All standard disclaimers apply. Just for kicks, pallies.

Set in Season 8- AU after Affinity

The Intergalactic Social Event of The Decade


Pete groggily fumbled for the phone on the nightstand and brought it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Gimme Carter," a gruff voice ordered.

"Carter?" Pete repeated in sleep induced confusion. "Oh, Sam… you mean Sam. Yeah, hold on." Pete nudged Sam's sleeping form beside him. "Sam, telephone." She stretched out her hand and Pete placed the phone in it. "Hello?" she mumbled trying to clear the sleepy fog from her mind.

"That was quick," a familiar gravelly voice answered.

She was suddenly very clearheaded and more than slightly pissed at his tone. "What's that supposed to mean, sir?" she asked sharply but of course she knew what he meant.

"Nothin', Carter. Only that your boy Pete must be pretty close by."

"As a matter of fact, sir, he's right here beside me in bed." Pete raised an eyebrow at that statement, but she ignored him.

"Too much information, Carter."

"Then what the hell was your point, sir?"

"No point. Just an observation."

"What do you want, sir? And the fate of the universe had better be in jeopardy."

"Testy, aren't we, Carter? Long night?"

"What do you want, sir?" she repeated in a tone that might be called insubordinate.

"I was thinkin'-"

"Did you hurt yourself, sir?"

"Watch it, Carter. I'm trying to be nice."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, really. I figured since today was your last day for a while you might want to pick the color, y'know like old times. We can even neglect to tell Daniel, since Jonas isn't around to screw with anymore." Sam tried to fight the smile growing on her face as she felt her irritation drain away. Damn it. She wanted to be pissed at him. He had been an ass, but God help her, she could not stay mad at Jack O'Neill for an extended period of time. She realized how much she missed the way they used to call each other to verify what color BDUs to wear for the day. It hadn't been necessary really. They'd long since had a system worked out for that. But after Daniel had ascended, they both craved the additional contact that helped ease the loneliness and allowed them a harmless venue to tease and flirt (and screw with Jonas's head). "That is very nice of you, sir.'

"See, Carter, I can do nice on occasion," the earlier gruffness left his voice and she could practically imagine the playful half smile on his face. She loved that smile.

"Yes, sir, you can. So what color?"

"Oh, I thought you might like to decide."

"Oh, sir, you are being very nice, but there are a lot of factors to consider."

"You're absolutely right, Carter. There are a lot of pros and cons to green or blue. It's not a decision to take lightly."

"Hmmm. What's your advice, sir? You know how much I respect your color sense."

"Well," he paused a moment considering. "If you really want my opinion…"

"I do, sir, I do," she replied quickly.

"Then I'll have to go with blue. It matches your Jell-O."

"Excellent point, sir. Besides Daniel never picks blue on his own."

"Colonel, have I told you how much I love your devious streak?"

"No, General, you haven't."

"Well, I do. Immensely."

There was silence on the line as they both suddenly realized the implications of what he just said. After a few tense moments, he said, "Um, blue, then?"

"Yes, sir. And by chance, will there be donuts this morning?" she asked trying to inject some lightness back into the conversation.

"Donuts? Yes, Colonel Carter, I can assure you there will indeed be donuts this morning." She could hear the smile back in his voice which kind of ruined the Teal'c impression.

"Chocolate iced?"

"Of course. Only the best for my favorite geek."

"You, sir, are a god among false gods."

"I know."

"Smug too."

"I never denied it."

"So you'll let Teal'c know, sir?" she asked winding down the banter.

"Yeah, sure, you betcha. See you in a bit, Carter."

"Bye, sir." Sam was still smiling to herself as she hung up the phone and climbed out of bed.


She turned around startled by Pete's voice. In the course of her conversation with General O'Neill she'd forgotten all about Pete. She could feel her skin flush at the thought of him listening to their chat.

Pete propped his head up on his fist and smiled teasingly at her, "Do you flirt with all generals like that or just O'Neill?"

"What?" Her blush deepened.

"Oh, come on, Sam. You have that man wrapped around your little finger. No wonder you got promoted so soon after he did." His tone was playful and teasing and she detected no malice in it but it didn't fail to raise her ire.

She fixed him with a steely blue glare. "If you think for one damn moment that I haven't worked my ass off for every damn promotion then you got another thing coming. General O'Neill would never-"

"Whoa, whoa, babe. Hold on, " He held his hands up in defense. " I'm just kidding. I know you deserve everything you've got. I'm sorry. Don't kill me, please, Miss Super Lady."

Sam forced her self to calm down. She knew he didn't mean anything by it. "It's okay."

She gestured towards the bathroom door. "I've got to get ready."

"I'll make breakfast," he offered.

"Don't worry about it. The general's bringing me chocolate iced donuts," she replied with a quirky smile he hadn't really ever seen from her before. Pete thought it best not to think to hard on how it was brought on by General O'Neill's donuts.