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Italics Means Thoughts

Hevn stood by the door. Too stunned to move.

"Hevn?" Eiji asked tentatively. He had followed them. He saw them together at the bar the other night and wondered if he had let the most important woman walk out of his life.

Seeing her again brought up memories of their past relationship. Back in the days when they were still together and so much in love. Back when he hid his real agenda.

She seemed so lost and confuse now, but none the less beautiful. He could only drink the sight of her.

"May I come in?" Eiji asked.

Hevn didn't trust herself to talk. But before she can even form another word, her body moved in its own accord. She stepped back allowing Eiji some space to enter her house which he promptly did.

Hevn hesitantly closed the door while Eiji waited for her. She gave out a heavy sigh before leading him towards the lounge room.

"Would you like anything to drink?" Hevn asked. Prolonging a much due conversation. She was never prepared to ever see him again after their last encounter. It crushed her to see him then and hurts her to see him now.

"No. What I have to say won't take long." Eiji replied back as he declined her offer. After their last encounter, he had tried to get her out of his head. He had sleepless nights, wondering what could have been.

Hevn took a sit opposite of him. Trying to distance herself away from him as much as possible. Looking at him now made her heart constrict. She had never thought she would feel such intense emotions just upon seeing him again.

It brought about such hurt and pain from the betrayal he committed. He was like an embodiment of her worst fears. She wanted to scream at him. Ask him where he was when she needed him? When she wanted to see him? Wanted to hold him. Why now when she was happy?

Tears she never knew flowed from her eyes as she clasped her hands together. Trying to still her emotions, trying to quell the questions that kept bombarding her mind. She kept her head down. Not wanting to let him see her cry. How much his presence affected her. Only to feel his gentle touch upon her hand.

"Hevn?" Eiji tentatively called as he reached out to her. He saw the tears as it dropped. Saw the pain that flashed through her eyes before she hid them as she looked down. He saw her look up to meet his eyes. A million questions, seemed to flash through her eyes. Demanding answers he cannot give.

"Why?" Was the only thing Hevn could say.

"I love you Hevn. I never lied to you about that." Eiji replied back. Brushing the tears away from her cheek. Mesmerised at how truly beautiful the woman was before him.

Hevn knew it what was happening but for some reason she was unable to stop it from happening. She saw him descend upon her. Felt his breath as he neared her. Felt his lips when it met hers but somehow she couldn't stop it from happening. She closed her eyes. As her mind screamed and raged. She told her self that it was a dream. That he wasn't really here. He couldn't be.

"Hevn…" Eiji moaned as he tried to pry her lips open. Trying to make her respond as he tried to deepen the kiss.

It was enough to make her push him away. Disgusted at herself for even letting such a thing happen.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Hevn screamed at him as she stood up from her seat. After all that he put her through, he would waltz back in her life as if nothing happened.

Eiji quickly got off the floor and tried to calm her down. "Hevn…"

"NO EIJI! WE'RE OVER! YOU! YOU FINISHED WHATEVER AFFECTION I HAD FOR YOU AT THE TOWER!" Hevn raged. She remembered how he just walked away from her.


She remembered firing a shot. Just missing his leg to stop him from walking away.

"I cannot be with you Hevn." Eiji replied back not even bothering to look back at her ass he spoke. He remained still with his back facing her.

"Why? I loved you Eiji! I would have gladly died for you!" Hevn pleaded as she collapse on her knees as she began to cry. Her emotions was creating havoc in her. Making her emotionally tired and drained.

"We're too different Hevn. You're meant to be so much more than to be, with the likes of me." Eiji replied back. "Perhaps we'll meet again." as he continued to walk away from her. He never even looked back as Hevn continued to cry and watched his retreating back.

End Flashback…

Eiji approached her making her step back. He held her shoulders and she flinched. She wrapped her hands around her waist. Not trusting herself for the moment. Not with him.

"Hevn… I came back for you. For us." Eiji told her softly.

She remained still as he engulfed her in a warm embrace. "I missed you Hevn. I would be lying if I said otherwise." as he kissed her forehead.

"You've lied before…" Hevn replied back softly as she continued to cry. She placed her hands against his chest and tried to push him away but he held her tightly. She was only successful in putting some space between them.

He looked in her eyes. Searching them. "Its because of him isn't it? That guy back at the tower?" he asked. He remembered the encounter with the dakkanya. He remembered them well. Especially the wild haired brunette. He remembered the way he looked at Hevn when he suggested that he and his blonde partner leave to give him and Hevn some space to talk.

Hevn had no idea he was talking about Midou Ban. Her mind and emotions were going haywire. He then reluctantly let her go.

"I won't give up on you Hevn. I will not give up on us." He replied back before taking his leave. Letting himself out of her house.

Leaving her alone as Hevn once again began to cry.

Ban had not seen Hevn for a couple of days now. He had not seen her since their last date. He had tried ringing her but she did not pick up her phone. He had left messages on her machine and he still didn't get a reply.

"Maybe she's busy Ban-chan?" Ginji offered. Trying to cheer up his friend.

