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Both Ash's Brocks, and Misty's arrived at Sky Pillar. It was a giant tower with the picture of a Dragonite above the door.

"Definitely the best place for a dragon master to hide." Younger Misty said looking at the tower.

"This may be to dangerous for the younger ones. I think you should stay out here." Older Ash said looking at the younger versions of Ash, Misty, and Brock.

"No way. I'm not staying out here when I could be helping." Younger Ash said defiantly.

"I agree. They have proved themselves, let them come." Older Misty said.

Older Ash was about to reply but he noticed everyone giving him glares. "Fine they can come." he said giving up.

They walked into the tower. From a distance a figure was watching. "I got you now Ketchum.

Ash and co. walked along the endless paths of Sky Pillar. Finally they reached a door at the top. "This must be the entrance to the top." Older Brock stated.

"Let's go in then. This place is scaring me." Younger Misty said reaching for the handle.

Suddenly a Dragonite appeared before them. It launched a Hyper Beam at but they dodged. "Let's take him down. Everyone combine!" Older Ash yelled.

"Pikachu Fusion!"

"Golduck Fusion!"

"Golem Fusion!"

"Charizard Fusion!"

"Corsola Fusion!"

"Forretress Fusion!"

"Let's shake things up a bit, Magnitude!" Older Brock yelled. The floor shook and Dragonite looked like it was in serious pain.

"You ready Misty?" Older Misty asked her younger self. She nodded. "Double Hydro Pump!" they both yelled. A huge blast of water collided with Dragonite knocking him back a few feet.

"Giga Thunder!" Older Ash yelled. A blast of thunder hit Dragonite and paralyzed it.

"Now for the final blow. Dragon Rage!" Younger Ash yelled. He launched a green blast right at Dragonite. At the last minute a Hyper Beam cancelled out the attack. Everyone looked over and saw a man with a Rayquazza behind him.

"Who are you?" Older Ash asked.

"Don't you recognize me Ash?" The figure stepped forward. "Its Lance." Older Misty exclaimed.

The dragon master smiled. "Very good Misty. I guess I know who has the brains in the relationship." Older Misty grinned and Older Ash grumbled.

"The other members of the elite are back at our house. We came to get you." Older Brock said.

"I take it you are ready for a rebellion. I'm in. With Rayquazza and everyone else we can't lose." Lance said as he looked at the big green dragon.

"So that's why you came here." Older Ash said.

Suddenly the other members of the Elite 4 appeared.

"Lance you're back." Lorelei said running over to him. The two met in an embrace.

"Well now that were all together I guess were ready to strike down Gary." Agatha said looking at their team.

"I don't think so." A voice said.

Everyone turned around and saw Gary, Richie, Jesse, and James.

"How did you find us?" Younger Brock asked.

"Are you that stupid? Did you forget I fused with the most powerful Psychic Pokemon alive? Go Deoxys!" Gary through a Pokeball and out came a red creature with green skin.

"Its terrifying." Younger Misty said hiding behind Ash.

"You can not win. Everyone fuse!" Gary yelled.

"Deoxys Fusion!"

"Raichu Fusion!"

"Arbok Fusion!"

"Weezing Fusion!"

Everyone lined up next to someone. The teams were uneven so some people ganged up.

"I'm going to take you down. Thunder!" Richie yelled.

The attack collided with Older Ash but he was barely hurt. "Take this, Hyper Bolt!" Older Ash yelled. A blast of lightning hit Richie. He fell unconsiouss.

Older and Younger Brock were fighting Jesse and James.

"Smokescreen!" James yelled. A thick lair of smoke covered the battle field.

"I can't see." Older Brock complained. He then felt a sharp pain hit his neck. Older Brock fell on the ground. He had been hit by Jesse's Poison Sting.

Younger Brock was enraged. "I've had enough of you clowns. Explosion!" he yelled.

Through the smoke a giant explosion occurred clearing the smoke. Everyone had been knocked out from the attack.

"It was now down to the Elite 4, Both Ash's, and Both Misty's vs. Gary.

"We have you outnumbered. We will defeat you Gary." Older Ash threatened.

"All talk and no action. You are to weak to beat me."

Agatha disappeared and reappeared behind Gary. "Take this, you stuck up punk. Shadow Ball!" Agatha threw a ball of black energy right at Gary. He sighed and put up a barrier to block the attack.

"You pathetic old witch. I know how to cover my weaknesses. Psychic!" Gary's eyes glowed blue. Agatha flew up in the air and was thrown into a wall.

"Agatha!" Bruno said running over to her.

