Title: Hurt

Summary: SVU has a serial rapist/killer on their hands. With the help of the Major Case Squad, can they find the killer before anyone else gets hurt? SVU and Criminal Intent crossover. Please R&R (I know the summary doesn't sound that good but please read!)

Disclaimers: I don't own anyone in SVU and Criminal Intent. Dick Wolf does. (Why do we need to write this stuff? Everyone knows this stuff. It's stupid!)

Author's note:

Hello everybody! I better warn you that this story does get a bit icky. It's pretty gross, (well that what my friends say) however if you guys can watch SVU and Criminal Intent, I'm sure you can handle this. By the way, if you're eating you better finish it before you start reading!



The detectives when out for lunch. It hadn't been a busy day or week for the matter of fact, and so far there wasn't much to do. They decided to have Chinese take-away because it was quick. While they were ordering, Benson's mobile (cell phone) went off.

"Benson" Olivia answered

The other detectives looked at her as she walked away. They all know it would be Cragen because no one else would call her. She didn't have a boyfriend, family or anyone personal who would ring her. They saw her nodded a few times and then hang up.

"Cragen?" Asked Elliot.

"Yeah, we have to go." She replied

"What about the food?" asked Munch who had just brought the food.

They looked at him and then walked off.

"There are countries which starve because of you guys!" he yelled after them.


Olivia and Elliot arrived at the scene to find it swamped with other cops, photographers and onlookers. They walked towards the crime scene tape and flashed their badges at the officers. The officer guided them towards the scene.

"The garbage collector found her." Informed the officer.

The officer pointed at a bloodstained sheet covering the body.

"I.D?" asked Olivia

The Officer shook his head and then left Elliot and Olivia to the M.E.

"What happened?" Asked Elliot

"Raped and then killed. Time of death, roughly 3-5 hours ago. Cause of death, extensive bleeding." Replied Dr. Warner

"Stabbed?" asked Olivia

"No, poor girl had her hands, feet and head removed, probably by a knife." Dr. Warner pointed at where the victim's head, hand and feet which were placed in a bag.

They both looked shocked. They had just lost their appetite for lunch.


Back at the precinct, the detectives where going over the evidence that they had.

"So some sick freak cut off the girl's head, hands and feet and placed it on her?" asked Fin

"Yeah." Answered Olivia

Just then Cragen came in and said

"We have another victim." Everyone looked up at him shocked. "The head, hands and feet found with the body don't match the victims."

They looked shocked.

"So we don't have any idea on who the victim is?" asked Stabler

"No, nothing so far. Our Susan Doe may be a missing person. Olivia, have you checked the missing person record yet?" Ordered Cragen

"Getting to it." Asked Olivia looked at the paper work in front of her.

Cragen nodded and walked back into his office.


An hour later, Cragen came out.

"Bronx SVU has a case with a similar M.O with our Susan Doe. But they Vic was headless, handless and feetless." He said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

The detectives looked up.

"So get the M.E to check the head, hands and feet we found with our Susan Doe." Said Olivia

"Yeah, I've done that." Cragen looked at his watch. "She would be able to tell us if it's a match in about 3 hours.


3 hours later

"Lab results are back. They're a match." Said Cragen, "Bronx SVU has asked us if we would like to take this case because of work overload. You guys don't mind, do you?"

Everyone shrugged. They didn't want to have to deal with such a horrific crime but it was their job.

"Well their victim was found in an alleyway, about 4 hours before we found our Susan Doe. They haven't found out who this victim is yet."


Author's note:

What do you think? Should I continue? I'm not quite sure if that's how you spell 'doe'. Please Review! Opinion is very valuable! If I do continue, Major Case Squad's in the next chapter!