"What could she be possibly busy on?" Ban scoffed. Acting like it didn't bother him but in reality it did. It bothered him a lot. Was she avoiding him? If so why?

Just then another figure walked through the café doors. It was none other than Himiko.

Himiko saw Ban and Ginji in one of the booths. She wanted to approach him. Looking at his handsome form just made her heart ache and miss him more. She longed for his touch and his warm embrace. She missed the nights that he held her in his arms and the sweet nothings he whispered in her ears. But looking at him now also brought pain. The pain he also caused. The blood in his hands. Her brother's blood.

When she had asked him what happened the night of Yamato's death, he never denied the fact that her brother's life ended by his hands. She thought there must have been a huge mistake, after all he and her brother were best friends. He wouldn't kill her brother in cold blood. She wanted him to deny all this. Deny the fact that Midou Ban has killed her brother but he didn't. He just stood there and never gave her a reason as to why. All she got from him was that Yamato wished for his life to be ended. Through his hands.

Himiko got angry, more for the fact that Ban had the audacity to tell her that it was allfor her own good. What good could it possibly serve her when the only blood relative in her life, the one she grew up with and protected her all her life was killed by the one person she never thought would ever do them any harm?

Her subconscious couldn't take it. She couldn't take the fact that she was involved with her brother's murderer. Her brother deserved justice for his untimely death, and as his last remaining family and sibling, she had the responsibility to avenge him. But what did she do? She fell for him. Fell in love with Ban. How could she be with him knowing that he killed her brother.

Her mind and her heart warred against each other. She wanted him. Wished for the years when all three of them were together. Wished for the past to be the present. Wished for their past to change. Perhaps if it didn't end like before, if only Yamato didn't die in his hands, perhaps she would still be with him. Knowing this fact had kept her away from him.

She wanted to say that she was happy now that they broke up but she couldn't. The worst fact was that she didn't even hate him. She was so confused. She was happy to be in his arms, just being with him made her spirits soar and yet she couldn't be happy with him the moment he told her the truth about Yamato. She remembered the last words he told her as she threw him out in the street.

"No matter what Himiko, I will always be here for you. I will always love and protect you."

She closed her eyes trying to stop the impending tears she knew was coming. She felt her eyes sting and she knew only he, could take them away.

"What can I get you Himiko-san?" Natsumi's cheery voice interrupted her from her melancholy thoughts.

"The usual Natsumi. Thanks." Himiko smiled at the younger woman. She saw Natsumi's smile falter. She knew Natsumi was able to pick up her feelings.

"I'll be right back." Natsumi smiled warmly at her. Understanding that the transporter didn't want her to pry. She gave her a smile that said that she would be here if ever the older woman needed to talk.

Something that Himiko understood without being spoken out loud. "Thank you." She replied back. Thanking her in more ways than one.

"Hey Himiko-chan!" Ginji greeted her as he waved at her.

"Hi Ginji." She replied back with a smile.

"Come join us!" Ginji enthusiastically greeted.

"I really shouldn't." Himiko replied back awkwardly. She hadn't spoken to them since her ugly break up with Ban.

"No Himiko. Please join us." Ban replied back in his neutral tone.

Himiko didn't know what to do, but since it looks like Ban was alright, she decided to join the dakkanyas.

She sat next to Ginji who moved over to give her a space to seat on making her seat in front of Ban. As soon as she did, she had an overwhelming urge to reach out to him but restrained herself.

"Thanks." was all she could say.

Ban merely shrugged.

"So how are you guys?" Himiko asked while prying her gaze away from Ban. Trying to gauge out his emotions. She wanted to ask him if he missed her just like she did. She wanted to know if he craved her touch just as much as she did to his but knew she couldn't.

Ginji in the other hand was oblivious to the melancholy atmosphere that had fallen and cheerfully answered her question.

"Not much Himiko-chan. We haven't seen Hevn-chan for a while that's why Ban-chan's grumpy because that means we're behind our bill payments again. But I'm happy because you're here with us! We missed you!" Ginji answered in rapid speed before turning chibi mode and hugged Himiko.

Ban merely grabbed his partner by the scruff of his chibi neck. "OY GINJI! I'm not grumpy!" Ban growled while Himiko giggled. She had missed the dakkanyas' antics.

It was then that their little scene was interrupted by their contractor, Hevn.

Hevn took in the scene. Ban looked like he always did. What made her breath caught was the fact that Himiko Kudo, was sitting adjacent of Ban. She felt jealousy stab her while watching Himiko laughing at Ban and Ginji's antics. She had thought after Ban and Himiko's messy break up, the two wouldn't be able to stand one another. Yet she finds them together.

"Hevn-chan!" Ginji-chibi exclaimed before freeing himself from Ban and launching himself towards Hevn.

"Ban-chan is being mean again Hevn-chan!" Ginji-chibi whined, now that he was out of Ban reach.

Ban just gave a snort while crossing his arms against his chest. He was a little grumpy that Hevn had ignored him the past couple of days. He wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of seeing how much her absence has affected him. Their relationship so far was not out in the open yet, since they decided that they needed to take their relationship slowly.

