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Italics - Means Thoughts

"Out of all the bars to go to, You have to be in mine." Midou Ban gave his best grin to the woman in front of him before sitting on the stool beside him.

The woman gave a loud sigh. "Not another one." She mumbled to herself. Not turning around. Deciding to ignore who ever it was that tried to pick her up.

Why is it that when a woman is sitting alone by herself everyone considers her fair game?

Can't they just leave her the hell alone?

Is she sending out signals?

She just wants to be alone and forget what this day meant to her.

Why can't they just leave her be?

The woman decided to just ignore the man. Perhaps he would just go away. She signalled the bartender to approach her.

"Haven't you had enough?" he said with a gruff tone.

"I'll say when I had enough." She told him.

The bartender just gave her a snort before turning to the man sitting next to her, ignoring her. This made her fume.

"What will you have? Your usual I guess." The bartender said in a more friendlier tone which irritated her even more.

"Yeah. You know me well Charlie. Also another round of drink to my lady companion here." Ban smirked at the bartender named Charlie.

"She looks like she had enough my friend but then again she looks like she can handle the likes of you. I'll be right back." Charlie said chuckling before taking a quick look at the woman then hastily left to get their drinks.

The woman however did not enjoy their little exchange.

How dare they talk about her as if she didn't exist?

Well if this guy think he can sleep with her just by getting her drunk then he has another thing coming!

"Listen you…." Hevn turned around to look at the man and give her a piece of her mind when she froze in mid sentence when she saw who it was.

"It's nice to see you too Hevn-san." Ban said in his knowing tone. Smirk on his face.

Hevn in the other hand was speechless.

She should have known!

She knew she recognised his voice but she was too engrossed in her own thoughts to figure out who it was!

"What's the matter Hevn? Cat got your tongue?" Ban teased her, his grin growing bigger. He just loved getting in her nerves.

Before Hevn could reply, Charlie interrupted them by handing them their drinks.

"Thanks." Hevn said to the bartender.

"No problem. But I feel I must warn you that my friend is a bit of a ladies man, if you know what I mean." Charlie told her amusement twinkling in his eyes. As he winked at her.

Ban laughed. Hevn hadrarely seen Ban laugh before. To be honest she doesn't know much about him at all.

"Do not worry Charlie. She is my contractor. She doesn't mix business with pleasure or enjoy a rough and tumble with an employee." Ban told Charlie. Humour in his voice as he winked at Hevn.

Hevn blushed. She didn't know whether it was because if she was insulted or embarrassed. But the men thought it was because she was angry.

"Whoa! No need to get mad! See I told you Charlie I wasn't her type!" Ban said raising his hands in defence. Still teasing her.

Hevn frowned. She knew Ban loved to poke fun at her at any given time, but she never knew he could be this playful.

Charlie began to laugh at his friend's antics. But excused himself as a customer gestured to get served.

Hevn then took a sip of her drink. Aware of Ban's eyes on her.

"So care to tell me what's eating you?" Ban asked in seriousness.

Hevn in the other hand didn't want to tell him of her sob story so instead she avoided the question.

"Where's Ginji? Aren't you two always together?" Hevn asked. Not really caring, just want to steer the conversation away from her.

"He went to Mugenjou to visit the VOLTS. And don't answer a question with a question." Ban replied back.

"I didn't know you frequented this bar." She said again. Ignoring his earlier reply.

Ban just grinned. "There are a lot of things you don't know about me Hevn-san."

"I'll drink to that." Hevn said to him.

As the hours past. The two talk about inconsequential things. And drank some more. Hevn had forgotten most of her woes and was now drunk as a sailor. Giggling merrily. Ban on the other hand was more resistant to alcohol. But he found it amusing to find Hevn at such a state. Hevn on the other hand had become more confident and more daring and was now looking at Ban at a different light.

"You are a sexy man Midou Ban." She slurred as she smiled at him appreciatively.

"I didn't know you noticed Hevn-san." Ban grinned.

"Oh I notice alright. I notice all things about you." Hevn flirted.

Ban laughed at the innuendo. What he wouldn't give to have a video camera right now. This is exactly what he needed.

He was slightly depressed because of his past. He was always in this bar trying to drown out the memories of his past. He just had too many skeletons in his closet. Somehow seeing Hevn there brightened up his day. Even for just a little bit.

Ban laughed inwardly to himself. He was slightly tipsy as well as melancholy.Looking across toHevn, hethought that it was time to get the lady home.

Ban had asked Hevn her address and gave her a ride home. Ban had to assist her from getting out of the bar to the white beetle car he had because she couldn't stand up on her own without wobbling. Hevn meanwhile thought it was funny and giggled all the way to the car. Charlie just shook his head as he watched the two depart.

As Ban parked the car in her driveway. He was quite surprised at the size of her house and began to wonder how could she afford such a place?

She was definitely being stingy about their pay.

Hevn was completely out of her head. And was still tipsy. Ban helped her out of the car and into the house. Upon reaching the house however, Hevn's knees buckled. Ban had to carry her. To the amusement of the drunk Hevn.

Hevn giggled as she buried her face into his hard chest.

"Your so strong and very well built." She said to him sluggishly.

"Oh really?" Ban replied back as he looked down on her. His eyebrow raised.

"You smell sexy too." She said breathlessly as she began to moisten her lips.

Ban laughed. She really me must be out of her head if she said that.

"I've always thought of you as sexy. You looked so hot Especially when your shirt is off…" She told him.

"You mean to tell me that you perv at me?" He teased her.

"Oh we always perve at you. And we all agree that your quite a catch." She giggled.

"Who's we?" Ban said in curiosity. Eyeing her more closely

"Me, Natsumi, Himiko and Clayman-san." She listed off. As she remembered talking about him to the other girls at Honky Tonk.

"Do you always talk about me?" Ban asked.

"Not all the time." Hevn giggled.

"But I do want you Midou Ban…" She said to him as she reached up to him with her hand and began to caress his face.

Ban suddenly felt desire to take Hevn. But seeing that they weren't in their complete state of mind, he thought twice about it. They would only regret it in the morning. He reasoned. So instead he took her to bed, removed her shoes and began to tuck her in. He was about to leave her when she grasped his arm.

"Please don't go. I don't want to be alone tonight." Hevn pleaded to him.

Every fibre in Ban's body screamed in alarm. That he should go before he took advantage of the situation. And yet he could not afford to leave Hevn in the state that she is in. She looked so alone. So lonely. So heartbroken. A mirror image of himself.

Hevn didn't know why but she didn't want to be alone. Today was suppose to be her anniversary with her first love Eiji. This was the day they first met. But the memories that entailed after that was just too much for her. The happy times they spent together. The day she thought he died. Then finally the day where he admitted the truth of using her only to get a top military secret. It was just too much for her at the moment. She had been alone for too long. She really didn't want to be alone tonight. She didn't realise that tears began to escape her eyes. And that Ban had wiped them away.

He couldn't stand it when people cried. He may act cold and hard but it was one of the weaknesses he had. He couldn't leave her like this. So instead he sat down next to her bed and comforted her. Hugging her. Lending his shoulders to cry on.

"I will be here." Ban gently told her.

Hevn hugged him back as she let the onslaught or tears free. His warm and comforting embrace made her pain ache less. She felt so safe and secure in the confine of his arms. It felt right to be there.

Hevn smiled as she drifted to sleep. With Ban beside her. She snuggled closer to him. His presence comforting. Ban in the other hand had drifted off in a comfortable sleep.

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