Living Sky

He slowly ascended up the stairwell, his footsteps echoing in the empty passageway. The chilling wind gusted through the open door and bit through jackets regardless of how thick they were. He stood on the rooftop, the cold stealing his breath away. His skin paled, and he shivered.

It was dark. The only light came from the hidden moon, peeking through the raging storm weakly. The clouds were spun into a dense madness, growling with the threat of lightning.

"No one will ever know that the rain makes me feel more alive than anything else."

A streak of blue dashed across the sky, illuminating the earth. Details of the buildings surrounding him jumped out in a flash before retreating to the night. A rumble of thunder sent the rain down in sheets. He was soaked to the bone, watching the swirl of dark above him.

"No one will ever see, except you."

The air reached for him, caressing his face, drawing him to the edge of the roof. He reached out his hand, trying to see and touch what wasn't tangible. The rain blasted him once more, pelting the ground beneath him. And inside this storm, the chaos in his mind was settled; calm underneath the stars that glimmered with the decay of foolish hope.

The sun would rise tomorrow, and the storm would be forgotten, unmemorable. All he had was this deserted rooftop, the freezing air, this last moment; the turbulence that would rest in his mind when morning came.

"My love couldn't save you. My hate won't kill you. What is left for me to sacrifice?" He cried, tears flowing down his face like rivers of sorrow. The tears fell, suspended in the air for a split second before rushing to the earth.

His cape billowed out in the angry wind. He stepped onto the ledge, his balance wavering as his footing became unstable.

His hair blew and his cape stretched out above him. He shut his eyes, hoping for a small piece of happiness to save him. Thunder rumbled, and he knew no peace would come. There would only be war, and death, and suffering.

The wind whipped his clothing around his body and he fell, reaching for the sky and a new beginning. Wishing for a sunrise. His descent would be eternal, because he would never hit the ground; there would only be nightfall.

"No one will ever know that this storm is inside me, will they, Fuuma?"

The lightning flashed, and he smiled, eyes filled with emptiness and sorrow.

"When tomorrow comes, we'll have to say goodbye."