Hevn in the other hand felt irritated, that Ban didn't even acknowledge her presence. The last couple of days had been hell on her. With Eiji's abrupt return, it threw her life into a spiralling chaos of emotions she never thought she ever felt again and began to confuse her.

Listening to Ban's messages made her feel a little better, knowing that he cared and he had missed her. His voice made her smile and somehow drove all her fears away. She wanted to call him back but restrained herself because she didn't know what to say to him. She didn't want to tell her about Eiji's return. Their relationship hasn't really established yet. What they stand for one another hasn't really been established yet, but they do know they care enough for each other that's why their taking things slow. But with Eiji's return, it sent fears running up and down her spine. She knew that if she told Ban about him, their relationship will be threatened and she didn't want it to end now. Not when she found happiness again.

But it seemed that he was alright and wasn't really all that worried about her welfare since he somehow found company by Himiko's side.

"I've got a job for you." Hevn finally spoke. Trying to sound professional when in fact she was crumbling inside as jealousy and insecurity gnawed in her mind.

Almost immediately, Ban made room for her. Scooting over so she would be able to sit beside him before plucking a chibified Ginji and throwing him across him.

"There isn't enough room for you." Ban replied to Ginji as he tossed him across the other seat next to Himiko.

"So what's the job?" Ban asked. Masking his emotions well. He wanted nothing more but to engulf her in his arms and say that he missed her. But there was a job to be done. This isn't the time to be distracted.

"It is to retrieve a stolen parchment from the National Museum." Hevn explained. Trying to ignore Ban's warmth while he sat next to her.

"Wait stolen? Isn't this suppose to be a matter for the police?" Ban asked.

"Yeah. They're working at it but the owner of the Parchment wants to keep things quiet. The police investigation is creating too much buzz for the owner and had considered hiring our services." Hevn explained.

"Makes sense to me." Himiko replied back. "Does this mean the owner has an idea as to who might have stolen the parchment?"

"Yes, they have. The owner believes it might be from the Tanazaki family. The parchment was passed down in their family for generations until they decided to sell it." Hevn continued.

"But if they sold it to the museum, why would they steal it back?" Ginji asked confused while Ban contemplated on the information they had been given.

"It's the only lead we have, in any case you guys can investigate and do what ever you can to bring the parchment back." Hevn finished.

"This means that our commission is higher because of the snooping that we have to do." Ban stated.

"That's right." Hevn answered.

"Since you're here Himiko, we might as well include you. We might need your aid in this." Ban said as he looked at Himiko.

Hevn fought the urge to get angry. The very thought of Ban working with Himiko for this job made her blood boil. That is until she felt Ban's hand on hers under the table.

He gave her had a soft affectionate squeeze while he kept his attention was on Himiko. She wanted to snatch her hand back, to show how annoyed she is but she missed him too much. This little gesture was enough to touch and warm her heart. She wanted nothing more but to relax and lean against his frame but knew it wouldn't be proper. They had a job to do after all.

Ban relaxed when Hevn intertwined her hand against his from under the table. They could talk about what had happened to her later. Right now they had a job to do. He was glad that she came. Having Himiko join them made his heart constrict as he remembered their break up and the past that constantly haunted him. He knew he needed to be strong. Knew that he has to show Himiko that her presence didn't bother him, but she did. The moment Himiko entered the café doors, he was assaulted by various images of his past. Of their previous relationship and their rocky ending.

He needed reassurance that he was not to blame. That he was not destined to be alone. Hevn's presence just like her name was definitely heaven for him. He didn't want to admit that her presence brightened his spirits up and chased whatever melancholy thoughts he had. Right now, her hand in his was enough.

The moment Natsumi came over however, made Hevn snatch her hand away from his. He fought the urge to get angry and snatch her hand back to where it belongs but let it slide. It was too soon to announce their relationship. Instead he tried to look inconspicuous by lazily resting his arm on back of the seat, slightly touching her shoulders as Hevn leaned back.

Hevn on the other hand yet again tried vainly to restrain herself from snuggling next to him and gave Ban an angry glare. But Ban merely shrugged. She knew, Ban knew the way he affects her.

Himiko on the other hand watched the two under veiled eyes.

"Was Ban trying to make her jealous by trying to hit on Hevn?" Himiko thought. But watching their interaction did affect Himiko as a flash of pain sliced through her. It should be her by Ban's side. But watching Hevn glare at Ban set her mind at ease. There was no way they could be together right?

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The little flash back with Hevn and Eiji was what I think happened on episode 41 when Hevn pulled the trigger. I don't think Hevn has it in her to kill her first love, despite the lies he had put her through. Hevn breaking down as she conversed with Eiji only proved she didn't really have the nerve to kill him. On the other hand I think at the time she wanted to be with him but was reluctant to do so because of all the things that she had been through and the amount of time that passed between them.

But I really like the closing scene with Ban and Hevn. When Ban pretended that he didn't care what happened to Hevn when Ginji suggested that Hevn probably ran off with Eiji. You know it bothered him, and the look of joy in his face when Hevn did show up! Lol. That my friends is a trullykawaii!

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