Maybe it was that weird light that sucked us in?" Ash wondered. "What are you kids doing here?" a voice asked. They turned around and saw a man wearing a red Pokemon league hat and some kind of golden armor from his chest down. He had a Pikachu perched on his shoulder that looked at them strangely.

"What are you kids doing here?" he asked again clutching a Pokeball. "What happened here? This town was good as new a few minutes ago." Misty asked looking around. "What are you talking about? This town hasn't looked good as new in twenty years." he said. "Who are you?" he asked again. "I'm Ash Ketchum this is Brock and Misty." Ash said introducing himself. The Pikachu on the mans shoulder jumped off and ran over to Ash. It sniffed him and hopped up on him happily. "Look kid I don't know what you're trying to pull but I'm Ash Ketchum. Pikachu use Thunder!" the man commanded. The Pikachu looked at the man and shocked him instead. "That wasn't funny." he said as he fell on the ground.

"Look we're not joking. Here is my Poke Dex have a look." Ash said handing it to him. The man opened it. "This Poke Dex is assigned to Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town." it said in a mechanical voice. The man looked at it in disbelief and handed it back to Ash. "You're me. You must have come from the past somehow. I'm you only twenty years older." Older Ash said. "Twenty Years!!!" they all yelled at once. "How did we get transported twenty years in the future? We were just walking along and all of the sudden some big colorful light appears and sucks us in it." Misty said getting worried. Older Ash chuckled slightly. "You're definitely Misty. That light came from Team Rocket. They were trying to recruit members from the past to train and they must have got you guys by accident." Older Ash explained.

"So what did happen to this town?" Brock asked. "It was Gary. He is the top leader of Team Rocket now. He must have used his psychic powers to destroy this town." Older Ash said in sadness looking around. "Gary has psychic powers?" Ash asked. "Yeah everyone hear has Pokemon powers. I have electric powers from Pikachu. My wife has water powers from her Pokemon." Older Ash stated. "You have a wife? Meaning Ash married to someone?" Misty asked in sadness. Older Ash smiled at her a little. "Wait till you see the wife Misty. I promise you'll cheer up. Let's head back to my house." Older Ash said walking. They followed him.

From a distance two spies were watching. One of them had blue hair and they other had long red hair. "The twerp from the past is here?" one of them asked. "I guess so. We must inform Master Oak right away." the other replied. They ran off to report the news.

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