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Chapter 1: Betrayal

Kaoru stood a few feet away from him, looking as beautiful as ever in that black silk gown she was wearing.

Kenshin tried to reach for her, touch her lovely face…but with every step he seemed to take closer, she seemed to move further away.

He swallowed hard. 'Kaoru…' he said desperately.

A pearly tear trickled down Kaoru's cheek, and she shook her head.

'Huh?' he said.

'Go away, Kenshin' she whispered.

'Why, Kaoru? Why?' he choked out.

'I…I don't love you anymore' she murmured, looking away from his face.


Kenshin's eyes flew open.

He sat up in bed, looking around frantically.

He glanced to his side, and found Kaoru deep in sleep beside him.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and wiped the sweat away from his forehead.

It was a nightmare…just a dumb nightmare…

He plopped his head back onto the pillow, turning his head so he faced Kaoru; his wife, his most beloved person to ever exist.

He caressed her cheek with his hand for a moment, and then drew his hand away, not wanting to disturb her.

He stared up at the ceiling, replaying what he had seen in his dream…it was a nightmare, but it had still projected the fear which lived within him day and night.

The fear of losing Kaoru.

He couldn't let it happen, he couldn't possibly lose Kaoru. She was the sole purpose of his life, and without her, his life would be absolutely empty. No pretty face to look upon, no sweet voice to listen to, nothing…

Kaoru…oh, Kaoru…

He suddenly realized he was probably a nonentity without her…because if she hadn't been there…what would he be? Where would he be?

Some hours later…

Kaoru was surprised when Kenshin held her tightly for an extra moment before going to work.

'Kenshin?' she murmured.

He let go of her, smiled and kissed her forehead. Then he turned and walked out through the door.

Kaoru closed the door behind him, feeling slightly puzzled by Kenshin's somewhat strange behavior.

Was there something she should know about? Was there something wrong going on with Kenshin?

Shrugging those thoughts out of her head, she trudged over to the kitchen in her fluffy slippers. She made herself a mug of coffee, and crossed the apartment to the living room.

She made herself comfortable on one of the couches, grabbed a magazine from the coffee table and started flipping through it while she sipped at her mug.

She drained the mug and threw her magazine to the table.

She looked around the room for something to do but there was simply nothing to do. Mornings were a constant boredom to her.

Suddenly her face lit up as a sudden idea crossed her mind.

Maybe she should call on Megumi. Sanosuke would have probably left for his work too, so she could go spend some time at her place.

She went over to the phone, and noticed that the answering machine was blinking.

She frowned; when did they receive a phone call?

She pressed the message button, and sat down to hear them, still holding the coffee mug.

'You've got one new message' said the computerized female voice. 'Received on the 23rd of November, four a.m., from 647288…'

Kaoru's brow furrowed. She didn't recognize the number at all. But she listened to the message, anyway.

'Hello, sweetheart…' Kaoru swallowed hard. 'We had fun tonight, didn't we? I really enjoyed my time…did anybody ever tell you you're a superb kisser… (giggles)…I can still feel your lips on mine…I'm so lucky to have found a guy like you' Kaoru's mug slipped from her hands, crashing at her feet, sending shards of glass up her ankles, but she didn't seem to notice. All her attention was focused on what she was hearing. 'When can I see you again? I'm dying to be in your arms once more…love you…bye'

There was a beep, and the message ended.

Kaoru was too shocked to move.

Her Kenshin…her own Kenshin…had cheated on her? Had gone out and hooked up with another girl while she was asleep? Could it really be?

'No…no…' she choked.

Tears streamed down her face, and she started sobbing, stooping over her knees.

The sharp pieces of the mug cut through her feet, but she ignored them.

'Why have you done this, Kenshin?' she choked through her tears. 'Why did you this to me?!'


'I want a dozen red roses, please' Kenshin told the florist.

The lady nodded. 'Do you want them in a bouquet or a box?' she asked.

'What do you suggest?' Kenshin asked.

'I prefer the bouquet' she told him.

'Alright then, the bouquet it is' he agreed.

He waited patiently while she wrapped up the roses for him. He paid her and took the bouquet.

Inhaling the sweet scent, he made his way out of the place. He crossed the road to the building in which he resided.

He took the lift to the third floor, his heart hammering with the thought of seeing Kaoru.

He rang the bell, but Kaoru didn't answer it.

Frowning, he took out his keys and unlocked the door.

He stepped inside and shut the door after him. 'Kaoru?' he called out into the apartment.

No reply.

Worried, Kenshin walked deeper into the apartment. He heard a noise coming from the bedroom, and with a lighter heart, he hurried to it, the bouquet held before him.

'Kaoru…' he started, and stopped dead.

Kaoru was there alright…but she was leaning over her suitcase…packing.

'Kaoru, what are you doing?' he demanded.

'Packing, what else?' she snapped, without looking at him.

'But where are you going?' he asked.

'None of your business' she hissed.

'Kaoru, look at me!!' he said angrily.

She turned around and faced him. He noticed that her eyes were red rimmed and bloodshot.

'What do you want from me, Kenshin?!' she rasped. Then she noticed the bouquet in his hands. 'Oh, you brought me some roses, isn't that sweet?' she said disgustedly.

Kenshin stared in shock as she snatched the bouquet out of his hand, threw it to the floor and started stamping on it.

'Kaoru, what's wrong with you?!' he cried, grabbing hold of her.

'LET GO OF ME!!' she shrieked. 'Don't you even touch me!! You sordid, low creature!'

And in a flash of a moment, she had slapped him.

Kenshin staggered back against the wall, hand over his cheek as he stared at Kaoru.

Kaoru's eyes flashed, and the hollow of her collar bone heaved rapidly up and down.

She slammed down the lid of her suitcase, heaved it off the bed, and strode out of the room.

'Kaoru…' Kenshin whispered.

'Don't you Kaoru me!' she spat. 'What had been between us is over' She paused a bit, and her eyes shimmered with tears. 'Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if there ever was anything between us'

And with that, she left the room. Seconds later, Kenshin heard the door slam shut.

Wait! Was he stupid? He had to follow her! He had to bring her back!

He rushed out of the house, down the stairs-because Kaoru must've taken the lift-and out onto the street.

He looked around frantically for a sign of her, and spotted her climbing into a taxi car at the corner.

'Kaoru!' he cried, rushing towards her.

Kaoru saw him, climbed quickly into the car and slammed the door shut.

Then the car started moving.

'NO!!' he shouted.

But just as he was close enough his fingers were scraping the hood of the trunk, the car sped away…and took Kaoru away with it.

Kenshin slowly ceased to a stop. He stood on the pavement while people passed by him, staring at the spot were the car had been standing.

This was a nightmare…only it had come true this time…

Kaoru was really gone.


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