"Time to die, Mr. macho." Gary said. He was about to hit Bruno with a Psychic when he felt himself being lifted in the air. Gary looked over and saw Lorelei using her psychic powers.

Gary smirked. "Not bad, but your part water as well. Zap Cannon!"

Before Lorelei could even think a powerful blast of lightning collided with her knocking her into Bruno.

"I've had enough of you. Outrage!" Lance yelled in anger. Gary could see the spirit of Rayquazza fly out of Lance. It roared and attacked him. Gary was helpless and could not counter. Finally after a few minutes the attack stopped. Gary looked over and saw Lance clutching his head in pain.

"Oh no. After a while Outrage makes the user confused." Older Ash exclaimed.

Gary smirked. He launched a Hyper Beam at Lance and knocked him out. "How the mighty have fallen. I can't believe I used to look up to those losers."

Older Ash had had enough. He stepped forward towards Gary. "Everyone stay here. I'm going to fight Gary alone." the others were about to reply but Ash put up a hand to silence them.

Gary noticed Ash approaching him. "So Ketchum, come to surrender?" Gary asked.

"You have hurt many innocent people and given a bad name to Pokemon trainers. I used to call you my friend, now I call you the enemy. I will give you one chance to surrender." Older Ash stated.

Gary grinned. "You're more pathetic than ever Ketchum. Even when I'm winning your trying to sound heroic. "I'll write that speech on your grave. Hyper Beam!

Older Ash didn't even flinch. He just stuck out one hand. "Giga Thunder!" he yelled. The blast flew threw the Hyper Beam and went straight towards Gary.

"That won't work on me. Mirror Coat!" Gary yelled. A barrier surrounded him and deflected the blast back at Ash. It collided and smoke covered the battlefield.

"What a loser." Gary smirked. His eyes suddenly widened. When the smoke cleared he saw three figures. Older Misty, Younger Ash, and Younger Misty had worked together to block the blast.

"I told you to stay out of this." Older Ash said weakly.

"Your not in this alone. Were here to help you no matter what." Older Misty said.

"Take him down." Older Ash said. He then lost conciseness.

"You think you can win? Ketchum was the strongest and he failed. You got no chance." Gary said.

"In case you haven't noticed I'm Ash Ketchum as well." Younger Ash said angrily.

Gary grinned. "So you are. I'll let you die next to yourself. Hyper Beam!" Gary yelled again. Younger Ash quickly flew up in the air to avoid it.

"I won't fall for that. Sky Attack!" Ash yelled.

He flew down and went straight for Gary. He was about to put up a barrier when he was hit by both Misty's from the side. Gary lost concentration and Younger Ash hit him head on.

Gary fell but quickly got up angrily. "That does it. Its time to end this fight. Recover!" Gary healed all his wounds.

"How are we going to beat him if he recovers?" Younger Misty asked.

"Here's your answer, you won't. Psychic Blast!" Gary yelled. His whole body glowed blue. Psychic energy was surrounding him from all sides. "Fire!" Psychic energy flew from Gary's whole body and hit Younger Misty, Ash, and Older Misty. "I won't lose. Everyone use your strongest moves!" Older Misty yelled.

"Blast Burn!"

"Hydro Pump!"

"Hyper Beam!"

The attacks cut through Gary's attack. His eyes widened in shock. "No, No!!!!!" Gary cried as the attacks engulfed him.

When the blast was over no sign of Gary was left. Everyone was finally free from his reign of destruction.

2 weeks later.

A time machine was found in Gary's castle. Younger Ash, Misty, and Brock are preparing to go home.

"It's been fun, but we gotta go." Younger Ash said smiling slightly.

"We'll try make sure that the future turns out better." Younger Misty replied.

"I'm sure you will. You are all very strong." Older Ash said. He then looked at Younger Ash. "Take care of her. She is a great lady." Older Ash winked. "I will." Younger Ash said smiling.

Older Misty pulled Younger Ash into a hug. "I guess this is the last time I'll get to see Ash as a kid. But I will always remember one thing." Older Misty leaned down and kissed Younger Ash on the lips. After a minute she pulled back. "You're still just as cute." she said as she kissed his cheek smiling.

Younger Misty and Older Ash couldn't help but feel a little jealous as they watched the scene.

"Say hi to Suzie for me. Does she really love me?" Younger Brock asked his older self. When Older Brock grinned he knew the answer.

The younger versions of Ash, Brock, and Misty stepped into the time machine. They disappeared in a puff of smoke.

They arrived back in Viridian City like nothing ever happened. Gary was walking by. Ash ran up to him.

"Hey Ketchum what's up?" Gary asked.

"Let's just say I have some future advice for you." Ash stated.

The End

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